Free PS Mobile Games: Week 2


Enjoyed playing Samurai Beatdown on your PS Vita past week for free? Its Wednesday again and we have a new game available on Playstation Mobile Store free of cost! this time its the puzzle game, Beats Slider from Futurlab.

beats slider

You will be busy sliding different note blocks into a sequence that will generate an electro tune.Here is what differentiates this game from other puzzle game, according to Futurlab’s MD James Marsden

Each block of the sliding puzzle represents MIDI data, which is basically musical notation that computers can read. MIDI data can be used to play back any instrument, synthesizer, drum loop or whatever you throw at it, just by changing the instruments or samples that are triggered by it.

So what we’ve done is allow the player to push a drum loop MIDI pattern into a synthesizer slot, or a melody pattern into a bass line track, and every combination you could think of within the limits of each level. It was quite the brain teaser to write music that can be rearranged in this way whilst still sounding good, but we managed it.

What we’re also doing is teaching people how to solve those blasted slider puzzles. Some people are just able to solve them, but people like you (and me) are often left frowning with frustration. No more. If you play Beats Slider, you will learn how to solve every slider puzzle that will ever be made, whilst also listening to catchy music like this.




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