Custom Firmware 6.00 MAC-B Features *Update*



Still the debate rates on if is a fake or legitimate. Even so Team MAC have released another Youtube video showing us more features of their apparent Custom Firmware. Here they explain about the new dual update options, 5.55 – 6.00 encryptions and their new Firmware Information tab in the XMB.

Remember still take this one with a pinch of salt ok? Fake or legit, lets see what pans out.

-Hey and Team MAC, if you need a beta tester? Give me a shout.

*Update – Freeplay, widely known in the PSP scene has posted this CFW 6.00 MAC-B Debunk video.


Lets now see if Team Mac will comeback from this. Better yet, just admit its fake or release the damn thing!

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  1. honeykenjo says:

    team mack can u make a cfw 6.00 for psp3000.,plsssssssssssssss.,.,
    save us psp3000 users.,thanks
    first comment.,

    • Chelleh says:

      can u stop whining plssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
      Seriously, there’s no way to unbrick or downgrade a PSP 3000 right now, and I doubt that anyone in their right mind is willing to pay $3,000 or more just to make a hack for the 3000. If it works, then great. But I think it’s a smart idea that they’re not wasting their time on getting it to work on the 3000 right now.
      If it happens, it happens. Until then, stop begging. If you want one on the 3000, go make it yourself. :] You can invest the money into buying new systems for all I care.

    • VGP12 says:

      SHUT. UP.

  2. adeeb458 says:

    hope that now those non believers shut their mouth…

  3. ukelays says:

    :P its real alright… can this firmware play ISOs that need 5.50 orr 60.00 firmware to run?
    if not is there a firmware out that can cause i got 5.00m33-6 and as u know it cant play the new ISOs…

    • Chelleh says:

      Currently, since it’s in beta, it can’t run any ISOs much less any games higher than a 3.xx official firmware. They have mentioned in another video, though, that they hope to get it running 6.00 games during this beta.

  4. keironix says:

    yeah, i thnk m gonna start believing it now… but i hope they will or some1 will have to make another cfw for psp 3000s…

    • Chelleh says:

      That’s what we all hope. They have said that they hope to get it working on 3000s but they’re not doing tests on it now, for obvious reasons.
      I’m sure they’ll find some 3000 owners who are willing to beta test it.

  5. PSP-2010 says:

    I have have more than 6g of salt a day.

  6. imdabom3695 says:

    maybe if team MACK can make the newer games that require 6.00 ofw playable on this firmware…than I hope Xenogears and Becus25 can take some of their features and make a cfwe for psp 2K ta-88v3 users and the psp 3000 users so we can enjoy the games as well……i am clueless about this stuff so is that even possible?

  7. Angelo says:

    Whats the big deal, it’s just a text change. They changed the System Information text too, didn’t they…? Proof enough is for me that they run a 6.00 game.

    • PSPFan says:

      That’s exactly what I want to see or even a beta to test. Then I’ll become a believer!!

      • Chelleh says:

        I second both of these comments.
        They’re capable of changing the theme to whatever they want, so I don’t see what the big deal is. So what if it doesn’t look like 6.00? If it runs 6.00 games and allows PSN connection, I could care less what it looked like. :]

      • Yellowhound says:

        i agree with the other guy and lets see it run a 5.55-6.00 game so they can prove us right that is a 6.00 kernel able.

  8. ColorblindMonk says:

    Haters can say what they want. We’ll see this someday, and it’ll keep them quiet when it does.

  9. krystoffer002 says:

    if this is real, well, this is really a good news.. i can play now gi joe if the firmware is done. and i just want to add, i heard a rumor that there is now a permanent hack for ta-088v3 and 3000s here in the philippines.. i’m gonna check it out tomorrow after school and inform you guys if it’s true or just a rumor.. lol.. well, lets hope it’s true.. goodnight

  10. Skyline969 says:

    I’m still not believing until a 6.00 game is played. Right now they could just use M33 or GEN and just change a few values inside of the CFW to make it seem legit.

  11. aeon44 says:

    you cant stop the non believers from criticizing this. we all want to see a game that needs 5.55 or 6.00 firmware being played on this firmware.
    i think its gonna be release next month or november. they wont finish this as a full firmware within this month.

