Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 Released

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 Released

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 Released

Xenogears and becus25 have released Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50. This latest update brings us some improvements and bug fixes over 3.30.

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug with the game for the network infrastructure
  • Improved system for updating network.
  • Improved the Mac faking system
  • Improved system plugins
  • Enhanced the program’s inception, is now a second faster.
  • Improved the error handling on installation


Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 for ChickHEN R2, gives you M33-6 features on your TA-088v3+ And PSP-3000’s. You need to use ChickHEN R2 to load this CFW Enabler. And Official Firmware 5.03. Firmware 5.50 is NOT supported!

Help / Tutorials

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30+ Tutorial

Guide to running ChickHEN R2 & Homebrew on your PSP-3000 / TA88v3


Download: Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 for ChickHEN R2
(Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50 for ChickHEN R2 - 1.1 MiB - 60,321 Hits)

Download: PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00
(PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00 - 126.7 KiB - 43,012 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 739,348 Hits)

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  1. JSTHIR says:

    @ kenpachiroks: Im simply asking what dows this thhings DO, not how to install them… not helpfull for me…. just a simple layman’s term or such for this things will be fine for me…. im just new in this.

    QUESTION: What is PSARDumper? and What are Plugins??? what can you do with them or what can they do???

    • kenpachiroks says:

      @ justhir plugin is a type of add-on. It create extra capabilities to for an application……
      The services which the plug-in can use are provided by the host application…..
      PSRARdumper dumps the ofw module….it isn’t available for direct download as it results in some infringement…..the dumped files are needed by an application to load psx e-boots….

      • kenpachiroks says:

        and if you did read the tuto…he has mentioned their main functions. as you had put it “layman”

  2. JSTHIR says:

    @ kenpachiroks: and if you just simply MENTIONED what you replyed on my Post”50″ at FIRST it will be clear to me already…… zoinks! thnx

    • kenpachiroks says:

      i expected you to read n find out at least that much… bad….
      nyway glad it was of help…cos half knowlege will end up in a bricked psp.

      • JSTHIR says:

        yeah thats why im here asking, cause i dont wanna end up with a bricked psp… zoinks! tnx again.

  3. says:

    ok guys if youre a noob then at least search arround a little then if you dont find the answer then you ask a question this will also un-noob you after a while

    also is ultimate vsh menu working with tis or will u get a brick ive been locking arround for a while and no luck nobodys tried it

    • hummerh2 says:

      ultimate vsh menu doesnt work cos u have 2 restart your psp, which wont work becos it will make it ofw 5.03 agen

  4. JSTHIR says:

    Q: How can I do some Screen Shots?
    ive read a tutorial saying that “L+Note=Screenshot” on putting LE Recovery…… help here plsss…

  5. giojho says:

    what is psardumper? do i need to install it after chickhenR2 and CFW enabler 3.5 bcoz when i read the instruction for chickhenR2 and CFW enabler, psardumper is not included.

  6. auhckw says:

    PSP3k / PSP2k v3: Installing CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 & Custom Firmware Enabler 3.50

    01) Make sure your firmware is 5.03. If your firmware is above 5.03, then bad news, you CANNOT install custom firmware.

    02) Download:

    03) Extract into your PSP’s memory card.

    04) It should look like this:-
    \PSP\GAME\CFWEnabler\Pops\pops files here

    05) Now, the first thing you need to do is get ChickHEN up and running. Put your memory card into your PSP with the files loaded above.

    06) Turn off your PSP. Press and hold the off button till it shutdowns.

    07) Turn on your PSP.

    08) Go to your Photos menu and open the Memory Stick icon.

    09) You should see the ChickHEN folder. Press X on the ChickHEN folder. Once you are in the folder, immediately scroll all the way down (down button) and all the way up (up button) none stop and very very very quickly. Try not to pause.

    If your PSP screen suddenly goes weird and restarts, then you have successfully loaded ChickHEN. To check whether ChickHEN is loaded, go to your System Settings menu -> System Information -> System Software 5.03 ChickHEN R2

    If your PSP hangs or shutdown, then ChickHEN is dead and you need to go back to Step 06 till you get it right. Sometimes you may need to repeat these steps a few times before successfully loaded ChickHEN.

    10) Next, the second thing you need to do is get Custom Firmware Enabler (CFWEnabler) running. CFWEnabler enables you to play ISO/CSO games.

    11) Go to your Games menu and open the Memory Stick icon.

    12) You should now see CFWEnabler 3.50. Press X on the CFWEnabler.

    For the first time, in the CFWEnabler program, Click on “Flash and Start”. NOTE: This is only for the first time, you will not see this again if it is already installed.

    For the second time onwards, pressing X will just restart your PSP.

    13) Now you should have CFWEnabler successfully loaded. To check whether CFWEnabler is loaded, go to your System Settings menu -> System Information -> 5.03 m33-6

    14) You are now ready to go. Put ISO/CSO games into \ISO folder and it will appear in your Games menu.

    15) Once you have finished the game, just put your PSP into standby mode by pressing the off button quickly (don’t hold).

    16) If you have Off the PSP / changed battery / game crashed and shutdown, then go back to Step 06.

  7. ever_last says:

    hey guyz does CXMB works in CFWE 3.50……………….?

  8. ronzky321 says:

    how to fix the spoof Mac Address? In 3.5 it doesnt seem to work. ANd can someone teach me how to use the option version.txt?

