CXMB for 3.71 – 6.39


The Japanese coder neur0n published an update of plugin, a useful plugin that allows us to use ctf themes on our .

Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME. CXMB is now compatible with 3.71-> 6.39. Themes for 6.38 ME will work with this version.

Source: neur0n’s twitter /


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  • DarkZero

    Sweet thanks for the update. :D

  • Frezzno

    Superb! But I got one question. I use the version before this one on 6.20 TN-E. Is there any points to update to this version since I don’t use 6.39?

  • carlitos92jose

    wow thanks for the update, where I can download the best ctf themes for 6.35 prob5?

  • Frezzno

    I load mine from endlessparadigm dot com.

    • dark_aleks

      but the 2k11 didnt work on 6.39 ME 2 why are you happy

  • DarkZero

    Where can I get themes for this firmware? 6.39 me2?

  • renz

    hey make a audio boost for 6.39me-2 i cant audio boost here :( well it freezes when i fully shutdown my psp 6.39me-2 with audio boost. pls make :(

    • Anonym

      In case you haven’t noticed, this is not the request section.


    i tried it on 6.35 pro b3 and it didn’t worl

    • O_O

      “Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME”

  • O_O

    “Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME”

  • Skyline969

    What is that theme in the screenshot on this post?

  • renz

    hey why its not working on me , my ctf themes just get an error.


    When I copy the prx on seplugins it will automatically become that ctf theme or what should i do ?

  • N o.O b

    itz not working wid me too…..
    the themez get an error

  • noobo


    • TN-E + PRO-B5


  • asphyXia_

    1. Does this HB writes to PSP flash?
    2. Is this compatible with Prometheus-Enabled GEN in 5.03?

    “I have PSP 3000 Brite 03g”

    More Power to “ALL” the coders that bring up the scene.

    “Salamat!,Cheer’s from Philippines”

    • http://none Rey

      i hjave the same

    • meda

      don’t use prometheus anymore.either way…us pro b6 6.20.
      u’ll see its a lot waay better.
      Oh and ako rin galing sa Pilipinas.

  • http://none Rey

    dsnt work in a PSP 6.35 PRO-B5 3001

  • poisonedhrt

    “dsnt work in a PSP 6.35 PRO-B5 3001″ its for neuron’s CWF and LCWF >.>

  • Pinoy Ako!

    will this work in my psp 3000(5.03 MHU) brite ta-090 v1.0
    or a possibility of bricking my psp….

  • thonglover

    Where do i put the file?

  • mugu007

    i wont download unless some tells me where to get themes like the pic above for 6.35 pro b5/b6 !!!!!!! plz tell

  • reine

    doesn.t work on 6.39 pr0 b7

  • Kevster

    So this means it’s compatible for PSP 3000 B6 users as well?

  • killaruz

    for instructions. . .
    1. put the prx file into seplugin folder.
    2. add the line to the vsh.txt this “ms0:/seplugin/xxxxx.prx 1″ the xxxx is the name of the prx.
    3. restart your psp.

    that’s all. . .
    and mabuhay philippines :)

    for finding ctf themes just search the google. . .

  • ranch

    do we have CXMB for 6.60 pro-b9???

  • sandy frits


  • whatttttttupppppppppppppp

    can u please post another because megaupload is down

  • ‘Jessica Salotto

    hello! what about fot the 6.60????

  • Nigger


    Fucking sopa.

    I cannot believe this shit.
    Now I can’t get ISOs of my favorite game because the cd’s are messed up.
    I’m not using Devil’s shadow because all the isos are tattered with that “kiss of death” shit.

  • Jeremia_g13

    Hey,could you please give the damn another site,dude