DId you get your Little Big Planet beta code?


I didn’t hear or read anything about a LBP beta code being sent out via email. Apparently It was announced a week ago, did anyone hear about It? LBP Vita IS supposed to be just like the PS3 version but…better considering there Is more features like the front and rear touch which Is going to be awesome. I’m not to much of a LBP fan but It was cool playing It back In November at an EXPO at Potamac Mills Mall, VA.

LBP worked flawlessly and so worked for the VIta, I was impressed with how the front/rear touch controls worked so well on LBP, It’s like IT was made for VIta. Sorry, here I go ranting again lol I only do that sometimes when something works as great as this game. So…just to let you all know If you didn’t sign up to participate In the beta then obviously you don’t get one :( but those of you that did sign up just keep In mind even though you did sign up doesn’t mean you will be picked to test out the beta.



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  • Dv0l0ty

    Signed to the beta, no key recieved :(

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  • Nazar1996

    Right now they said that they sent out the first batch of keys. If you didnt get one, dont worry. They will send out more keys over the next weeks.

  • AnonymousExE

    not yet. after you use your key try adding it here? maybe they can be used more then once :) ill add mine if i ever get one lol.. i might get a few cause i have more than 1 psn account :P

  • AnonymousExE

    darn ddnt know you had to sign up :( well i dnt think ima get it.. maybe the key can be used more then once? try addn the key here lol. idk. good luck to who ever enterd

  • MGO_Vet

    Yup…they closed the registration down…they said they were
    ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of people wanting the beta lol.

  • Jpeuser007

    OH NO!()!!!!!! NONONO i didnt sign up and its down nooooooooooo ill never get to play it!!!

  • Emilioabufele

    guys hi my names austin this is april 3 im a profesional hacker, i got 500 beta codes if you want one just tell me my psn is abufele_e98 only for vita

  • Emilioabufele

    haha okay heres the first code i will be puuting it in 8 min

  • Emilioabufele

    9hh3 4hnc 5rtb