Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v2 Released for PSP-2000 + PSP-1000


Update #2: Neur0n has posted Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v2 for PSP-1000 & PSP-2000 models (Non ta088v3) Changes included:

Added M33driver and OEdriver

Update: Neur0n has updated his Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v1 which now works on the PSP-1000 (aka PSP Fat) The download is located below. Remember to read the readme.txt!

Neuron has released Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v1 for PSP-2000. Its for those that want the latest firmware version and CFW at that on their slim. Make sure you have a Pandora battery handy incase of bricks. This ones got a nice cool dual boot feature too, if you want OFW 6.38 just hold down the home button when you boot your PSP. Oh and you’ll need OFW 6.38 which was just released a few days ago. Downloads below.

CFW 6.38 Minimum Edition for PSP2000 by neur0n
— What is this?–
This is CFW work on PSP2000.

The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.

–How to Install–
First, you need to install CFW or HEN(ex. 5.00M33 , 6.20TN , 6.35PRO-B3 , 6.37ME ) in your PSP.

1. copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
2. Put 6.38 official update at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/638.PBP .
3. Run installer from xmb.

— features —
Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW.

— Credit —
This CFW is based Dark_AleX’s 5.00M33.
And usbdev.prx is his own.

— First release.

Source: Neur0n’s Twitter

Download: Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v2 for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000
(Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v2 for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 - 450.6 KiB - 33,862 Hits)

Download: PSP Firmware 6.38 (For non PSP Go systems)
(PSP Firmware 6.38 (For non PSP Go systems) - 30.2 MiB - 35,279 Hits)

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  1. DualPSPUser says:

    Hey there guys, I was just curious for the PSP 1000 release of 6.38 ME v2 how is the 1.50 kernel addon compatibility with it? Will homebrew for 1.50 run on it without installing the addon? Or is the 1.50 kernel addon still necessary?
    Thanks again for any reply’s.

  2. nis says:

    cwcheat works confirmed

    can someone please update the xmb icon maneger and pspconsole plugin to work with this

  3. Fenrios Senju says:

    Never mind what i said earlier, it was my html_viewer plugin and my cxmb for M33- 6 that caused the black screen on rebot. All i had to do was load the recovery menu and disable them and it works like a charm All i have to say is THANKS!!!! NeurON for giving me this awesome gift i appreciate not having patch a damn thing!!!! ( no iso patching is required anymore, i tested it on god eater Burst) so hellz yeah and it makes my emulators run faster oh man

  4. TPAXTOP says:

    I`ve updated my FAT PSP with 6.38 V2. But with no luck. I got 80020148 error on Peggle, Patapon 3 & God Of War. I tried different drivers but… Any suggestions? Flash1 & Flash2 are formated. No additional plugins.

    • TPAXTOP says:

      also – ISOs are unmodified.

      • Hythide says:

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  5. TPAXTOP says:

    Found that it`s very important to ENABLE Advanced > Advanced Config > Excute OPNSSMP.bin
    Everything turned to run! It`s AWESOME. Except PEGGLE. Seems like there`s a problem running PSN rips,

  6. Adraymus says:

    Is it possible to make a pandora battery when 6.38 me CFW has been installed. When I had 5.50 GEN there was a settting in the VSH that allowed this to be done.

    • Fenrios Senju says:

      Naw you can’t but if you go download psp tool from downloads section on here you can make one pretty easy it takes about 5 minutes. Simply put the 5.OO EBOOT in the root of yer mem stick and rename it to 500.PBP and then run psp tool on your psp from the game section and go to memory stick options then choose create magic memory stivk and choose ddc8 and when it runs it’s gonna ask you near the end to change battery serial, choose yes then hold the left trigger( trust me the left trigger is the best button to choose) then you’re done. You’ll now have a mms and a pandora batterry woot

      • Brandon says:

        i was just wondering if when you pandorise your battery it can be changed back to normal and does the magic memory stick still work as a normal memory stickor do i have to get a new one. sorry about the really noob questions.

  7. Jhaycee says:

    i found a bug in NBA2k11 not working and my system will experiencing hung to my system and it will auto reboot

  8. Katx says:

    Is there a way to change my firmware to this after upgrading to ofw 6.38?

  9. PSXMan says:

    Great CFW and all but I switched back to 5.00M33 to play PSX games again, if you don’t play psx on psp then this is the best cfw out there, I’ll come back to this one when it has psx support.

  10. lost says:

    hi. is there anyway to downgrade from ofw 6.38 to other ofw after i update to 6.38?

  11. nis says:

    game categories light is freezing at sub folder option
    does zero rco patcher work with this

    • maxxie says:

      That happened to me. I think the problem might be one of your plugins. The problem for me was Bookr and it wouldn’t load the game menu at all.

      • nis says:

        nope i dont think so game categories light is always freezing at subfolders
        even when other plugins are disabled

      • neuronFAN says:

        i have psp 2004, with 6.37 OFW, is there a way i can upgrade to 6.38 CFW?? i dont have pandora battery and mms atm.