  12. KloWn says:

    Think about this…. When ” TeamMX ” released their video of their fake they never responded to ANY criticism what so ever… These guys fired back to everyone’s criticism quickly… While I agree with most of you on waiting for a beta release to become a full believer I think people should hold back on tearing them down for now ;)


  13. bheng says:

    i will wait and support this one.. who knows… next month were enjoying new games…

  14. honeykenjo says:

    krystoffer002 can u look if the can downgrade psp3001 5.50 or can u look 4 downgrade since you will kook sumthing.,this would be nice of you if you do that.,thanks.,

  15. Lucid Fears says:

    Bravo Team MAC! Bravo! Keep it up, just let all the ones who think its fake continue to think that way. Think of it as a motivational factor!

  16. Neil says:

    Still using the old System Settings icon? Come on guys, if you can’t fake it, at least cover it with your finger or something :P

    • Chelleh says:

      Yeah because critics are going to let them get away with covering it, right? lmfao I think it’d cause an even bigger shit storm than what they’re having to deal with now. Not only that they’ve been making changes to the layout so… They can change it before release. I don’t see what the big deal is.

      • Neil says:

        You realize I just gave you concrete proof these guys are hoaxers, right?

        Here’s more proof: In the System Update page, X and O (at the bottom of the screen) should say “Enter” and “Cancel”, not “Enter” and “Back” (which, again, is what earlier firmwares have). The “Update via…” text is also in the wrong place (tabbed over, etc.). Basically, they screwed up.

        Pull your heads out, people. Don’t drink the koolaid!

  17. Chelleh says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the progress from this group. I think that if they are serious about what they’re doing, they will make a pretty interesting CFW for the PSP community. Again, it’s hard to say if it’s a fake or not but I’m starting to lean towards not.
    I do hope that there will be some sort of PSP 3000 version, because of the fact that the best one so far is the 5.03 GEN-A. And while there’s nothing wrong with it, we’re getting left out of 5.50 and 6.00 games. I do understand though why there’s none out there for us, but hopefully things will start looking up in the near future.
    I can’t wait to see more! Thanks for covering this project.

  18. Scarthas says:

    Hey, i have a question, they talked about those security keys that the firmware 6.00 and I think 5.55 have that earlier versions can’t read, does anyone know if it would be possible to make a plugin that actually adds those keys whatever mode of decryption that firmware has, so that my 3000 with 5.03 cfw can play the long awaited disgaea 2?

  19. SpAM_CAN says:

    Looks good, and believable too.

    If only someone could get the eboot.bin encryption keys… then I would be a very happy can-of-meat.

  20. ronelpriela says:

    hayyzzz this is boring…. this is real fake old icons,, NONSENSE VIDEO FEATURES EASY TO SPooF..HOAX dont want to play games.

    this is fake im sure of it…

  21. ronelpriela says:

    this is the video that showing MAC-B is fake

  22. ronelpriela says:


  23. Kamikazi98 says:

    It amazes me that people always have to have something to blame or pin something on someone. People act like DAX is the only one allowed and the only one who CAN hax a PSP. Sure, he is the best one out there, but there ARE capable people out there. I supported DAX, and still do wherever he may be, but right now I sha’ll also give my support to Team MAC. I personally don’t believe someone goes to this trouble just to be popular in publicity and then lie that it was real. These guys are actually trying to make a new CFW, and they’re doing the best they can.

    Keep going Team MAC, we believe in you!

  24. biglake413 says:

    if it is Beta version, then they should release right now, since beta version is the first released software for the purpose of evaluation and test.
    if the features are still in stage of development, its pre-Alpha, not Beta.
    what kind of programmer does not know this basic words?

    About the System Update feature, if you have 2 psp, grab hackable PSP, try install 6.00 and compare system update feature.
    You will see a lot of difference except text.
    alignment, system update icon on top, Enter Cancel thing and whatever.

    So they turned off the CXMB.
    That means, according to Team MACK, theme/icons are from 6.00 OFW xmb.
    But, why there is no new System Setting icon?

    They proved their cfw is fake by posting new video.
    MAC-B is fake. Don’t even expect anything from them.

  25. voodooman says:

    Dont buy into shit until a beta test is in!!!!!

