Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter

Eboot 2 ISO Converter

Eboot 2 ISO Converter.

Fancy turning that PSN eboot you just downloaded into an ISO? Well you can with SuperFury’s Eboot 2 ISO converter. This handy little PC application can easily convert your eboot to an ISO file. So for example if you download FFVII from PSN and wouldn’t mind playing it as an ISO you can just convert it.

Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter change log:

– Changed the way most of the files were copied. Instead of just throwing all the files, except DATA.PSAR, in the buffer and writing them to their corresponding files, they all use a 1MB sized buffer to copy their data.
– This means that the psn store eboots should work now, allowing them to be converted without errors!

Source: qj

Download: Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter
(Eboot 2 ISO 1.1 Converter - 230.6 KiB - 176,278 Hits)

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  1. Doss says:

    to fill th directory u should copy ur file address and paste