Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 and 6.60 ME-1.5 (FAT & Slim)


Neur0n is back with a couple of minor updates here for his Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 and 6.60 ME 1.5. Both changelogs are the same . Whats new? We now have a new CPU clock 199/99. And a big fix when saving the VSHMenu config. Neur0n also optimized the patching process.

Remember that the Light versions are for you guys that can’t flash full firmware. For example you have a PSP Go or PSP-3000.
Non llights version are for you PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 (non TA88v3+ guys)

CFW 6.39 ME-9.6 / CFW 6.60 ME 1.5 changelog:

- Added CPU clock to 199/99.
– Fixed a bug in save config When VSHMenù.
– Optimizing the patch.

Test installation made
​​from 4.01M33 -> OK
On 5.00m33 -> OK
From 5.50GEN-D3 -> OK (edit version.txt)
From 5.50Prometheus -> OK (edit version.txt)
From 6.20TN-D -> OK
From 6.37ME -> Error
From 6.38ME -> OK
From 6.39ME -> OK
From 6.20PRO-B4 -> Error
From 6.35PRO-B4 -> Error
From 6.20PRO-B5 -> OK
From 6.35PRO-B5 -> OK
From 6.39PRO-B6 -> OK .: Installation :.

Source: Neur0ns twitter

Download: Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6
(Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 - 460.9 KiB - 23,303 Hits)

Download: Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6
(Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 - 757.2 KiB - 12,091 Hits)

Download: Light Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.5
(Light Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.5 - 758.5 KiB - 17,873 Hits)

Download: Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.6
(Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.6 - 468.4 KiB - 123,915 Hits)

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  1. follower says:

    nice work neuron

  2. Anyo says:

    I love neuron

  3. SoraJr. says:


  4. AceofSpace says:

    Great update :D

  5. lolsolol says:

    Honestly… I can’t even begin to describe the hell that is the online world of psp gaming. No I am not a jealous bastard without CFW, I had a 2000 m-33-6 and 2 3000s w/ PRO B-6. There isn’t any point to hacking it anyways since the PSVITA’s release is going to be soon. I really don’t like the idea of them hacking the vita because there are the coders that WILL make harmful online codes and ruin PSVITA’s online gaming community. If it was possible to have CFW and not have online codes at all, then I would be all for the hacking but sadly there are those that make and exploit those online codes ruining and prying apart the gaming experience. The people reading this probably doesn’t give a crap or wants me to burn but I have a good point, do I not?

    • SoraJr. says:

      Yeah you do, but I’m not a online person. So? . .

    • Ralph says:

      Um, not only do the creators of CFW REALLY dislike cheating, but even XLink Kai’s community will ban your ass for cheating.
      Try knowing stuff before you say something retarded.

    • AceofSpace says:

      @lolsolol, I fully agree with you. The PSVita’s flash should stay untouched and left as is. We are already having a lot of fun and cheating with the PSP’s we have now. The only thing I want to use are plugins for single player gaming and a custom BMB (Bubble Media Bar). But people are people. If they find an opportunity to do something that they should not, their gonna do it. Coder’s are already finding a way to hack it. And about the online gaming, their shouldn’t be any hacks. People already had codes that freezes up your PSP when they enable it. People were curious on how this was done, so they asked for the code, got the code, used the code, and the process started over and the code spread messing up the whole online gaming. On the PSVita, I hope that you will have to have a code for the certain game to play it online. Also the people getting mad at you only wants the coders to see that SOMEONE wants a hacked PSVita. They are trying to motivetae the hackers to hack the PSPVita. More insults and online hackers are sure to come.

  6. DarkShadow says:

    Nice one, I am still going to be using 6.60 God III since I think its a cool cfw.

    • ukinam paylang says:

      GOD-III is a fake CFW it is not really made by DJGodman but directly came from TEAM PRO’s source with alot of strings changed to name after him… he is one pathetic faker and self proclaimed psp dev.
      If you follow him on twitter, you will see him posting and asking for Neur0n’s help.
      Not only that he also violated GPL for saying it is his work and not giving any credits to TEAM PRO.
      If you made something out of PRO’s source then you need to comply with the license otherwise you will face legal acitons such as your link will be removed from any website like Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN-E and 6.39 TN-A using Bubbletunes GPLed gamecategories without releasing the source.
      Few days later HacKmaN released xmbctrl(TN settings) source at to comply with the license.

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  8. I says:

    uhh lolsolol youre right
    ill go without cfw on vita since it has features good enough for me

  9. KaoZ says:

    6.39 ME-9.6 and 6.60 ME what the difference?

  10. renso says:

    how about 6.20? any final ver.?

