Flash Spacer V1: Removes Location Free player *Updated*

Flash Spacer

Flash Spacer

Edit 06/06 : dark_e has just released an update to this which now includes a working backup system in place which backs up the files removed.

Homebrew newcomer dark_e has released utility that removes the Location Free player from your PSP’s internal flash memory. This is handy for PSP fat (PSP-1000) owners looking to free up a little more space after a 1.50 kernel add-on for example. Note this has only been tested on 5.00 M33.

Note from dark_e:

Currently all this does is remove location free player. However, in future updates, I plan to add support for backing up the files before flashing.

Download: Flash Spacer v1
(Flash Spacer v1 - 43.6 KiB - 3,176 Hits)

Via: eXophase

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  1. dimy93 says:

    I reallly don’t see any point doing this
    Backing up in other hand would be handy but it’s not yet implement so it’s pointless at this stage

  2. k91po says:

    i domnt get it

  3. PSPFan says:

    Its a good idea if your wanting to save space on your flash0 if you have a PSP-1000. Thats the whole point of this app.

  4. PsPFreAK says:

    a new one was released yesterday over at exophase, it has the back-up system working now.

  5. hm says:

    If you want to save space, just format the flash it at recovery menu.

  6. PsPFeAK says:

    flash what?
    0 if you format that,you’ll end up in a brick.

  7. PSPFan says:

    New updated added which includes the backup option now.

  8. 8 says:

    Does this work 3000s?>