Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 Released

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30

More updates and keep them coming as Xenogears and becus25 have released Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30. Another worthy update for us all. Also note that since CFW Enabler 3.2 we have native 5.03 pops support, so using the PSARDumper to decrypt the pops prx files isn’t really needed. Unless your after previous versions for some reason.

What’s new in Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30?

  • Improved menu options.
  • Fixed bug in network update.
  • Now you can change version.txt to 5.51.
  • Spoof Mac address in XMB.
  • Improved the ChickHEN patch system



Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 for ChickHEN R2, gives you M33-6 features on your TA-088v3+ And PSP-3000’s. You need to use ChickHEN R2 to load this CFW Enabler. And Official Firmware 5.03. 5.50 is NOT supported!

Help / Tutorials

Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 Tutorial

Kefler’s Complete GEN-A & CFWE Guide from Start to Finish w/ Screenshots

Guide to running ChickHEN R2 & Homebrew on your PSP-3000 / TA88v3


Download: Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 for ChickHEN R2
(Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 for ChickHEN R2 - 343.2 KiB - 59,637 Hits)

Download: PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00
(PSARDumper for Firmware 5.00 - 126.7 KiB - 43,012 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 739,348 Hits)

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  1. Shadowboricua says:

    Answers to a few things that keep coming back about the PSP-3000 and CFW:

    1. NO!!! You can’t downgrade your PSP-3000 from 5.5+ to 5.03. If you upgraded to 5.5+ then sorry, there is nothing you can do for now!
    2. NO!!!! The CFW (no matter which one GEN-A or 3.30) won’t stay loaded on your PSP-3000 if you turn off the system. If turning off the system switches off the CFW, imagine what taking the battery off would do!!! After you load your CFW if you want to keep it loaded just leave the PSP on sleep mode when not in use. If you turn it off you have to go through the CFW loading process.
    3. ISO/CSO files have to be on a root folder called ISO. Place your ISO/CSO files there and they should run as long as you have switched to “M33 driver” in the UMD ISO MODE under the VSH menu.
    4. I have checked Remote Play with GEN-A and it works, not sure about CFW 3.30. Can anyone confirm?

    Those who have the 5.03, ENJOY! If you bought a PSP-3000 recently, only the older core and Daxter bundles are likely to have OFW 5.03 or lower. The Rock Band Bundle is 5.50. If you got a PSP with 5.5, exchange it for a core system and almost certainly you will have 5.02. Only upgrade to 5.03 OFW by downloading from sites like this. Sony only offers 5.51 now!

    • PsP-brite says:

      there’s someone working on it(hacking psp 3000 ofw5.51)?
      teach me,to hack it.then i’ll try to hack psp 3000 ofw 5.51.i just buy this psp 3000 with ofw 5.51.i thought hack it as easy as iphone.
      hate this situation.AAAAAAAAAARGH………..(^_^)

  2. ommie says:

    what is the best option for cpu speed?i have default in the game and vsh …

  3. sam says:

    is the psn down right now?

    • Shadowboricua says:

      It should not be down. ChickHen R2 does not allow you to connect to the PSN store. You need to be running GEN-A or CFE for that under Hen R2.

  4. elandw says:

    so once i have this cfw enabler 3.30 loaded i can play psx games without psardumper or anything like that?anybody tried?

  5. ommie says:

    what is the good option to choose in ms speed up in vsh menu?plzzz help

  6. blikz19 says:

    can you run ctf themes on it?

  7. Joedakeys says:

    HEY, where did evryone go? To the Iphone Dev Team Blog? I understand. Today is the big day!

  8. Vansen says:

    Right.!! all to the iphone dev team blog HA

  9. H.A.C.K. says:


  10. squall0833 says:

    I got my psp3000 hacked with ChickHEN R2 + 5.03 Gen A,

    If i gonna use this CFWEnable 3.30, how do I uninstalling my genA?