  11. capzulu says:

    hey guys,
    I have a PSP 3004 pb with 6.20 TN-E, what CFW do you recommend installing?

  12. Jud8 says:

    So… LCFWs are 100% safe, right? Since they don’t flash your PSP or anything. I’m just making sure since I was thinking about using the LCFW 6.60 ME on my PSP E1000 as soon as it arrives.

    Of course I hope that it’ll work.

    • Jud8 is a troll says:

      You can’t even fight in real life, Troll.
      your little insult you made “Lol no UMD drive thingie lol” >:) Pay back is a 8icth ain’t it troll

  13. Gee says:

    how do i permanently patch this on my psp go n1001

  14. skylinekid17 says:

    Wow will try this from 4.01 M33-2…I hope my PSP doesn’t brick like last time. I don’t understand why because I have the PSP FAT motherboard TA-79. My original TA-88 motherboard, the connection clip for the screen broke lol. I never had any trouble with the TA-88. Thanks NeurOn. Will post my results here. I am currently using 5.00 M33-6 and the PSN_Lover.prx to go online Socom FireTeam Bravo 3. Can’t wait for the AD-Hoc multi-player infrastructure mod.

  15. Neur0n says:

    Hi guys have fun i hope you enjoy

  16. Areef says:

    Great job man..

  17. Greatman says:

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  18. TheSapper says:

    I have PSP 3000 with 09g and 6.20 PRO-series Custom FirmWare. Can I upgrade with the new 6.60 ME-1.5 from this topic but NOT the light version and the full?

  19. Matt the Rat says:

    Why doesn’t anybody hacked PSP 07g? Is there any NEW Games in PSPs? All I’ve got is the OLD Games, 1year, 2year, 3years. No more PSPs Games Developers Out There?

  20. OhYeah says:

    Hi, It’s been months since the last time I looked on this site, currently I still have 6.20 TN HEN-E, any suggestion on which cfw, lcfw, pro-b and other stuffs it is good to upgrade to?

  21. Matt the Rat says:

    Why doesn’t anybody hacked PSP 07g? Is there any NEW Games in PSPs? All I’ve got is the OLD Games, 1year, 2year, 3years. No more PSPs Games Developers Out There?

  22. BaizePSP says:

    If anyone is wondering witch cfw is better…… its all up to the user…. right now i have 6.39 Me 9.6 on both my psp 2001 and 3001…. the 3001 has the light version of course for all the noobs. Anyway they both run great….. the vsh color change and edit mode is awsome… neur0n is the BoSS for CFW ….. everyone should support this developer cause he is making a huge change to the CFW scene. much props neur0n and everything you hear about the GOD firmware is most likely true he did branch off of the PRO teams cfw……. the PRO cfw is said that it ran faster then the ME cfw but who really cares when the ME vsh menu has more optoin meaning you almost never have to go into recovery…… ya’ll know what im mean…..

  23. warlord says:

    Please help… Anybody tried the psp savestate plugin on 6.6 me? it works on 6.39me9.5 but when i upgrade it to 6.6 me1.5 it doesn’t work anymore.

    i downgrade it back to 6.39me9.5 and it works again.

    Thanks neuron for the great cfw

  24. abchrisabc says:

    my psp is bricked thanks :-(/

  25. Toughnumber says:

    If ur psp is bricked use a pandora battery

  26. Prosy says:

    My psp bricked, i have psp 2000. how can i recover it without pandora?

  27. jud8 says:

    See this is why we have hackers on multiplayer games and this is why Big game company’s go out of business cause of you idiot hackers always pirate games witch cost the devs and the company’s money
    …you know what im telling sony about this site, let them know its full of pirated games so the host of the this website goes to jail

    • Thonglover says:

      Dude we may make hacks but we make em so we to more stuff with the psp like custom XMB menus manage files And sony they can careless about homebrews,cuase there’re worried about people pirating their games, But do you see ANY official sony game here on pspslimhacks? Well i don’t see any thing, all i see is homebrews and emulators And that ” this is why we have hackers on multiplayer games” Not our fault nor problem cause you got people out there who know how to create thier own hacks and plus hackers make hacks for other people. Next time Jud8, think before you post something this stupid.

  28. AceofSpace says:

    @jud8, I don’t think that you have any sense. This site has been up for more than 5 years while sony already knew about CFW. If you wanna take this site down, take down the whole CFW community. Not every website are pirate-bound, its the USER’s responsibity. I wonder how you found g “PSP hacking, pirating, illegal” website…What you search for? Free games?? With that said, you anti-hackers do yall and us hackers are gonna do us.

