Frostegater goes Open Source! releases code for CEF & Kernel Exploit


Renowned developer Frostegater has released the source code for his Custom Firmware 2.02 CEF alongwith code for the kernel exploit used with UNO Exploit on PS Vita’s 2.02 Firmware.The latest 2.05 update by Sony patches UNO’s user mode exploit as well as kernel exploit used by Frostegater to install Custom Firmware on PS Vita.


For those who want to take a look at CEF’s source code

Download CEF Source Code

To view the code for kernel exploit used by Frostegater, head over to the link below

 View kernel exploit code 

As always, a big thanks to Frostegater for releasing his source code and maybe this will inspire other devs to try their hand at kernel exploits and custom firmware!

 Source : Wololo’s Blog

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