    They always warn do not touch flash0, you may get a brick

    • Shadowboricua says:

      How to install CFW 3.30 if you already have 5.03 GEN-A:

      1. Turn off your PSP
      2. Turn on your PSP
      3. Start ChickHEN R2
      4. Connect PSP to PC
      5. Copy necessary CFWE 3.30 files to your memory stick
      6. Press (O) to exit USB Mode
      7. Scroll over to your Game menu and find the CFWEnabler 3.30 icon
      8. Start up CFWEnabler 3.30
      9. Select the “Uninstall” option to uninstall GEN-A files from your flash0 to keep it clean.
      10. Select “Flash and Start”
      11. Wait for it to finish.
      12. Select “Yes” when promted to reboot into CFW
      13. Enjoy and don’t remove ANY of CFWEnabler files from your memory stick or rename them.
      14. DO remove the GEN-A files from your memory stick.

      • squall0833 says:

        so the option Uninstall in CFWe3.30 does uninstall gen a files??

        that make sense, thanks alot,:)

  11. squall0833 says:

    Oh, wait,

    Any big differences between GEN a and CFWEnabler 3.30 ?

    I knew you can’t play PSX games on CFWEnabler, so how about those bugs in GEN-a?

    CFWEnabler has the same bugs?

  12. Pield says:

    With this CFW, can I run CFW themes? cos with GEN-A Full it wasn’t possible. Plz tell me if it’s possible n_n

  13. squall0833 says:

    if you meant Custom Theme,

    I heard that you must not use it on modded PSP3k, it touches the flash0, which can BRICK you psp3k

    it’s better not to try that, becase we don’t have a way to unbrick psp3k right now

  14. Pield says:

    Thanx 4 the answer.
    Now I have a big problem that I searched on internet an i didn’t find an answer, I downloaded an iso Japanese game, EVANGELION JO, but when i start the game the psp shows an ERROR and says that “the game could not be started (80020321)’ and this happens only with this game. I have an UMD inserted an the CFW 5.03 M33-6 installed on my psp 3000.
    PLZ someone help, lots of ppl wants to know how to fix that…

  15. Kid says:

    Just change the UMD ISO driver to M33 or Sony…

  16. Kid says:

    You can change it at the VSH menu by pressing select at the XMB.

  17. john_2003 says:

    Is Ultimate VSH menu 2.00 compatible to CFWE 3.3? Can it brick my psp if i install this one?

  18. bkost says:

    Can i use the CWcheat 2.20 plugin with the CFWE 3.30 ?

  19. Pield says:

    I changed te UMD ISO mode to m33 and sony… but the error “the game could not be started (80020321)’ continues showing and only with that game dunno why, plz another answer… help me i really wanna play that game :S

  20. Syu says:

    Strange… my Suikoden was working fine with CFWE 3.01. After i update to this CFWE i can’t run it anymore and it will hang, cant even access the game. Anybody got an explanation for that?

    • Kefler says:

      Yeah, you more than likely flashed the old pops prx files when you installed 3.01.
      You will have to flash the newer pops prx files back to the flash from 5.03 ofw.

      You can find the tutorial in the user help thread somewhere.

      • Syu says:

        Oh i see. What makes this CFWE superior than 3.01? From the list i see above, looks like nothing much ( i have no reason to spoof my mac address or fake my OFW) so i’d more likely stick with my 3.01 now. Until they release a permanent CFW, probably.
        Oh one more question. Can my current CFWE 3.01 play chrono cross? I looked it up in the compatibility list and it listed ways of workaround for m33-3 to m33-6, but with CFWE 3.01 its only m33. Can i assume that it means m33-1. Anyone tried? I haven’t downloaded the eboot to try yet.
        If it can’t work then maybe i’ll update to this CFWE and apply workaround for m33-6….

  21. john_2003 says:

    Is Ultimate VSH menu 2.00 compatible to CFWE 3.3? Can it brick my psp if i install this one? Can you reply on this one? pls.