  29. maneddyawesome says:

    hey guys this is my first time trying to hack my psp…im a nooob :)
    do u need a pandoras battery for this cfw?

  30. vikrant says:

    How do i play interactive video ISO on the VSH menu, it does not seem to detect the iso

    • datsui says:

      u need to bring up the VSHMenù and moun the image and u might need a UMD to get it run any one will do

  31. Singaporean says:

    Is This Version After The 5.50 Prome-4?

  32. Nikirta says:

    Hi, i want to ask how can i upgrade my psp (5.50 GEN D3) to latest 6.60 ME-1.5? im totally noob in this, some said that i need to downgrade my software to 5.00 m33-6 and after i’ve had my psp installed with m33-6 then i need to download the OFW of 6.60 ME and run the file on my psp along with the 6.60 me updater or something.. im afraid if my psp get screwed.. help.. thanks.. :)

    • HeyPSP!!! says:

      Well….. Here’s what you NEED to do. First, go to recovery menu by pressing the Right Trigger or R button then when your there go to Configuration then look for XMB USB Device… now tap X until it changes to flash 0 then afterwards go a little bit down and you’ll see the option Use version.txt once again tap X then exit recovery mode. (By pressing circle and selecting EXIT) Now on connect your PSP to your Computer then go to your PSP’s drive (The Removable Disk) then in that you’ll see NOT the same folders you are used to seeing. Now go to tools then folder options then view then uncheck Hide Windows Applications or whatever then there would be an error that would pop up just click yes then go a little bit up and you’ll see the option Show hidden Files and Folders check it then click apply and ok. Now go to the folder named etc now in that folder you’ll see a file named version open that up and change the release thing
      it says 9.90 so just change it to 5.50 and exit your USB Mode. Go back to recovery and change it back to the way it was and viola!!! 6.60 ME -1.5 is ready to be installed.

  33. DJ SaaD says:

    hey i have psp 2003 and its fully hackable i m on 6.20 Pro-B9 i want to be on 6.60 or 6.39 but i need more information do i have to download the OFW please could someone tell me the whole procedure bcz i dont wanna brick my psp and if unfortunately i did it then it would cost me alot of money here where i m right now so please help me

  34. Bombar says:

    I have psp 2000 with 5.00 m33 data code 7C, i want to update to 6.60 ME, how do i install it and wich one of the 4 downloads i need?

  35. Dj says:

    First some of you just need to read a tutorial or follow the instructions given to install the cfw. if you are unsure and have a psp that can use a pandora battery get one they are cheap enough if not then don’t do it cause you will only complain your psp is bricked and blame the dev. Second to all those who are anti-cheat grow up if people want to cheat why do you feel the need the bitch about it. Third and last if people want the PSVITA let them not like its going to cause you problems its not even out yet and there are people bitching leave it be till it comes out then decide not now its like saying you dont like a game before the developer has finished it.
    feel free to ignore this or agree i dont care up to you.

  36. deva says:

    need pandora bat to upgrade?

  37. Nooby says:

    hey guys,may i asked something…. im using now OFW 6.39…when I run 6.60 PRO- B updater…. black screen will display and it says, “Sorry, this program doesn’t support your FW (0x06030910)”….please help…cause i don’t know what to do..

  38. pinoytechno says:

    thanks to the coders :) more more power

  39. pinoytechno says:


  40. vince says:

    hi guys is it compatible with psp 3003? TIA

  41. Ashish says:

    Hey i am new to this…..can u help how to install it… i have psp slim.!

  42. lilpimp says:

    hey guys will the 6.60 work on my psp 3000 6.60? if it can which one the lite one or the other plz respod fast

  43. mike says:

    downloaded the 6.6 firmware and could not access my games anymore…i use psp fat, pls help with steps

  44. mike says:

    downloaded the official 6.6 firmware and could not access my games anymore…i use psp fat, pls help with steps…can i re-upgrade to ur custom firmware? for my games sake pleassse

  45. iPsp says:

    ok help plz i have a psp 3004 i have 5.03 genc full working can i download this firmware or will i brick my psp or should i update my orginal firm ware plzz help :S

  46. maevian says:

    this is some serious crap, tried it and it doesn’t work with my pandora battery, it won’t start. so I have to unpandorize my batt or go back to 5.00 m33
    i guess i’ll go back to m33

  47. YaZ says:

    wish this was for the E1000 sounds good

  48. emanuel says:

    eu quero um haker 660

  49. just put update folder in game,, runinstaller from xmb, and waala.