Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.4 / LCFW ME v1.4 released


Updated 15/Sept: Nuer0n has updated these CFW’s to version 1.4. Whats changed:

Fixed USB Connect in Recovery menu.(05g only).
Update VshMenu.

You can download the updated 1.4 version below.

Neur0n has released Custom Firmware 6.60 LCFW / CFW version 1.3  builds. The Lite verions is for non flashable PSP like the PSP-3000 and PSP Go series. All original fat and slim models (PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 Not TA0v88v3) go with the Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.3 non lite build. Thats a perm firmware for your flashable system.

LCFW / Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.3 Changelog:


  • Added Backup/Restore Netconfig option in Recovery menu.
  • Fixed a bug when Use VshMenu while using RemotePlay, Skype, 1seg and PSN-store.


Source: Neur0n


Download: Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.4
(Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.4 - 462.2 KiB - 25,316 Hits)

Download: Lite Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.4 (LCFW)
(Lite Custom Firmware 6.60 ME 1.4 (LCFW) - 757.4 KiB - 20,757 Hits)

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  1. Edgardodelacruz1999 says:

    go it now then what do I do after i dowloaded it.??

  2. n0it says:

    Does this work with psp3001? And without Pandora Battery?

  3. m0ke says:

    it is not permanent every time i shut it off,it is no longer there

  4. Kylerussell106 says:

    were do i save it to on my psp

  5. Ghervic Villarin says:

    my psp wont turn on after i install the CFW

  6. Ghervic Villarin says:

    what the hell happened?
    pls reply…. need help… T-T huuhuhuhu…

  7. Akhilreddy says:

    its cool

  8. Baraahariri2012 says:

    its coooooooooool

  9. does it work on psp 3001? ASAP