CXMB for 3.71-5.50

CXMB for 3.71-5.50.

CXMB for 3.71-5.50.

Total_Noob has released an update to CXMB, which now has compatibility with firmware versions 3.71 up to 5.50. CXMB allows users to use custom CFT themes without the risk of flashing your flash0.


-This version of CXMB works for custom firmware’s:3.71-5.50
-Its a Full version so you can also use it to make ctf’s,
make sure you use the right decrypted prx (paf.prx, common_gui.prx, vshmain.prx)
from each firmware

Copy contents of folder: CXMB_full_all_cf to your memorystick.

Source: Total_Noob

Download: CXMB for 3.71-5.50
(CXMB for 3.71-5.50 - 35.5 KiB - 14,182 Hits)

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  • adeeb458

    link is broken

    • PSPFan

      Try again, I had to clear the cache. Sorry about that.

  • ColorblindMonk

    So wait, I’m a bit confused in how this works. So it’s an app that loads any CXMB version from 3.71 up to 5.50?

    • ColorblindMonk

      Oh, that was a stupid question. I just figured it out. :(

  • Skyline969

    Question – what’s the difference between this new one and the older versions? 5.50 skins work fine on my PSP 2k, or is this just one plugin that supports all skins? It’d be cool to see some 5.00 M33 skins on my 5.50 GEN-B CFW, but if it’s just not possible it’s just not possible.

  • dickiestwelve

    use this one if u want to upgrade or downgrade ur firmware u dont need to change ur cxmb folder.

  • GameGuysProjects

    Yea I’m confused to. I think what it allows you to do is just run it on cfw 3.71-5.50. But what I’m wondering if it lets us use 3.71m33 themes on 5.00m33 is it possible or not?

    • SpAM_CAN

      Impossible I’m afraid :(

  • SpAM_CAN

    This works even on 5.03, CFWe 3.60, yes?

    Just checking :D

    • PSPKing

      Doesn’t seem to work on my PSP.. (3000 with CFWe 3.6)

      Or maybe i did it wrong?

      • SpAM_CAN

        We need the decrypted paf.prx, common_gui.prx, vshmain.prx files for it. Does anyone know where I can get them (DON’T SAY GOOGLE, YAHOO, SHERLOCK*, ALTA VISTA*, OR ANY OTHER SEARCH ENGINE!)

        *Ah the old days… :D

  • marcymarc


    OK… copied everything into correct folders, got plugins. how do i load a theme???

    • marcymarc

      never mind. got it working :)

  • arcurad

    Mind me asking, does it work on psp 3000 running on CWFE 3.60 ?

    i can’t seem to get it to work…

  • Carlos

    Anyone mind explaining this to me. I running 5.50 GEN-B with B2 patch. I copied folders to their appropriate locations, and enabled it via recovery menu. Now what? where can I get some working themes?

  • Bankia

    does this work on CFW 5.03? and is there themes that would work with the firmware?

  • wakkawalla

    Just a Note to future users, using ‘Speed up MS Access’ in Recovery Menu.
    It must say Always or Never for it work!

  • Bankia

    Can i apply themes on CFW 5.03 MHU? i have a PSP 2000 with a TA-088 v3 motherboard

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  • krakkerman18

    is there any tutorial installing the cxmb and how to get ctf work..

    i am using psp 3000 gen-b now.. can anyone help?

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  • Romviv

    it will work in 5.50 GEN D-3?

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  • roitery

    I have dones just as said:

    Copied the three folders cxmb,PSP and seplugins as I was supposed to.. I am currently running 5.03 GEN-C on PSP 3000. When I go inside the recovery Menu I cannot find the plugin to activate. Please help me. I am very new to this..

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  • cardinalsfan314

    I got as far as getting the background’s to load, but the XMB would not…. I am running 4.01 M33-2 on a Blue Madden 2001. I’m a noob to the PSP community, but I spend a lot of time before asking questions, and this one has me stumped.

    I appreciate the work you all do, and hope I can contribute too sometime!

    • cardinalsfan314

      what I mean the XMB would not, is that the icons don’t change…

  • JeryJ55

    I’m on PSP 1000, 5.50 Gen-D3 Will it work?

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