FBA4PSP V12p2: FinalBurn Alpha Emulator


Good news for classic emulator fans. OopsWare has ported Final burn Alpha to the PSP. What is FBA4PSP?  It’s an emulator for PGM, Cave, CPS1/2/3, Seta, Sega, Konami on PSP. It emulates MC68000/Z80 based arcade games.


FinalBurn Alpha Emulator

Source: sourceforge

Download: FBA4PSP V12p2
(FBA4PSP V12p2 - 1.4 MiB - 10,905 Hits)

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  • http://nano3glinux.blogspot.com n00b81

    I dont know about anyone else, but has anyone found it a little strange that when you visit for example, google, and type in “Datel Lite Blue Tool” There doesn’t pop up any info about it. By that I mean info from people that have tried it, and it doesn’t work(not the old articles saying it would be released). Well According to these sources:

    http://portablevideogamer.com/2008/12/d … blue-tool/
    http://www.pspfanboy.com/2008/11/19/psp … o-hackers/
    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 619AAK8VDt
    and amazon

    The product hasn’t even been shipped to anyone yet. It will be ready sometime around jan. So what does this mean? How did all of those people from maxconsole,etc know that it doesn’t work yet? And what is taking Datel so long? are they waiting for DaX to release the Pre-IPL code they need to finish the software aspect of the battery. And why are people so sure that it doesn’t even work. I find all of this very very suspicious. If anyone knows anything, please post!

    • http://pspslimhacks.com/ PSP-Fan

      I think you meant to reply on another post?

  • http://bytemypanda.mp SleepingPanda

    now i can play all my arcade games on my psp :D

  • Che

    Hi Guys…with response to the article “FBA4PSP V12p2: FinalBurn Alpha Emulator” .. in the picture labelled “FinalBurn Alpha Emulator”.. there is an arcade game.. does anyone know what the name is? or even better where i can download it? thanks

  • http://www.gaiaonline.com NarutoNamikaze

    his is great but still i do not know how to use it.

    I have everything in place but the roms dont run. Someone HELP!!!

  • grave1

    the game in the pic is called knights of valour

    • Iskull

      where can i download it, can i use bitsoup or bitlord to dl that game??? thanks

  • spyder

    how do i download and use an emulater its my first time trying one

  • XCM

    hello..where do you download the roms for the emulator?

  • the misfit666

    Can We use mame roms? if not where do i find them?

  • Jaypee

    pls help, some of rom are not playable when put in my psp.like ninja baseball, rage of the dragon, atb but i can play rom like snowbros 1,2,3 neobomberman, D&D shadow over mystara atb. so how can i play the other game? all rom are tested in fba emulator for pc and its working, but not on my psp did.email me if you know

  • So call me slow, but are there any ways to configure the controls/settings on this emu?

  • gamezgeekz

    HELP! i got the emulator on my psp and the roms but wen i try open the rom nothin happens! please tell me why! the games knights of valour 2

    • se3p

      Hi guys I have managed to get Knights of Valour both 1 and 2 to work on the pspslim. But I am still missing the superheroes version for kov1 and the english version for kov2. Anyone happen to know where to get it? Much appreciated

  • http://www.ipmart-forum.com MaxiExtreme

    Still a a lot of games from CPS2 doenst work… like Marvel super heroes… etc.. It makes my psp hang all the time…….

  • Deborahdavies123

    where do i find the roms?

    • Victpr Medley