    • free marc emery says:

      if plugins arent the issue then boot into recovery menu, go to configuration, make sure hide pic0/pic1, network update, version txt,skip sony logo, hide corrupt icons, hide mac adress, and fake region are all DISABLED, then reboot. it should work fine after that, at least it did on both my 1000s one with me the other with me-2

      • nis says:

        yeah it works but life without plugins???
        i would rather deal with the freezing bug
        i own a psp phat does this bug occur on a slim

  12. nis says:

    does the xmb icon maneger plugin work with this it did not work for me
    xmb eboots loader sucks

  13. says:

    what is better to have: ME or TN?

    • xXRagnarokXx says:

      It works on ps1 and iso to me don’t see any bug if u lag try to put it on np9660 my cheat works fine to

  14. hitman says:

    Hello ppl,,
    me and my brother both have psp 2001 and there same….
    when i booted it in a few minutes it was finished to 6.38 me,,,
    but when i booted it in my bros psp, it said that u already have installed
    fw 9.99 so no need to install!!! PLS HELP!!!!
    before BOTH the psp’s were 5.50 prome-4!!!!!
    p.s- i also booted in my cousins psp 1000, and it got an extra option x-rader portable….

    • Fenrios Senju says:

      You gotta open his vsh men, select usb mode flash 0, then connect his psp to his comp and go to the folder vsh/etc/version txt and change the 9.90 to 5.00 then save changes and exit, disconnect psp from comp and run me2 installer again and it’ll work

    • xXRagnarokXx says:

      change ur memory stick to flash o then enter usb for change your version there

  15. DuLe22 says:

    What’s the difference between 6.38 ME v2, CFW 6.20 PRO-B5, and CFW 6.35 v21?

    • cyberangel22k says:

      Try them. First 6.20 PRO-B5, then Update to 6.35 v21, you can also try 6.35 PRO-B5 on 6.35 v21 (that’s my current FW so i can switch between PIL and Inferno mode), then update to 6.38 ME-2. You will see their differences.

    • cyberangel22k says:

      PS: you should have a pandora handy so you can easily downgrade abck if you don’t like it…^^

    • cyberangel22k says:

      PS: you should have a pandora handy so you can easily downgrade back if you don’t like it…^^

  16. hitman says:

    @fenrios thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it worked perfectly!!!!!!
    btw what country are u from????

    • Fenrios Senju says:

      I’m from the US. The reason it was on 9.90 is to prevent accidental ofw updates if you don’t have a pandora lol

  17. Dagz says:

    okay, so i updated to this from 5.5 prometheus. only problem is that it doesnt seem to work. System Information shows 6.38 (not “6.38 ME”) after upgrading, L+Cold boot does nothing, Home+Cold boot same too. It does turn off all of at a sudden at random when i do either of them. no plugins installed.

  18. neuronFAN says:

    i have psp 2004, with 6.37 OFW, is there a way i can upgrade to 6.38 CFW?? i dont have pandora battery and mms atm.

    please help =(

  19. Ken says:

    ok my current slim psp has 5.00m33. If i was to update to one of these new firmware, which would be the safest, best, and most stable firmware to go to that would let me do everything i do on m33. Oh and how and what do i need to do before i do this?

    • Fenrios Senju says:

      Try using the 6.38 ME cfw’s out. I’m using 6.38 ME-2 for the psp phar and it rocks cuz of the ability to run freshly ripped backup games without the need to patch, it has the m33 iso driver, sony np9660, OE isofs, and me driver. It will be able to access psn when it comes back online apnd running the 6.xx kernel makes games load faster and run more smoothlt in addition to making emulators and etc run faster due to the improvements in memory stick handling in the 6.xx kernel so try 6.38 ME if you have a pandora, if you don’t download psp tool 1.00 and make one from your psp just incase u don’t like it and wanna change back. Sure it’s not all hoppef up on plugins like m33 cuz it isn’t fxckin ancient as fxck, no offense to dark alex but if you want clean, stable iso loading, psx loading on legit latest cfw then try 6.38 ME-2

      • John Jason says:

        I need help Fenrios Senju, I’ve upgraded my psp 2006 from 3.71(I think) to OFW 6.38 and now I can’t play the games I used to play before. Can I downgrade it back to 3.71(or other CFW like 5.00)? please help me, thanks!

      • YoJoe says:

        Hi… ok I have same question with Ken… I haven’t updated my PSP2k’s CFW for a long time now… currently running with 5.00m33-6…. if I got it right, I may need to install 6.38 ME before I can do 6.38 ME-2?? OR can i bypass that so I could install 6.38 ME-2 right away as you have said, this would be the cleanest, much stable, efficient CFW upto date…

      • YoJoe says:

        yay… ok so 6.38 ME is a Sony OFW… ok… totally understand now… my mistake… yikes… i do not own a pandora kit… guess i just need to stay with this CFW for the mean time

  20. DuLe22 says:

    I tried 6.20 PRO-B5 on my 3001 and it works great, will the other ones work as well?

