Homebrew Game: FreeDink PSP – Dink Smallwood port


Remember this game? Maybe not, its an old 1997 classic PC game called Dink Smallwood. Basically a Diablo style RPG about a farmer on a quest to defeat evil forces that invaded his homeland. Sylvain Beucler has this ported over to the PSP, with premisson from the games original creators RTSoft. Loading is a little slow so you need to be a little patient with it.

Source: FreeDink.org

Download: FreeDink PSP - Dink Smallwood port for PSP
(FreeDink PSP - Dink Smallwood port for PSP - 53.4 MiB - 4,573 Hits)

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  1. kampfer0089 says:

    wierd homebrew game

  2. dragonkiller1121 says:

    does it work on psp 3003 6.20 with the HBL

  3. Casper88 says:

    I love these kinds of games!

    Runs great on PSP 2000 with 5.50 GEN-D3.

  4. yopichoi says:

    I remember playing this game ten years ago. It was a great game.

    Weird history, bizarre dialogs, and some gratuitous use of violence and blood. Nice classic game.

    I’ll give it a try.

  5. nukeforce says:

    Hi, I’ve a problem with making this game work, and precisely I just get to the screen where You must choose the mod to play. To the right, just under the options are some numbers, but I think they just show how long You’re in this menu. Pressing any button on the list does nothing, pressing x on options turns them on/off, and pressing O just freezes the whole console and turns it off. I use a psp 3004 with software 6.20 and hbl 85. According to advancedpsp.tk It should work on it, but as you “see” It doesn’t. Any help at all would be very appreciated.