E1000 Runs Signed Homebrew and it’s equipped with 6.50 OFW


E1000 or how is now called by PSPGen PSP Cheap was announced at GamesCom a few days ago . The console was playable for the show so few guys that call themselves hackers go and tried running a signed homebrew on it. It ran in no time. Additionally we find out that the console runs 6.50 OFW.

Here is the video :


Source : [PSPGEN]

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  1. ven1x says:

    the video states a silly question. As a matter of fact, it alrdy is. Since the masterkeys still work. Gj sony, you gave the scene something to tinker with =)

    • latso says:

      yeah, and if sony would block signed homebrew,then you wont be able to play any game anymore, the mastercode is something sony just couldn’t block. otherwise all umds and psn downloads will become useless

      • dimy93 says:

        Actually no
        The UMD has nothing to do with the signing
        About the PSN-it’s codded for the PSP as soon as it’s downloaded so there was no real reason to stop signing-I guess it’s too big cost for Sony and that’s the main reason t odo nothing on the signing process

  2. xTekGateway says:

    being a demo product, is it possible it won’t roll out in the box with OFW 6.50?

    • dimy93 says:

      Yes but most probably it will as 6.60 is the first ofw that has 11g modules so there must b ofw between it and 6.39

  3. Jyoumon says:

    Make the next update be 6.66 soon. Because I had it when I got the ps3 for the first time.

  4. bruteforced101 says:

    hahah just as I thought It came with 6.50 ;)

  5. HaloFreak says:

    It’s as if Sony has just given up the battle against the hacking community.

    • bruteforced101 says:

      Even If they patch every single demo out there we can still use headers from digital comics not to mention hijacking an Updater eboot and using their header…

      We can have as many user mode as we like.

      The flaw is built in the hardware of all PSPs and I’m still not surprize how the E1000 can have homebrew running LOL! at Sony. They could just leave us be you know!?!

  6. Sage says:

    LOL that’s hilarious that they’ve already got unsigned code running on it!
    So bad ass!

  7. Jyoumon says:

    Lets hope that update
    6.66 could be the next update

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  9. cyberangel22k says:

    LOL!! His hands are shaking!! Maybe he’s scared of being caught..?

  10. Ashton says:

    Yeah fuckin awesome job.. eleet skills i mean how difficult it must have been to put a friggin memory stick into a console….

  11. grinch says:

    Where is second analog ?

  12. PSPFan says:

    Lol watch the guys hands and thumb tremble. I guess he was the excited about it LOL what a geek…

    • Ashton says:

      rather nervous something i can understand… though irs not like he’d get in trouble i doubt there was a rule against trying homebrew, it’s not like he played pirate copy or hacked firmware at worst he’d get kicked out of gamescon assuming he’d get caught..

  13. Thonglover says:

    Lmao! Hacked before it was even released.

  14. thatmexican says:

    im pretty sure sony doesn’t mind the homebrew to much, just the pirates. you know the people that basically killed the psp

  15. edstrife says:

    owh man….
    this is psp fail

  16. lolk says:

    SPAM And jud8’s mom is a kunt :) SPAM SPAM.

  17. Mango says:

    This man has balls

  18. Stephen says:

    I don’t know why you guys take this as a stupid move by Sony. In my opinion, Sony is fully aware that E1000 can be hacked and homebrew will still work in it. Then why would they release another PSP model knowing that it’s security is severely compromised? If you will notice, they downgraded or removed some features, meaning it is cheaper to make but it is more expensive than PSP 3000? Sony intend to make profit out of the hardware itself. Knowing that it is “hackable” many people will still buy it.

  19. jonny says:

    this psp is good but it cant fit in my pocket. so i wont buy this. i will buy ps vita.

    • Sage says:

      LOL the Vita is bigger than the classic PSP!

      • dimy93 says:

        it’s lighter and slim about the 3k but because of the screen of course it’s bigger than a every psp – it has 4 times bigger screen-it’s kinda normal to be a 1 centimeter wider and 1 centimeter higher than a fat.

  20. Jud8 says:

    Who in this steaming hell stole my username?

    Besides this PSP is awesome, I want the battery details.

  21. Thebluefirefly says:

    Help! I’ve just gotten a PSP E1000, but I have no idea how to run iso and cso, and the ISO tool says corrupted when I try. Also, where do I put the games? I keep trying different folders, but none of the .iso or .cso show up.

  22. Sneax673 says:

    You first have to install CFW ….google is your best friend! :)

  23. Pinoytechno says:

    your the best :)

  24. Adriansgt3 says:

    I do not like it sucks