Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter

Eboot 2 ISO Converter

Eboot 2 ISO Converter.

Fancy turning that PSN eboot you just downloaded into an ISO? Well you can with SuperFury’s Eboot 2 ISO converter. This handy little PC application can easily convert your eboot to an ISO file. So for example if you download FFVII from PSN and wouldn’t mind playing it as an ISO you can just convert it.

Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter change log:

– Changed the way most of the files were copied. Instead of just throwing all the files, except DATA.PSAR, in the buffer and writing them to their corresponding files, they all use a 1MB sized buffer to copy their data.
– This means that the psn store eboots should work now, allowing them to be converted without errors!

Source: qj

Download: Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter
(Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter - 230.6 KiB - 170,416 Hits)

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  • http://ys.lancop.nl/ Angelo

    What’s the diffrence of playing it as an iso and a file in PSP/Games?

    • SDMF_NEchapter

      I’m wondering that too. Is it because it can be compressed into a CSO? Get inside the game to mess with the files? Or maybe it lets me play a PSN without having to redownload it if I deactivated my account on my PSP via brick or new firmware or something. I’ll probably try it out later on.

    • RaversFantasy

      I wonder if they used the save game exploit that pspslimhacks mentioned earlier this year to hack a psp 3k v5.50,
      where you use need for speed underground and the other game that must be in japanese version
      they said that the save game exploit has been around for a while but they never used it…
      the exploit where you use need for speed underground has been for a while but it has never been used….
      and it was supposed to work with a psp 3000 official firmware 5.50
      Do you think they used that save game exploit to hack the psp go?????
      i think they did….

      • downloadablegod

        wow…just wow.

  • remiboy

    okee, but does this also works if i do this with the eboot of SenseMe, can i then play it on my 5.03 (psp 3000)

  • mDS64

    …can you edit the files inside is what I’m wondering-people I know what to play that new metal gear demo and it’s an eboot…

    I might try…

  • bugzbunny912

    U guys who keep asking if these hacks will work on the psp 3000 are NOOBS

    The 3000 cant be hacked unless u use 5.03 GEN

    SO STOP ASKIN IF HACKS WILL WORK ON THE 3000 CU THEY DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A.J.187

      What’s the point of this comment? no one has asked if this will work on the 3k (even though we know it does) You honestly just look stupid and should refraim from making a comment such as this, unless your saying it somewhere that matters.

      • A.J.187


    • remiboy

      shut up, you facking assholl, you don’t know what you say.

    • novacane

      yea no kidding i bought a 3000 i traded it at the pawn store for a 1000 and randomly found a 2000 with an early mobo in the back of the store shelves just sell that peice of junk to some kid who wont care if it is hackable or not and buy a psp 2 or 1000 if you guys spent the time you do asking if it works on your psp on finding a older version then you woulnt need to ask the questions in the first place

      • wdfowty

        that’s exactly what i did literally right after i got a 3000. lol. PH4T RU13Z



  • Jamilbadman

    okay this is the difference if u have a psp that is at 3.52 m33 like mine change the psn games that u got from ur ps3 to iso then it wont come up with like u need to versoin 5.00 to play this game okay

    • wdfowty

      my question would be why you stuck with 3.52?

  • kewalshah27

    we dont want anything from psp go….but u please hack psp 3000 5.50 version…please……othere wise remove psp 5.50 downgrader for 3000 series…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Jpoel

      the window can be resized. fail.

  • Jamilbadman

    sorry to bug u guys but can i go from 3.53 m33 right to 5.00 m33 please reply

    • Kagemaru

      Im pretty sure you can go from any firmware to 5.00 m33, its just the 5.00 m33 – 5.00 m33 -6 you have to make that extra step. other than that, you could always just try, and if it bricks, make a pandora battery and then you could put any CFW on there without having to worry…

  • thevanuals

    Can someone verify that we can use this tool to turn the Metal GEar Solid demo into and ISO and it be playable under 5.00m336 firmware? anyone…please

  • Solid-Head

    i’ve try to extract metal gear peace walker…it work dawm well

    But when ive try to repack it into a iso (just for to see if its working), my psp cant see it…ive still havent mess with anything…is there any .pbp recompiler or something?? cause i really want to play metal gear peace walker demo on my psp 3000 with 5.03 gen a

  • Lordchaotic

    PEOPLE stop posting game names with working exploits. Do u think sony just sits on their asses and let people find exploits? No! I am sure sony searches sites like this for the newest exploits so they can be patched.

    • xXORAnG3Xx

      i really don’t think they care as long as you buy their stuff i think they are just fine with CFW psp’s

  • Solid-Head

    oh dang i manage to repack it and the game actually start and doesent give me the firmware error!

    it give me 80020148 error

    anyone know what this is?

  • Neil

    Weird, I tested it on Super Stardust Portable, and the resulting CSO doesn’t show up in the game menu. oh well…

  • Butsent

    It turns it into a iso that can be played on the ps1

  • LordSpawn

    i tried to use this program to convert the metal gear solid peace walker demo into iso and ti just gives a PSP_GAME FOLDER NOT AN ISO. so i used umd gen to make it an iso.

    and when i try to use the decrypter on teh eboot.bin file in it after this program converted it it doesnt work so i cant make the MGS PW demo work on my psp 300 on 5.03 gen what do i do?

