Daedalus PSP R13 Released


R13 Released!

Yes you read that right, PSP R13 has finally been released, the much awaited release of StrmnNrmn’s promising Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator. Grab it below :)



R13 – 04 November 2007

[+”] Savestate support.
[^”] Improved dynarec load/store code generation to remove a branch and a couple of instructions.
[^”] Dynarec now generates much better code for fragments which branch to themselves.
[^”] Dynarec load/stores through the stack pointer are now much more efficient.
[^”] Avoid invalidating the instruction cache where possible.
[^”] Simplified CPU event handling, making it slightly more efficient.

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  1. Ninja80p says:

    WOOT nice its finally here!

  2. connorw123 says:

    Nice work StrmnNrmn. Good emulator.

  3. […] StrmnNrmn has outlined his plans for Daedalus R14. In the next release StrmnNrmn has plans to look at the N64’s Emulators performance and where it can be improved. Mainly looking into implementing audio on the PSP’s Media Engine. Which apparently will improve the frame rate somewhat as in has minimal inpact on the fps. As processing the audio in Daedalus R13 takes a big hit on the emulation frame rates. Also planned is thumbnail support on the save state feature that was implemented in the recently released Daedalus R13. […]

  4. kenyaboy says:

    Wow…actually works, a little. I was playin Army Men- Sarge’s Heroes 2 and it was all sketchy, slow, and all of the characters had little white clonelike doubles of them right next to them. It actually started and ran though, which is WAYYY more than I can say for MANY others I tried. I am running a PSP Slim with 3.71 M33-2.

  5. Emokid says:

    Can you use the texture mods like ocarina of time with this?

  6. Russ says:

    I previously found this emulator at a different site and it would never work so I tried downloading from here, same problem. Maybe I am doing something wrong? copied Daedalus and Daedalus% folders into PSP/GAME like the readme says. always get a “The game could not be started(00201..)” message. Had 3.71 firm and now running 3.80 with same problem

  7. Aki says:

    Works great but the sound is somthimes suxed

  8. Winesh says:

    great man, thanks alot for this awesome emulator :D

  9. trog says:

    Russ download the version for the slim. it works for me. try that.

  10. Kalyka says:

    I’m new to this PSP business and i’ve been pretty good at figuring this stuff out without killing anything on my husband’s PSP but I have a version 5.02 and I’m trying to download the emulator onto the PSP but i’m not sure i’m doing it right…it keeps saying corrupt data when i go to run the program… do i need to downgrade a version? is there a certian firmware i need to install?…i need help…

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    im just trying to get fuc#ing free games so fuc#ing help me

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  17. Ânderson Cardoso says:

    Thanks i hope it work :D