FuSa SD v1.0.50b – Full screen & Full speed TV out

FuSa, Full screen and full speed TV-Out

FuSa, Full screen and full speed TV-Out

You remember FuSa? OldPrisoneR & Andy_maN’s full screen TV out project. Well its been a while since we have posted FuSa news. Well since FuSa v1.0.50b is out and promises full screen and full speed TV out (PSP-2000’s) its defiantly worth a look again.


* New “SpeedDBoosteR” solves speed issues for all games and now it’s turned on by default
* New rewritten engine!
* Now uses “one-way-cache”
* Added on-fly screen mode switcher (press Vol – & Triangle)
* Added cpu clock switcher to menu
* Added Vram hack
* Added Plug’n’Go! feature (attach cable and plugin will be activated automatically)
* and a lot of other minor things…

Source: Foosa.do.am

Download: FuSa SD v1.0.50b
(FuSa SD v1.0.50b - 107.8 KiB - 30,607 Hits)

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  • Sintek

    Long time, no see.

  • http://pspnation.forumeiros.com/forum.htm Budius

    great news… right on time…
    tomorrow after work I’ll test on the new big screen!!!

  • me

    why do people play using TV out…..that ruins the whole point of psp being portable……may as well get a ps3 or xbox 360 etc…

    • http://pspslimhacks.com/ PSPFan

      Why, because they can? Personally I don’t use it much, for PSP games it looks blocky/pixelated. That’s normal as were taking a small image and displaying it on a big screen. Zoomed and enlarged with FuSa. But I do like using it for CPS1 / arcade game emulation etc. Using my PSP to play Street Fighter II via TV.

      • Invision

        yeah psp games look really bad when zoomed to full screen=/

    • akai7062

      also if you think about it why do people by those multi retro arcade games that they plug into the tv to play pac man. i mean its just nice to have the option to play on the screen or a tv. hell my girlfriend likes it.

    • Gabe Logan

      Well because we like to see our games on big screen instead of some 6 inch screen all the time. I have a ps3 but hey my game Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow is not on PS3 so I can’t play it.. It’s only on psp and I wished it was on ps3.. Thanks to FuSa now I can play on the big screen…

  • HEY

    So.. How does this thing work?

    • akai7062

      well basically the psp wont allow you to connect it onto a tv and play games unless you have an hdtv with composite connection. this program lets you play any psp game or eboot through any tv.

  • doom312

    is this working with psp 3000?

  • PSP 3000

    is this working on a psp 3000 or not??


      Well with the psp3000 you don’t need a plugin if you have the standard definition cables if you have the game try holding the screen button(the thing that dims the psp screen) for 5 seconds it should output for internet, videos etc in pretty good definition.

  • AJ

    Guys…can you plaese tell me how to use this plugin?..I have gone to M33 Recovery Menu and Enabled the plugin..now what?

    • akai7062

      if you have the plugin enabled press the -+ volume buttons at the same time and it should come up with a screen to change video options.

  • Sam D

    pls gib psp-3000 Hen r3 or die~!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VideoGamePlayer12 5.00 m33-6 ftw

    pretty cool im gonna try it out

  • weirdboy

    Sorry.. im noob to psp.

    Anyone can provide the steps on how to install the application? :p

    • akai7062

      depends what are you using chicken with cfwenabler or custom firmware m33.

      • weirdboy

        I using custom m33 firmware.

  • ragnarok01

    works with 3000 but i used mode 2 which is full screen and still goes slow i was playing mgs portable ops cso

  • ???

    does this work on psp 3000 5.03 gen?

    • Gabe Logan

      Does it work on GEN well if GEN has a menu to activate plugins then it will work..

  • dlo

    where do you install this?

  • dlo

    how do you install this?

  • dilen

    does this work on cfw enabler?

  • Amico 99

    quando avvio il gioco con questo pugin mi si blocca la psp… ho una psp 2004 modificata con il CF 6.39ME-2

  • Plasros

    Anche Io, mi capita lo stesso che avvenga a Amico 99, ce’ una soluzione per favore?

  • Asigmond

    this made my psp go freeze up completely thanks for Pissing me Of.    > : (

  • Asigmond

    dont download this i cant use my psp until it runs out of power now and it was fully charged

  • Adupin

    psp freezed when starting any game till i disabled this…..

  • DjNop

    6.60 Pro-B can’t use it

    • B Deepak37

       im too using firmware 6.60 pro b10… my psp to get freez

  • MagicMaster

    Something really bad about this, it freezes my PSP …. 2004 ,,, 6.60 ,,,

  • Thedemonking Armoredcoreraven

    Any news on a version that works on PSP 3000-models running 6.60 PRO-B9?

  • riobote

    it doesnt working in my psp 3000 my psp always hang

  • seth

    did any one reset their vsh and then reset their device

  • Megahog2013

    Will this work with psp 3000s with 6.20 pro-b9 custom firmware
    please reply

  • Michel

    Use It with m33 driver