  • downloadablegod

    it wont work converting an eboot into an iso for psp. they are meaning to use it for pc like epsxe or to burn for a modded ps1. if you convert a psp eboot into an iso it will not run on your psp. only eboots can be played. psp games can be made into isos but do you convert them into eboots? no. the only use for this is to run isos on your comp. or you can repack the iso to make it into a custom eboot with psx2psp or another program. IT WILL NOT LET YOU CHANGE THE GAME SO IT CAN RUN ON 5.00 M33-6!!!!!! look up Game Decrypter on this site to do that.

    • beejays

      The demo uses peace walker EBOOT .. you can look it up on the pspgen website. However you will stil need 5.50 – gen A and need to change the version.txt file for it to work.

      • downloadablegod

        dude i know. i never said it wasnt an eboot. in fact i never mentioned the demo. i have the demo running on my psp. i said that you cant change an eboot into an iso and make it work on your psp. your psp is not going to run isos unless they are psp games.

  • ragnarok01

    this maybe stupid but someone knows if converting a psx eboot into iso a way to make it run in the psp cuz some minutes ago i convert the parasite eve 2 into an iso and the psp recognize it but when i press x its says the game could not be started (800100002)

  • jok3r0314

    will this convert ff7 eboot to iso without n e flaws?

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  • Satan_Jr

    im having a problem with the app, it creates the game folder but not the UMD_DATA.Bin whichs means the ISO doesnt work, can i have sum advice on how to create the UMD_DATA file??

  • techno wiz

    i click to directory and type in the name of the file but the convert button doesnt pop up wat am i to do

  • SaturnFire

    It doesn’t work on Windows 7. Instead of converting the file to .iso, it just produces the C Folder and the PSP_Game folder

    • Zero-R

      Run it as Admin

      • Feith

        I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work.

  • onye

    i got same problem as convert button unclickable

  • beasty

    freezes as soon as it starts “converting” ,it sucks

  • Fucker

    It’s good

  • Ungaz

    stupid it didnt convert into ISO, instead it extracted the EBOOT files

  • Johnna232

    it’s not eboot 2 ISO.. it’s EBOOT 2 [EXTRACTED_GAME_FILES] :D

  • Shitballs

    So… does this shiz work, or what? I wanna play ISO bad….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ECYOZYHFI7XCMIIIYRZQQ6OUWM moogtropolis

    it’s a too good to be true, you get the crap you started with, more or less. you don’t get that iso you were lookin for

  • anonymouse

    all you need to do is right click the psp game folder and add to ultraISO or any other ISO programm

  • Adambriankehl

    I think you’re supposed to extract the EBOOT then compress it into an ISO then it works. I tried it. P.S. Thanks alot to whoever made it!

  • mohammed

    it is first select the your game
    2nd write the location where you want your iso game 
    3rd convert

  • mohammed

    you will find the_game
    folder in your selected location add it to rar like nfs under cover.rar
    chang the rar put it iso
    like nfs under cover.iso
    ps:don’t add the_game folder to rar just the folders anside it!

  • Foolishman1111

    converted it to iso but psp does nt show up in games folder..what to do????

    • afewnotchesmore

      Dewd, ISO games are suppose to work on ISO folder.


  • Ardhimaulana

    what should i type to fill the”to directory”?

  • Sweet_locote13

    you’re so dumb asshole fuck you your app didn’t work !!!

  • jabby901

    poopey doop

  • Guest-san

    it’s eboot to eboot extracted filed but then all u gotta do is change the name to PSP_GAME.iso and add it using win rar.

  • Antonio

    Here’s how to convert from iso to eboot.pbp, and from eboot.pbp to iso:


  • bored_this_way

    I think I get what some of you are saying. It extracts the EBOOT then the contents in the folder PSP_GAME.rar are joined by .rar then change the name to .iso right? I’m gonna try it. Hope it works.

    Directory: C:UsersuserDownloadsFinal Fantasy VII

    It must be complete. Not just the name… =| for the convert button to work. =D 

  • L3OP

    it is easy just copy the same name of the folder where the eboot file is in and then past it to the name to the directory like that the convert button will pop up…

  • Adriansgt73

    Soy español pero voy a escribir en ingles

    Q esta muy bien pero por fabor me ayudais a descargar el gta san andreas para psp si lo encuentro lo cuelgo y si lo encontrais alguien de ustedes corgarlo en lalguna pagina wep

  • Adriansgt73

    I am Spanish but I’ll write in English

    Q is very good but ya please help me to download gta san andreas psp if I find I hang it and if any of you ever find lalguna corgarlo on wep page

  • Adriansgt73

    If you speak in Spanish I from theirs would google traductor

  • http://niconde.blogspot.com/ Nico

    doesn’t convert eboot to ISO waste of time :)

  • pedro

    it does nothing

  • Y

    When I downloaded a different webpage popped up and tried to download a different file to my computer. Good thing my virus protection was able to stop it, but why is that here?