CXMB for 3.71 – 6.39


The Japanese coder neur0n published an update of CXMB plugin, a useful plugin that allows us to use ctf themes on our PSP.

Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME. CXMB is now compatible with CFW 3.71-> 6.39. Themes for CFW 6.38 ME will work with this version.

Source: neur0n’s twitter /


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  1. DarkZero says:

    Sweet thanks for the update. :D

  2. Frezzno says:

    Superb! But I got one question. I use the version before this one on 6.20 TN-E. Is there any points to update to this version since I don’t use 6.39?

  3. carlitos92jose says:

    wow thanks for the update, where I can download the best ctf themes for 6.35 prob5?

  4. Frezzno says:

    I load mine from endlessparadigm dot com.

  5. DarkZero says:

    Where can I get themes for this firmware? 6.39 me2?

  6. renz says:

    hey make a audio boost for 6.39me-2 i cant audio boost here :( well it freezes when i fully shutdown my psp 6.39me-2 with audio boost. pls make :(

  7. POP GOBY says:

    i tried it on 6.35 pro b3 and it didn’t worl

    • O_O says:

      “Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME”

  8. O_O says:

    “Today’s update brings us finally support for the latest custom firmware 6:39 ME”

  9. Skyline969 says:

    What is that theme in the screenshot on this post?

  10. renz says:

    hey why its not working on me , my ctf themes just get an error.

  11. GDRAGON says:

    When I copy the prx on seplugins it will automatically become that ctf theme or what should i do ?

  12. N o.O b says:

    itz not working wid me too…..
    the themez get an error

  13. noobo says:


  14. asphyXia_ says:

    1. Does this HB writes to PSP flash?
    2. Is this compatible with Prometheus-Enabled GEN in 5.03?

    “I have PSP 3000 Brite 03g”

    More Power to “ALL” the coders that bring up the scene.

    “Salamat!,Cheer’s from Philippines”

  15. Rey says:

    dsnt work in a PSP 6.35 PRO-B5 3001

  16. poisonedhrt says:

    “dsnt work in a PSP 6.35 PRO-B5 3001″ its for neuron’s CWF and LCWF >.>

  17. Pinoy Ako! says:

    will this work in my psp 3000(5.03 MHU) brite ta-090 v1.0
    or a possibility of bricking my psp….

  18. thonglover says:

    Where do i put the file?

  19. mugu007 says:

    i wont download unless some tells me where to get themes like the pic above for 6.35 pro b5/b6 !!!!!!! plz tell

  20. reine says:

    doesn.t work on 6.39 pr0 b7

  21. Kevster says:

    So this means it’s compatible for PSP 3000 B6 users as well?

  22. killaruz says:

    for instructions. . .
    1. put the prx file into seplugin folder.
    2. add the line to the vsh.txt this “ms0:/seplugin/xxxxx.prx 1″ the xxxx is the name of the prx.
    3. restart your psp.

    that’s all. . .
    and mabuhay philippines :)

    for finding ctf themes just search the google. . .

  23. ranch says:

    do we have CXMB for 6.60 pro-b9???

  24. whatttttttupppppppppppppp says:

    can u please post another because megaupload is down

  25. hello! what about fot the 6.60????

  26. Nigger says:


    Fucking sopa.

    I cannot believe this shit.
    Now I can’t get ISOs of my favorite game because the cd’s are messed up.
    I’m not using Devil’s shadow because all the isos are tattered with that “kiss of death” shit.

  27. Jeremia_g13 says:

    Hey,could you please give the damn another site,dude