Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 Released

CFWEnabler 3.51

CFWEnabler 3.51

Custom Firmware Enabler is back with another tweak + bugfix as Xenogears and becus25 have released CFWEnabler 3.51. The changes are minimal, but if your running CFWEnabler over Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A then it would be wise to update. As the update server has changed so its important for future updates via your XMB.

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 Changelog:

- Fixed a bug when playing within Infrastructure
– New system version
– Improved the Pops flashing system
– New update server.


Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 for ChickHEN R2, gives you M33-6 features on your TA-088v3+ And PSP-3000’s. You need to use ChickHEN R2 to load this CFW Enabler. And Official Firmware 5.03. Firmware 5.50 is NOT supported!

Help / Tutorials

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30+ Tutorial

Guide to running ChickHEN R2 & Homebrew on your PSP-3000 / TA88v3


Download: Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 for ChickHEN R2
(Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 for ChickHEN R2 - 1.1 MiB - 34,143 Hits)

Download: PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00
(PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00 - 126.7 KiB - 42,880 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 736,422 Hits)

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  • pspgo

    Sounds cool. Oh, btw what does it mean exactly : “As the update server has changed so its important for future updates via your XMB.” Does this allow me to access PSN store?

    • PSPFan

      You can update CWEnabler over the XMB’s network update feature.

  • Pek2

    I installed it on my psp 3000 and on system info it says 5.03 MHU-6….hehehehe cool i think…=) mac spoof does not work…=(

    • ojconcentrate

      You mentioned your version now says MHU-6. mines one just Shows 5.03 MHU. is something wrong?


      • buricko69

        same w/ mine…hehe,

      • Pek2

        I think nothing is wrong..just mac spoofing..=)

  • benomius

    hey guys ^^
    can somebody tell me what plugin I need to instal to support ps1 games… :)
    my psp is PSP-2000 TA88v3+ …. costum firmware is 5.03 m33-6

    pls give me name of plugin and some good tutorial for that…

    TY! :D

  • buricko69

    i used 3.50 before, but im having problems loading PSX games so i switched again to CFWE 2.51.. it works great on playing PSX games.

    • buricko69

      i mean loading PSX games.. hehe..

  • 3001

    Question : If I have Gen A Currently installed, can i install this over it? just like that? no strings or complications whatsoever?

    • PSPFan

      Your mean 5.03 GEN-A right? Run CFWEnabler and use the uninstall function first. Reboot then run CFWEnabler 3.51

  • giojho

    how to update my CFW 3.50 to CFW 3.51?

    • PSP Homeland

      DL the 3.51 CFWEnabler, Turn off your PSP and run chickHEN. while in chicken mode go to CFW 3.5 on your PSP. Hold R and run CFW 3.5, a unistall will pop up, click unistall to the flash that you made using CFW 3.5. Connect you PSP and Delete CFW3.5 and replace it with 3.51.
      Disconnect PSP and run the 3.51.

      • giojho

        Thanks for the instructions.

      • giojho

        Uninstall is not showing when i Hold R and run CFW 3.5. is there a problem with my PSP?

      • PSP Homeland

        are you sure you are in chickHEN mode?

      • giojho

        yes i’m in chickhen mode. thanks. i already installed the CFW 3.51 by turn off my psp and reinstall again chickhen then run CFW 3.51 and the uninstall option appear in CFW 3.51 menu. Uninstall CFW 3.50 and install CFW 3.51. Thanks again for the help. Appreciated!!!

  • al-qarni

    “Run CFWEnabler and use the uninstall function first. Reboot then run CFWEnabler 3.51″ – PSPFAN

  • ronzky321

    spoofing still does not work. :(

  • s.snk3

    spoofing does work, create a file called ” spoofmac.txt ” in the root of your memory stick and inside write whatever you want your mac address to show on your psp.

  • haesslich

    I guess it’s time I switched to CFE. I am (and have been since release) running Gen-a, it’s been working great and I haven’t had any major issues so I’m reluctant to switch. I’m still waiting for an update to Gen-a :D if there isn’t one soon I suppose I’ll finally make the switch.

  • vaan0430

    i have a psp3004 which shipped with the OFW4.21. I have updated it to OFW5.03. Currently managed to load ChickHENR2 and Gen-A w/o problem. So can i switch to the CFWEnabler 3.51 on my psp3004 w/o bricking my psp3004? Do i need to uninstall CFW Gen-A b4 install CFWEnabler 3.51? If so, how do i uninstall Gen-A?
    Thnx in advance.

    Thanks to Davee & Team Typoon for the HEN!
    Thanks to Xenogears and becus25 for the CFWE!
    Thanks to whoever that hacked psp3000 for us!

    • ojconcentrate

      i had GENa for a couple of days before switching to CFWE. i just loaded cfwe and select write and install. it just worked fine. it seems to overwrite whatever file it writes to flash0.


  • ojconcentrate

    does CFWE 3.5 have an ‘uninstall’ function? can this option be accessed using a PSP3000?
    I just installed 3.51 and selected Flash and start and it worked fine.
    where would i find the uninstall option for this firmware on a psp3000?


  • TommyTheMachinegun

    can i play ps2 games on my psp with this or with GEN?