  21. Popsloader says:

    anyone get popsloader working on this?
    I get the “Loading Playstation bios” screen then it hangs and turn off, forcing me to restart my psp.
    I’m trying to play FFVI.
    Any help?

  22. John Jason says:

    I need help, I’ve upgraded my psp 2006 from 3.71(I think) to OFW 6.38 and now I can’t play the games I used to play before. Can I downgrade it back to 3.71(or other CFW like 5.00)? please help me, thanks!

    • free marc emery says:

      wow, spam masta.. did you even search google or youtube before you posted the same thing 12 times? i swear noobs get lazier everyday :/ search for pre made 5.00 m33 magic memory sticks online then get hellcats signed pandora maker, and assuming you have the first psp 200x mobo (you /were/ on 3.71 lol) itll soft mod your battery into a pandora one, when your done flashing just change it back to a normal battery. after which i would suggest upgrading to 6.38 me-2, it slays m33 if you dont care about plugins atm. if you have one of the mobos that blocked writing to the batteries eeprom then you need to either buy a pandora or get a friend with a modded psp 100x and get him to temporarily soft pandora his battery and let you use it.

  23. Fenrios Senju says:

    People if you don’t follow instructions you’ll end up with ofw!!!! You have to take the official update file and rename it to 638.PBP and put it in the same folder as the eboot in release638me2 or whatever and rename that folder to UPDATE!!!! If you run the installer and you don’t start with a black screen with white letters you have failed and will end up with ofw if you continue. You must do what I said if you want, i’ll send you the folder to put on your memstick just tell me your email name and i’ll send you it within about 3hrs that’s when I get outta school today, and I’m not a little kid I’m a senior in high school who’s been installing cfw’s for people and gettin paid. Honestly it ain’t hard to install cfw but people just aren’t as tech savvy as they used to be….

  24. POP GOBY says:

    Hi Neur0n will you please try to do for psp 3004

  25. KenChi03 says:

    Hello i’ve succesfully updated my psp 6.20 Pro-B5 to 6.38 me. My problem is when i try to load iso games it doesn’t start here is my error: The game could not be started(80010087). Please HELP

    • Fenrios Senju says:

      Chango your umd iso mode to anything but normal, I prefer To use the ME driver or SonyNP9660 driver cuz they load a little faster than m33 driver

  26. yagami_hideto says:

    some games doesn’t work..i tried splinter cell essentials, goes to intro and then back to xmb saying “the game could not be started (8xxxx..), and a rather new game (TLOTR Aragorn’s Quest) the game crash (black screen) and then my psp shuts down. what should i do? patch with iso tool? if so, how? thanks for your attention

    • sercho says:

      Disable any plugin yo have installeds i had the same problem and only disabling the plugins coukd make this to work and it does it great


    Hi There hope someone can help tried updating my psp-2003 with 6.38 ME-2 and the install failed at about 85% left me with a brick. Have updated a friends PSP-1004 to ssame firmware no problem have tried creating pandora battery and memory stick using PSP tool as i saw posted earlier here but in my 2003 this doing nothing still just getting green power light and screen backlit but no memory stick access

  28. phanomanom says:

    I have installed this FW on my PSP and it works great!!!! Every plugin I have tested works fine with popsloader try this put all files where they go in yout PSP GAME etc…. Theturn a game on it will freeze on the first try then reboot go to recovery menu then Disable all of them I have played all all my PSX games over 100 just testing POPSLOADER out. RemoteJoyLite work fine as well.I love the fact that I can dual BOOT. LOOK FOLLOW THE EASY EASY EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IT WILL WORK I HAVE 2 PSP and it works great on BOTH!!!!

  29. Ghost says:

    does anyone have the backup files for this CFW? I accidently deleted a few while attempting to add a new bootwave, any help will be much appreciated

  30. Martin says:

    I newer tried upgrading firmware before, so it is the first time.
    When I add UPDATE folder to PSP/GAME, rename original firmware to 638.PBP and copy it to UPDATE folder, then launch PSP menu, go to game and select update I get “the game cannot be started the data is corrupted” error. Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong?
    I have psp2000 with 6.0 firmware.

    Have a nice day,

  31. Ghorec says:

    what will happen if i don’t have a pandora battery? only thing i have is psp slim (2000 i think) & 5.50 gen-d firmware then i upgrade it to prometheus 2. is it ok if i upgrade it to 6.38 Me v2 w/o a pandora? and what will happen the program? will it become a hen firmware where u can’t drain your battery because the games will be gone u have to reboot it to recover? Pls. help. THANX

    • Auzzy97 says:

      no no its just in case your psp bricks, because this new cfw is not confirmed stable or garentied to work right

  32. nice 1 of 1 says:

    hey why 6.60 pro b10 dont work on psp1000??

  33. JayV says:

    I have version 5.00 on a psp 1001 and it says the game is corrupted. =

  34. Satyam Dalhousie says:

     hi i have 6.60 update on psp how to install custom firmware