DayViewer v7 by Total_Noob Released


Dayviewer by Total_Noob

has released Dayviewer V7 via TeamGEN  / PSPGen, Dayveiwer allows you to display the Day, date and time in the upper right hand corner of your PSP’s XMB as you can see here above *cough* if you can get past looking at the hot lady…

You can also set dayviewer to show you the exact battery percentage remaining, rather than just the normal 3 bar battery logo. You can also remove or add whatever text you want displayed there by editing dayviewer_config.txt of this PRX plug-in.

DayViewer v7 changelog:

  • Now you have the full possibility to edit the clock string to your desire.
  • Added battery lifetime.
  • Fixed incompatibility with AutoStart PRX.
  • Solved bug in unicode encoding: some character didn’t show correctly.

Source: PSPGen

Download: DayViewer v7 by Total_Noob
(DayViewer v7 by Total_Noob - 5.7 KiB - 7,659 Hits)

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  1. PSPFan says:

    I was going to take my own boring screenshot of the plug-in in action. But then I found this beauty….

  2. black1111 says:

    those this thing work with CXB ?

  3. jasonkhoo87 says:

    the 12hour did not work.. didnt show the am/pm

  4. lch36 says:

    I cant make it work 5.03Gen-C. Can anyone please try it on their psp3k? Is it my problem or the plug-in problem?


    • jasonkhoo87 says:

      im using psp2k, gen-c working well.. just to inform you.. the plugin run well in my psp.

    • skylinekid17 says:

      ok this works perfectly in 5.03 Gen-C. This is what you have to do. Go into USB mode and go to SEPLUGINS folder. Open it up.

      Put the dayveiwer.prx into that folder.

      In the vsh.txt copy and paste this and SAVE: ms0:/seplugins/dayviewer.prx 1

      Now look for the dayviewer_config.txt. Open that up. It will bring you to a text document with the days of the week and so forth. Highlight what you got there and delete it and just copy and paste this and SAVE it:

      \%weekday, %day. %monthname %year %hour12: %min:%sec %ampm %batpercent%% (%batlifehour:%batlifemin)

      Now to get this to work you need to REBOOT by pressing the SELECT button. Highlight the REBOOT DEVICE and press X. No need to worry. You will go back to VERSION 5.03 (OFW)!! All you have to do now is put 5.03 Gen-C update into your GAME folder and make sure you have ChickHEN R2 (I keep it in my PICTURE folder in the root of my Memory stick AND also in PSP>>PHOTO folder its works easier that way for some reason) ChickHEN R2 won’t take too long to load you into 5.03 ChickHEN R2 (it took me only one try but I scrolled down to the very last image as fast as I can). Once your PSP flashes in CFW 5.03 ChickHEN R2, go to your Memory Stick (where you run your Homebrew lol) and press X on 5.03 Gen-C.

      NOTE: When you are going to load this CFW you must HOLD down the L button and you will have the installer there. Just press X to patch and when its done and you go back into the XMB you will see that this does work. If you want to keep your PSP in CFW I recommend that you use “Sedna”

      Put this in both game.txt and vsh.txt:

      ms0:/seplugins/Sedna.prx 1

      go into Recovery Menu and highlight CPU Speed (This is where you find your PLUGINS because of bugs) just ENABLE these if they’re not:

      Sedna.prx [VSH]
      dayviewer.prx [VSH]
      Sedna.prx [GAME]

      WHATEVER YOU DO; DO NOT DISABLE THIS!!!!! (vshmenu.prx [VSH]) You will have some problem getting into RECOVERY MODE since the PSP 3000 stores CFW in RAM (Random Access Memory) There is a way to get back the VSH MENU in the XMB and I got it back to work after I disabled it lol. If you for some reason DISABLED your VSH MENU from the RECOVERY MODE, I can help you get it back. Its really very simple!

      I hope this solves everyone’s problem. I Don’t own my own PSP 3000 but I was asked to hack it from a 11 year old lol so I just played around with it for the time I had it. This was my first PSP 3000 that I hacked and I didn’t even try. Just followed up on tutorials! I OWN a PSP Phat and PSP Slim both hacked and running in CFW 5.50 Gen-A.

      The HOLD.prx works fine also =).

    • megamanx41 says:

      I’m using a 3K 5.03 GEN-C and it works just fine.

  5. papison says:

    Better than v6 and timebatterypercent.

  6. quentis123 says:

    psp 5.00-4 psn (ps3) quentis123 that will be good

  7. Altair says:

    lol the wallpaper is beter than the plugin!

  8. genesis66 says:

    will it work in CXMB?

  9. psplover72 says:

    I have psp 2k and it works with my cxmb themes (m33-6)

  10. drakemood says:

    i wanna ask.. will it work with cxmb on psp 3k mhu? please replay.. thx

  11. KG6ZVP says:

    I’ve been using this very successfully. This is great! Keep up the good work!

  12. kakashi07 says:

    What’s the name of the girl in the picture?

  13. SolidFox says:

    Who is she???

  14. SolidFox says:

    Dammit, who is that girl??

  15. SolidFox says:

    I found out, it’s Susan Ward. She was in Maxim, too. Look her up.

  16. cardinalsfan314 says:

    I seem to be having trouble with this plugin among others. Has anyone else had luck with this using 4.01 M33-2 on a blue madden 2001? I’ve been having trouble with other plugins also…..if I don’t pull the battery to clear the RAM it won’t boot into recovery mode. I’m a noob, obviously, and have tried to find solutions, but I just can’t find an answer that works. Anyone have an idea how I can sort this thing out?

  17. Alexisguerrero102297 says:

    does it work with cxmb themes