  9. Khramian says:

    can any one teach how to play psx games through stuffs, i cant seem to crack it to work on my psp2004 v3mobo with 2.51 cwf enebler. i used psardumper but cant make it work. a hand plz.i want to play red alert old school stuff thingy. thank you.

  10. proton says:

    please explain how native? how to use the PSX / POPs game with CFE 3:50 , thanks !!!

    • kenpachiroks says:

      native means…it isn’t neccessary to decrypt the modules….but eboot conversion is a must(obv)

  11. loopeelew says:

    Hey all, wondering if someone could give me slightly simpler instructions on how to get iso/cso’s working. I have a PSP3000, ChickHenR2 ran fine and then i flashed CFE3.5 all ok. System version says 5.03 M33-6.

    I put all ISO files in an folder on the root of MS called ISO. The problem is they don’t show up in the XMB under Game>MS

    I read posts earlier with someone with very similar problems to me asking if they had flashed POPS before CFE3.5. I haven’t as i can’t find out what this is or what it means!

    All i know is that i have no plugins working at the moment as when i got into the plugins menu, screen pops up with:

    Not plugins detected.

    Hopefully some bright spark will be able to sort me out! Thanks in advance.

    • kenpachiroks says:

      do the isos show up before running cfwe 3.5? Try with another MS. Cos they should show up.
      pops is required for psx eboots.

      • loopeelew says:

        no, no ISOs show up. I have used the same MS on someones ‘pandora’ hacked PSPs and the ISOs show up and work fine…

      • loopeelew says:

        I have showed my ability as a true noob!
        I have fixed it now. I had the ISO files inside individual folders in the ISO folder…
        Hope that helps other noobs out, and also makes the experienced guys laugh a bit!
        Thanks for the help anyways guys!

      • says:

        good job dude (no sarcasm intended ) u just took one step away from noobness

  12. iblizsatan says:

    hello, i’m a newbie here, just want to ask few question, i’m currently using Psp 3k with chickHEN R2+CFWenabler 3.30.. The question is,is it safe to flash the “pops module” to my 3k?? or should i never “touch” that option… = )

  13. Makaveli2010 says:

    Quick question, does this allow us to use custom themes?

  14. Vibe says:

    I’ve installed ChickHen R2 and this CFW 3.50 successfully but i couldn’t play my games in the iso folder as it stated error 80020321…Could sum1 help me please.

  15. Philip87700 says:

    Press select on psp, change Umd iso driver from ‘normal’ to ‘m33 driver’, and u should b good to go

  16. BooYah says:

    Question Here: Anyone know how to ScreenShot on ISO/CSO game???

  17. TommyTheMachinegun says:

    there is CFWE 3.51 out
    but i think it is not permanent…

  18. Philip87700 says:

    Screenshot ? no i have no idea. U can try the Ultimate VSH Menu – Plugin, which has plugin option

  19. windmill says:

    i just want to know some featur of this cfwe..
    1.can it play ps1 or psx game…??
    2.can it use cxmb theme..??
    if can i just want to know what software is the best to make psx game eboot and theme for this cfwe..
    anyway i used psp 3005..

    • iblizsatan says:

      1. yes it can play PSX/PS1 games
      2.yup, cxmb can be use
      google or find it on youtube for more info.

      • windmill says:

        first thanks..
        but can you tell me how to play psx games..??
        when i instal this cfwe it needs plug in or popsloader..
        i read from other articles in this website..
        that it need psardumper..
        but when i download it it say not for psp 3000..??

        man i so confuse..
        plz help..

  20. fertdert says:

    i ve done evry thign in the totorial
    evrythign is fine
    just the friggin iso’s i put in keep showing as corrupted data
    is tht the file
    or is there sumthin rong
    cuz ive tried 2 dif isos

  21. yamaha_125 says:

    HI im new to this psp hacking. i have a psp 3003 and ive done the chicken r2 and have a loader to make it into gen-A and on the same memory stick i have cfwe 3.60 and 3.50 ,ok, when i run the cfwe 3.50 in my system psp system its says 5.03 m33 and when i run the cfw 3.60 its says in system 5.03 mhu 1, whats the differents ? and 2 , i can play EBOOT games when i run just gen-a but not ISO OR CSO .when i run the cfwe 3.50 or 3.60 i can only play ISO CSO ive tryed to play the EBOOT but it just turns off the psp , so i have all of this on me memory stick is there a way of combining them ie; (WHILE IN chickHEN ) can i boot up gen-a and play EBOOT games then without turning my psp off and starting again change it to cfw 3.60 or will that brick my psp ??? ive found this very intresting and am happy playing all the games since cracking it this is as far as ive got from hours of reading and testing but i dont know if i can run one over the top of the other
    PS. Also when running cfwe 3.50 i saw on a website that the person had to push select on the psp and change the setting from normal to m33 driver im wondering do i have to do that evey time i flash the drive from swiching from the loader (gen-a) back to 3.50 ???
    i would be well greatfull if u would help me with this . many thanks

  22. yamaha_125 says:

    Hi just alittle ajustment to the last message i wrote, my psp is 3003 on ofw 5.03 just want to thank u for having the web site really helpfull guys cheers

  23. yamaha_125 says:

    im just think did i ask the question above on the wrong page cos ive seen no feedback at all ????
    can ANYONE HELP PLEASE ????????

  24. invitado says:

    care nalga