Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 and 6.60 ME-1.5 (FAT & Slim)


Neur0n is back with a couple of minor updates here for his Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 and 6.60 ME 1.5. Both changelogs are the same . Whats new? We now have a new CPU clock 199/99. And a big fix when saving the VSHMenu config. Neur0n also optimized the patching process.

Remember that the Light versions are for you guys that can’t flash full firmware. For example you have a PSP Go or PSP-3000.
Non llights version are for you PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 (non TA88v3+ guys)

CFW 6.39 ME-9.6 / CFW 6.60 ME 1.5 changelog:

- Added CPU clock to 199/99.
– Fixed a bug in save config When VSHMenù.
– Optimizing the patch.

Test installation made
​​from 4.01M33 -> OK
On 5.00m33 -> OK
From 5.50GEN-D3 -> OK (edit version.txt)
From 5.50Prometheus -> OK (edit version.txt)
From 6.20TN-D -> OK
From 6.37ME -> Error
From 6.38ME -> OK
From 6.39ME -> OK
From 6.20PRO-B4 -> Error
From 6.35PRO-B4 -> Error
From 6.20PRO-B5 -> OK
From 6.35PRO-B5 -> OK
From 6.39PRO-B6 -> OK .: Installation :.

Source: Neur0ns twitter

Download: Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6
(Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 - 460.9 KiB - 23,301 Hits)

Download: Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6
(Lite Custom Firmware 6.39 ME-9.6 - 757.2 KiB - 12,087 Hits)

Download: Light Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.5
(Light Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.5 - 758.5 KiB - 17,873 Hits)

Download: Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.6
(Custom Firmware 6.60 ME-1.6 - 468.4 KiB - 123,891 Hits)

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  1. Bhazy says:

    where do u put it in which folders

  2. Andrew Strouble says:

    wow custom firmware for psp 3000 nice job 5 stars

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  4. keinth says:

    wow tnks

  5. just did -easy chickhen cfw installer without pandora- before i update to this one are there any other updates i need to or can i just udate to this right away? ive been out of psp hacing for quite some years and remember that for some updates you had to do previous updates before being able to do the one you wanted. (fw 5.03, then getting m33 cfw) thanks in advance.

  6. Babybench21_87 says:

    neuron thank you very much! now i can play my games on my xmb… my psp will be use now hehehe… god bless you!

  7. Got a issue with an old psp not that i care to fix it, Just curious if anyone else is having a similar problem. psp 1001 tried from 550 genD3 to a brick. Then to 5.00m33 to infinite loop 6.60 install, @ 99% then back to 84% . I think its psp funeral time RIP old psp.

  8. anonymous says:

    does it work on psp 3004??? pls reply ASAP