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Keeping the updates coming, Weltall has released an update to CWCheat. If your unaware, CWCheat is by far the best PSP cheat hacking application. CWCheat v0.2.2 includes many changes and fixes. Infact a huge changelog, (to big to list in the main page) most importantly this latest version features an option to download the cheat database and Pointer Searcher feature for finding points and creating new cheats. For the huge change log, click the more link in this post.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2
(CWCheat v0.2.2 - 4.7 MiB - 18,027 Hits)

- [ALL”] Now cwcheat checks if you are using the ms driver patch by dark alex which uses the 3.7x prx on 3.8x/3.9x and disables protections enabled
in the main menu to avoid the bugs of the original 3.8x/3.9x driver. I suggest installing the 3.7x driver if possible.
– [ALL”] really added the polish translation by Bolec. (there was a wrong one in the release before this)
– [ALL”] renamed 360- folder to ALL as it contains builds for all firmwares except 3.7x
– [PACKAGE”] Renamed cwcheat-IRSHELL.prx to cwcheat-LOADER.prx as it’s usefull also with other loaders
– [PACKAGE”] Added a full cwcheat-LOADER.prx (ex cwcheat-IRSHELL.prx) build. The build available before is in the lite folder, it’s called
cwcheatlite-LOADER.prx and should be used with irshell.
– [POPS”] Added a pops prx for loaders (pratically irshell for now as far as i know). It will start in homebrew mode but you can make it
load the pops game id by pressing the same combination as the one used in the psp game prx for loaders in the cwcheat main menu: L TRIGGER + SELECT
This new build is called cwcheatpopslite-LOADER.prx and it’s in the lite folder.
– [ALL”] Now the db downloader resolves by itself the ip adress of the server so if the ip changes some times in the future it will always be able to
resolve the new ip without an update
– [ALL”] various cleanups to the db downloader thanks to insertwittyname for some missing things in the sdk
– [ALL”] Added some checks for null in the db downloader
– [ALL”] db downloader was ported to 3.x kernel. The 3.x version features also a skippable netconf dialog to choose the wanted access point
(if you don’t need it or have problems with it just cancel it and the old behaviour, connect to first ap configuration, will be applyed)
– [ALL”] Added a check in the db download for errors returned by the server and used msgdialogs (3.x build) to show some possible errors
– [ALL”] (3.x build) Added a check for a bigger database in the memory stick than in the online database. If this happens the user is asked if he wants
to overwrite it or not.
– [ALL”] fixed some bugs in the db save function
– [ALL”] now it’s possible to relocate the cpu load/fps in game display to the top left position: put a CPUFPS POS = in the config file and set it as 1
to enable it
– [ALL”] fixed a little bug in the memory dump function which could lead to the first dump being always overwritten when the memory stick was full
– [ALL”] now when dumping the ram to the memory stick, even if cwcheat was just started up again, it won’t overwrite the dumps starting from 0 but
will start from the first empty dump slot (note this doesn’t affect the dump done by the difference search functions).
This will be usefull for searching pointers (or more commonly called DMA codes)
– [ALL”] Added an SDK for cwcheat which allows to access some functions which were exported by the plugin for more than one year. It consists of a
library and an header providing informations on the exported functions.
– [PACKAGE”] changed the file structure. now the old MS_ROOT* folders are called INSTALL* to avoid confusion in new users. Plus the plugin prx were moved
to the cwcheat subfolder of seplugin to increase order and reduce difficulty of manual install. According to these changes the installation
instructions were changed and now are easier. If you use an old guide keep this changes in mind when following them.
– [ALL”] Added a new pc based application pointer searcher built for both linux (tried on ubuntu 7.10) and windows (tried on vista/2003) in gtk+2.0.
This application will allow estremely easy pointer search: starting with two or more dumps you will be able to do various searches based
on old results till you iron out the adresses you need. At that point the application can create easily pointer cheat codes for cwcheat:
8/16/32bit and normal/inverse offset codes can be generated. It can be found in the PC folder of the package in the linux and windows sub folders.

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  1. Taehoon says:

    The link to the file is WRONG FILE OR INCOMPLETE FILE. Please fix the file with the complete one!! (i got the correct file from official website and now ikt is worikikng fine)

  2. ken says:

    I never had a working cw cheat on my slim psp cfw 3.71 M33-2
    so i hope this is working…

  3. HELP ME ! says:

    aww i really wanted this to work but when i first tried to open it it said somethiong about cant read it. so i tried open with notepad ! (i dont know why) now i cant do anything i have no program to extract what do i do ! =(

  4. HELP ME ! says:


  5. anonymous says:

    can it fit in a 2GB memory stick?