CXMB for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A Revised

CXMB for 5.50 GEN-A revised and re-released.

CXMB for 5.50 GEN-A revised and re-released.

Matchung has done some work of his own on unofficial CXMB for , improving it as its reported to work much better now. Not to mention that it now properly lists the themes under the [Settings]. Also included in the archive are ctf.exe and unctf.exe. These are used for decompiling and recompiling CTF themes.

Source: PSP-Ita

Download: CXMB for 5.50 GEN-A Revised
(CXMB for 5.50 GEN-A Revised - 880.5 KiB - 12,063 Hits)

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  • Klac2212

    why don’t they make ctw 5.50 for psp 3k,i have waited for it for 2 month

    • psp100

      your not the only one

    • 701

      this do’t work at alll You need to make this easy to install dawg like 5.00 M33 & 4.00M33 u Need to make 5.50 gen a CXMB easy please

  • burglar

    They should pay attention in main work -cfw 5.50 for psp 3k

    • asakuraasher

      it wont be easy cause i think its doing same flashing

      • Tom

        no its not flashing but loading it into the ram, so when u restart its gone… ( I think ). and for everybody with psp 3k with 5.50 its your own dam fualt. there is curently no exploit out for the 3k 5.50, and good luck waiting another year or so for one. and seeing as this isnt signed by Sony then theres no way to get this for you.

  • asakuraasher


  • Kent

    Updates are good but please… please make a HWN for 3000 with 5.50 OFW ASAP. Many games would be released i the next few months so we can’t wait to enjoy them with other PSP gamers. Ü


    doest work on psp 3000 with 5.00m3-6

    • dimy93

      no you need cxmb for HEN v2

    • Tom

      i dont know if im allowed to post links but… heres what ur looking for: download that, use the light version (dont know whats the difference. put any 5.00 or 5.02 in the same folder as the ctf_converter.exe. and run the ctf converter. (did not try any other versions). then just copy the converted to your ms0:/psp/theme folder. then open the lite folder and take and copy cxmb and psp to the root of your memory stick. then go to ur seplugins folder (if you dont have one copy seplugins also, if u have one dont.) and add this to your vhs.txt file “ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx 1″. no quotes. then boot into custom firware and go into your theme and pick one. the screen will freeze and it will reboot. \\\9its suposed to do that, sometimes it doesnt though) if you see the new theme you did everything corectly. no enjoy :)

      • magadan

        y dont u post a video or something

  • kenpachiroks

    People shouldn’t complain….
    once there is cfw for 5.5 then you’ll complain about wanting cxmb for it…. it never ends…
    excellent work Matchung, keep it coming….


      yeah its a lot of work for the programmers and you guys still keep on asking for more i mean its your fault for updating the frikken ofw they barely make any noticeable changes anyway
      thanks for your hard work psp hackers

  • burglar

    its simple they re unable to release cfw for psp 3k 5.50 ’cause the re so stupid


      its not easy…they still have to crack the pre-ipl code and stuff from what i hear…unless they make a ChickHEN for 5.50 then they could try to boot the CFW into the ram like CFWEnabler. Good job on the work with the CXMB. Its nice to see progress eventhough i wont be using it.(PSP1000 5.00M33-6)

  • Hoodlum

    So this is custom firmware for a psp 2000 (maybe for a red god of war psp)?

    • Hoodlum

      With firmware 5.50????


        youre screwed if you have ofw 5.50 unles yiou have a pandora or a friend with a pandora
        unless the red one has a v3 motheboard then youre totally screwed

  • Omega

    As reported on a German forum, the German coder Miche2245 would publish an exploit, running on firmware 5.50, which exploits a bug in saving the game Monster Hunter Portable 2 (JAP).
    More to follow.

    info, details and use:

    .: Procedures:.:
    The coder also reported that Need for Speed Underground (ENG) presents the possibility of launching the exploit but now has released only the procedure and specific files for the game Monster Hunter Portable 2 (JAP). This shows that many other games can be useful in order, just the time to find these security holes and to intervene in an unauthorized manner on the console.
    A chronicle of having, through the exploits you can enable HEN (Homebrew Enabler) and consequently do not code certified the homenbrew.

    E ‘can use this exploit to run the chickHEN of Dave, the boot process dell’Homebrew Enabler thanks to the loading of the rescue of the game and no longer by loading previews of TIFF image changed from the dashboard menu.

    • Download the package and unpack it on your desktop PC
    • Connect your PSP to your PC via USB cable connection and
    • Copy the folder / PSP / Memory Stick in the sovrescrivendo files and folders when asked.
    • Disconnect the USB connection
    • Insert and start the UMD Monster Hunter Portable 2 (JAP)
    • Load the save hack

    The exploit will be loaded on your PSP with firmware 5.50.

    .: Usage:.:
    E ‘can use this exploit to run the chickHEN of Dave, the boot process dell’Homebrew Enabler thanks to the loading of the rescue of the game and no longer by loading previews of TIFF image changed from the dashboard menu.
    You should be able to install both the CFGEN-a Custom Firmware that the Enabler, but is strongly recommended to wait for confirmation safe reliability and compatibility of the procedure.

    WARNING: this exploit could be potentially dangerous because it can write to the flash memory of your PSP. Ne ion PSP-ITA we are responsible for any damage caused to your console due to the program.

    • Grilljohan

      Does it say anything about if it works on the 3000?

  • burglar

    its great but how could we have the UMD Monster Hunter Portable 2 (JAP)

  • Omega

    well… go to japan… buy a japan psp and monster hunter port. 2


    or ebay…amazon and it works for need for speed as well according to the source. Make sure it is NOT patched though.

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  • Reymavino21

    how do you install it??