Custom Firmware Enabler 3.70 for ChickHEN R2 Released


Its been a while, almost 6 months since we saw the last official update to for PSP-3000′s / PSP-2000′s TA-088v3+ with firmware 5.03. But Becus25 and Xenogears are back in force with 3.70. This version introduces a few minor changes to the patcher and the addition of the MHUSpeed hack for increased MS speed on non official Memory Sticks (non Magic gate sticks)

CFWEnabler Changelog:

- Improved uninstalling system.
- Improved the internal patching.
- Fixed internal errors.
- Code restructured.
- Patch MHUSpeed.
- Menu of change of custom.
- Mac switch menu customized.
- Menu MHUFS.


Download: CFWEnabler 3.70 for PSP-3000 and TA088v3+ PSP's with 5.03 OFW
(CFWEnabler 3.70 for PSP-3000 and TA088v3+ PSP's with 5.03 OFW - 382.9 KiB - 104,065 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 735,011 Hits)

Guide to running ChickHEN R2

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    choose the Uninstall in the menu in ur cfw