FinalBurn Alpha (FBA4PSP) v12.4 Released

FinalBurn Alpha v12.4 Released

FinalBurn Alpha v12.4 Released

Oops ware has released FinalBurn Alpha 4 PSP v12.4 (FBA4PSP). The PSP emulator which emulates PGM, Cave, CPS1/2/3, Seta, Sega, Konami and MC68000/Z80 based arcade games. While there is no change log for this newest release, we can assume there are improvements over previous versions.

Source: Sourceforge

Download: FinalBurn Alpha (FBA4PSP) V12.4
(FinalBurn Alpha (FBA4PSP) V12.4 - 1.5 MiB - 31,642 Hits)

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  • PSPFan

    Yes its been out a few days – I almost missed this one :(

    Good emulator this.

    • mike

      email me and tell me where is games is at

      • mehran_k23

        go to (rom and everything will be there.

  • ScourgeSplitter

    I dont understand how you are able to choose a rom and play it, I Have a zipped rom and when I try to choose it nothing happens… whats wrong with this.

  • Scudreloaded

    Hey i was wondering a couple things, does this run the aliens or the simpsons arcade games? those were bomb to play

  • PSPFan

    Not Simpson’s I think, but it does play: Alien Storm, Alien Syndrome and Alien vs Predator

  • Anonymous

    hey i been trying this out, i’ve downloaded the ROMS that exists on the .txt file but the only one that i’ve gotten to play is the avsp rom, the rest i just get sound or psp freezes, i have a slim psp with 5.00 M33-4, am i doing something wrong? please advice.

  • Zan

    how i make cache for cps2? the program downloaded in this link dont have the cache maker………

  • Anonymous

    has anybody gotten the games like Marvel vs. Capcom & X-men vs. Street Fighter to play on this new FinalBurn Emulator, please let me know.

  • Smashed Brother

    If you wanna play those games, you’re better off using the CPS1&2 emulators found elsewhere. With those, you can make cache files to play all the vs. games, as well as the SF Alpha and Darkstalker series.

  • Jay

    I can’t figure this out, SF Puzzle turbo is the only working rom file, can it really play cps3 games, anyone out there? HELP!

  • j-little

    hey does any body kno how to work this i have 5.00 m33 and it works but when i try to start the rom it doesn’t start

  • http://google Gentiq

    come on pspfan sinc you postet the emulator giv some instruction or Guide how to use this couse non of the roms i downlodedworks they dont even open nothing happens

  • goldensun3089

    i agree ill be dang suprised if anyone got this to work

  • goldensun3089

    no one ever like to help on the websites

  • x3x

    Stupid peps here got them working and not helping anybody, anyway for csp1/2 games just copy the zip file into the game folder ( make one if u dont see one ) for neogeo games ? i have no idea, i got an error “BIOS PROGAM” trying to run it .

  • seracrown

    can this run street fighter 3

  • promat3

    anyone know what kind of game is on this screen I mean I need title :) – Thanks so much for help

  • Onijoe

    how do you play the game?

    • Onijoe

      srry games

  • Cymus

    For the life of me I could not get Sengoku 3. I put hours into trying.

    • Cymus

      If anyone could post a step by step guide I would appreciate it. Notate what files you need, and all. Everytime I try to load Sengoku 3 rom it freezes. It tried to load aes-bios.bin but then stops. Since FBA psp doesn’t seem to require a bios as it seems to be embedded I’m not sure how to get it to select aes-bios.bin. All other games work besides this one so far. Sengoku 2, Knights of the Round, Captain Commando, etc. I’m using a PSP 3000 with 6.60 CFW Pro-C