  22. […] 3000 cfw? I have installed ChickHEN R2 on my PSP 3004. Bit confused about which CFW to use. Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30 Released – Download Custom Firmware Enabler 3.30, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim … or 5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware released! 5.03GEN-A Custom Firmware for PSP-3000's, PSP Hacks – […]

    • john_2003 says:

      Can i use Ultimate VSH menu 2 with cfwe 3.3 installed in my psp (3001)? What other plugins compatible with psp 3001 with cfwe 3.3?

  23. psp2002 says:

    what about psp 2002 the 2008 model

  24. psp3000 says:

    Okay, I know I wasn’t supposed to turn off the psp when the cfwe3.3 is loaded, and I tried to prevent it. But I thought my psp was plugged into the DC outlet when playing, and it died. Now, as I expected, it reverted back to the official 5.03 firmware. ChickHEN R2 and CFWE 3.3 both still show up in the memory stick of PHOTO and GAME, respectively. Yet, when I try to reload ChickHEN R2 from PHOTO, my psp keeps freezing and shuts off, rather than booting up. Since I’m obviously doing something wrong, can anybody help me out? Is it possibly because I still have CFWE 3.3 on the PSP that ChickHEN R2 won’t work? Thanks in advanced for any help.

    • Shadowboricua says:

      It is hard sometimes to get ChickHen to run again. If I loose Hen R2 due to a reboot or loss of power, I usually plug it back to USB on my computer and delete the file called Egghunt.bin (or something like that). After I do that I unplug from the USB, turn off the PSP and then turn it on again and try to get ChickHen R2 running. It usually still takes a few times but it works for mein about 2 to 5 tries. I do all of these things with my AC adapter plugged to the PSP. Try it…

      • psp3000 says:

        Sweet…thank you for the reply. It worked perfectly…I wish I would’ve saw your reply before reading like a 100 comments (mostly complaining about ofw 5.5), scanning through the forums, and using the search engine- using like 20 different word combinations (all coming up with different results). I had only found one post related to my inquiry and it had like five other unnecessary steps compared to your “just delete the egghunt.bin file.” Though the related post did include that step, so it wasn’t a complete sham, it seems to just complicate things. Anyways enough rambling, thank you for the reply…I’m sure others who read it are also appreciative.

    • PROUD2B2KTA88V3 says:

      try to put chiken 1.0 then upgrade to 3.30 it migth fix the problem

  25. elandw says:

    @psp3000, try also setting your psp to default settings. then try again. might take a couple of times but not very long if done correctly.

    • psp3000 says:

      Thank you for your reply. I had done the restore default setting quite a few times, but when I kept trying to load ChickenHEN it still froze. I think as the above poster said, you need to delete the egghunt.bin and then restore default settings. I’m not sure what egghunt.bin does, in case someone like kefler could enlighten us, but I think it is associated with cfwe 3.30 since it later reappears after loading it. Again thank you for the reply.

      • Shadowboricua says:

        I’m glad it worked. I don’t do the Restore defaults anymore because I hated having to restore my settings again. The Egghunt.bin trick seems to work fine. Glad it helped you.

  26. scir says:

    for those having problems with chickhen r2 loading the best way is to follow the step by step below!!:

    =1.restore default settings in your psp
    =2.remove umd disc
    =3.turn on wi-lan
    =4.go to photo ( only 2 photo aside from chick hen is needed! *any picture will do as long as its only 2) chick hen tiff image
    =6. scroll down as fast as you can all the way down before the images appear.
    =7. viola chicken r2!

    * works every 1st try. ^_^

  27. john_2003 says:

    Can anyone tried installing seplugins (i.e. ultimate vsh menu) on psp 3000 with cfwe 3.3? Will it brick your psp?

  28. Rahul says:

    hey is there any other files other than the 1 in the download link for CFWenabler if it is ther . how can i use it?
    and also tell me whether u need original memory stick for ChicKHen R2 to work plz help me……..

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