    • haesslich

      No, but you can play PS1 games.

  • ojconcentrate

    Since updating to 3.51 the system sometimes doesn’t go correctly into standby. it just happened twice and it need to run chickhen again!
    i’ll be going back to 3.50 for now.


  • Jeffski

    Is there any way to run cw cheats?? i can’t get it working

  • windmill

    can my psp 3000 play psx game with this cfwe 3.51 or 3.51..
    what is use of psar dumper..??
    coz when i download it sayz for psp 1000/2000 not for psp 3000..
    can someone plz explain to me..?? to play psx on my psp 3000 with this cfwe.. i change my cxmb/theme on my psp 3000,can this cfwe do that..?

    plzz help..
    i really confuse with all post and tutor that ive read..

  • Riku-J

    Hey guys I”m such a noob at this, I can’t even tell if i’m reading the right topic to get the hack to work, I got the 3000 but have a 5.51 version i just need instruction on how to get this custom firmwire working… plz help and reply to me asap

    • Riku-J

      Ah forget it I really am a noob, this is custom version 3.51! i’m looking for 5.51 man … i’m blind

  • elrique

    HI, I installed the cfw 3.51 on mt ta88 v.3 and it seems to do great but when I try to play a cso or iso game, it doesn’t work…. it just see the game, I press “x” and it looks like it’s starting but then it comes the “impossible to run the game” screen…

    the iso and cso work great on my other psp ta88 v.1 with cfw3.51

    anybody have a clue of this?
    thanks and sorry for bad english,
    El Rique from ITALY

    • akobaangchamp

      dude.. press select while in the xmb the choose m33 driver on the umd iso mode ..

  • windmill

    where i can get pops plugin..???

  • m33sam

    I still cant access psn………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. they need to work on that

  • xjc

    I don’t speak french. this version still locks up on me. 3.30 ran great, whatever was changed is causing lockups. I will say their not as bad but definably still happening. psp 3001
    I usually have lockups moving from videos/music then to games or it locks up after playing in the browser and then switching games.

  • vaan0430

    I’ve got psp3004 & i’ve change the firmware successfully from Gen-A to CFWE3.51. I do uninstall Gen-A b4 installing CFWE3.51, & it works fine with me. Can someone tell me what features does CFWE3.51 have?
    How do i access them, i mean what combination of buttons do i need to press to access it?
    So far i only noe the MHU VSH menu. Is there any different between 5.03 MHU and 5.03 MHU-6? Sorry for being noob here…

  • Pek2

    mac spoof is not working..can somebody tell me how to fix it??=)

  • m33sam

    I think the answer to the blocking of psn may be DAVEE!!!!. If he could put iso/cso support in chickhen, sony hasn’t blocked that. If he could release R3, that may be the answer……

  • asakuraasher

    good day everyone. i would like to ask if 2k needs to reinstall this again or just installing once is enough.since I’ve got 3k i do;nt know anything for 2k.

  • dilz8

    i tried to put chickHen R2 in and i done everything it told me but when i go to the pictures and click on it, it loads then freezes for about 10 seconds and switches off, i tried it more than a 1000 times but it still dont work and i got the official firmware 5.03 and my psp is psp-2003. can someone help me?

    • roburat

      Try to use a smaller size memory stick… like 1Gig or Less.

  • Sharo93

    Plz cab any one tell me if this will work on psp 3004 and 2004?

    and can anyone tell me if it is possible to get a hack to stay for ever on psp 2004 t88v3

  • Pek2

    CFWE 3.60 is already available on network update………hurry try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  • zamerick

    listen, i bricked my psp 3000.
    all it does is :green light, black screen,seconds later psp turns off.
    can someone please help.

    • vaan0430

      How do you brikck your psp3000? Is it when you try to load CFWE3.51?

  • zamerick

    NO vann0430, it was when i accidently deleted a file in the flash1

    can anyone help

  • Ryu67

    Hey i have a psp 3000 with CFW 5.03 MHU on it how do i get cxmb on this please help me????

  • Y-gesh

    I have install custum firware via chickhen in my psp

    but my friend has power off my psp

    this happen three time

    Installing Custom Firmware again and again via chickhen

    is there any chances of Briking or any damage to PSP

  • Y-gesh

    I have install custum firware via chickhen in my psp with cfwEnabler 1.0 can i install Custom Firmware Enabler 3.51 over CFWEnabler 1.0

  • reine

    how can i hack my psp 2K (psp2004 to be exact)
    please let me know

  • reine

    please do help me

  • BLUE


  • atulboss

    I was playing all my favorite games on my PSP2004 after modding it thru ChickenHEN and Custom Enabler 3.51. But from last few days I am experiencing weird result. Whenever I try to run the custom enabler after running it to ChicHEN, my PSP just shuts down. And goes back to official version mode when i restarts it. I had tried all measures to make it work. I tried the ChickenHEN R1, CHhickenHEN R2, Custom Enabler 3.50, Custom Enabler 3.51, but still it doens’t work. Can anyone help? or Am I missing something.


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  • Njomhil

    I put the custom firmware to the memory stick but it appears in the screen and it says “corrupted data” what should I do