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Daedalus is back once again, (Well it never really went away) and with all the Ps Vita news being reported this week, Daedalus’ release got overlooked for newer and shinier news items.

But I say nay!! We will report on this as well :P

As many of you old guys like me will know Daedalus is the N64 emulator to have on your Psp, that has always been the and as far as we can see, will always be the way!

Luckily, you guys with the Vita are being left out, and infact those of you that can enjoy your Psp homebrew on your shiny new Vita’s can also enjoy playing Mario Kart 64 in all it retro glory!

Instruction for installation:

PSP Installation:
To install all you have to do is place the DaedalusX64 folder in the PSP/GAME folder.
If you don’t have Custom Firmware (CFW) you’ll need to download the Signed version.

Vita installation:
Currently with how Vita homebrew works you’ll need a save file from any of your PSP games that are installed on your Vita (aside from the one with the exploit) on your PC via Open CMA (see wololo.net for the latest Open CMA release). Download the unsigned version of DaedalusX64 and rename the zip file “INSTALL.ZIP”. Then move it inside of the PSP saved file folder you transferred to your PC. Then transfer the PSP save file back onto your Vita. Once there you can use your exploit to load the PSP save file (with DaedalusX64 in it) to start.

Now, all of you guys who don’t have CFW on your Psp, you are not being left out either, Those nice people over there have also released a Signed version just for you ;)

The changelist can be found here (Bear in mind this holds the changes for both Psp and Pc versions of Daedalus)

Unsigned Version:

Download Psp Filer v5.9

Signed Version:


Please note that if you are currently running CFW it is recommended that you run the Unsigned version rather than the Signed version.

Now enjoy :)


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  1. aa says:


  2. smasher50 says:

    Daedalus rev 1830 is out!

  3. Guest says:

    daedalus rev 1830 is out!

  4. smasher50 says:

    Daedalus rev 1850 is out!

  5. Cole Wagner says:

    i click download on the Unsigned and it says “file no longer here” after it redirects me to the website
    tried the signed version and got the same message

  6. kuel321 says:

    Um, the link is broken.

  7. Qickedxhew says:

    i maybe slow but, can i install daedalus without vita exploits?

  8. smasher50 says:

    Daedalus rev 1909 is out now!