  26. ronelpriela says:

    nnnniiiiiccccceeee fffffaaaaakkkkkeeee

  27. KloWn says:

    @ biglake413 > Ok say your right, picture this

    They release NOW, YOU d/l it and try to install ( even though in the video states they bricked on first couple tries ).. Your PSP bricks, then all of us have to listen to you b%$ch and moan about how your PSP is bricked.. BUT if in fact these guys ARE for real and everyone tears them down what makes you think they will continue their work?? Or even release it publicly?? I got the same sh#t from people when I first started doing my PSX-PSP conversions, but after a while people started trusting me and look now I am one of the most respected PSX-PSP uploaders on the net…. All I am saying is you gotta learn to give people a chance until you have full blown proof they are fake……….


    • biglake413 says:

      It is true that we need to give a chance.
      But, it is too late now.
      Your word is right.
      Thats why we gave them 3 chances to prove their CFW is not fake.
      For a while, I trusted them just a little.
      Now, they are not trustworthy anymore.
      If its not fake, we could find something from CFW that is not able to debunk, and thats what Team MACK had to provide to us, the ‘proof’.
      Everything they are doing now is making some stupid excuses.
      Even though they put up videos on YouTube, videos don’t even give any proof; if there is anything that video proves, it’s that their CFW is fake.
      Yea. Probably .01% or less, they are not lying.
      But based on the videos they put up, I can tell they are 100% lying.

      • wdfowty says:

        Lol how long did it take YOU to make a cfw, biglake? I think the old American saying holds strong in this situation, “innocent until PROVEN guilty.” Btw, think for yourself, everybody. Whether you think it’s fake, or not, more power to you. But don’t say it just because some douche on YouTube told you so.

      • biglake413 says:

        First of all i never said I can make better CFW or anything like that so don’t add stupid things.

        Because I already know whats different between 5.50 and 6.00, I can tell the difference.
        If you don’t know any differences between 5.50 and 6.00 and saying I’m copying from some comments from YouTube, just shut up.
        Or, tell me if you can. What features prove 6.00 MAC-B not fake?

  28. wdfowty says:

    Way to put FreePlay in his place! :D Gripshift exploit or not, he needs to learn when to stop typing

  29. Dragon Spirit says:

    messege to Mac team

    No and 1000 no

    do you think we belive you?

    no , I know you are lier and these cfw is fake


    [ ON YOUR SELF ]

  30. ukelays says:

    Ahh screw this shit its fake as M33 ftw.. but i might put ofw firmware seeing as there isnt gona be a 6.00 m33-6

  31. ultimakillz says:

    haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love. im rooting for you team mack! whether its fake or not!

  32. Genocide says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! are they ever going to release it or are they just going to wait for SONY’s version 10.00?!

  33. Angelo says:

    Freeplay ftw.

  34. VGP12 says:

    Whats up with the popup ads???

  35. Kurtiss says:

    I know that this is not available for PSP-3000 series at the moment, but say it was available for PSP-3000, wouldn’t we have to uninstall the custom firmware enabler (or GEN, etc..) files from the flash0 and then upgrade to the official firmware of 6.00, cause how would we be able to run the 6.00 cfw installation if we’re unable to use chickhen?

    Is it possible that, instead of upgrading via network or official eboot, a modified 6.00 firmware that enables m33 capabilities?
    Or is a new exploit expected to come out later?

    I know this is a bit early to ask I’m just very curious, I’ve only recently started PSP hacking..

    • Kurtiss says:

      Also forgot to add,

      How would one discover exploits within game save file?
      If you can answer that would be great. ;]

  36. chicolet says:

    come on this better work.i’ve been waiting hold summer for ctf for psp 3000!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe says:

      His doesn’t prove anything. He’s just repeating all the comments he has already made and still challenging freeplay. Look below this to see that freeplay has completed his challenge on the link I posted.

    • rayner000 says:

      This pisspuss really pisses me off -_-

  37. Joe says:

    On YouTube freeplay posted his own fake 6.00 CFW video. I can’t post a link because I’m on my iPod right now.

  38. Neil says:

    LOL @ team Mac’s new note in their video (shown around 2:10):
    “Pause at 2:15 and look at the bottom of the screen. Yeah, it says X enter and O Back. Look a little closer next time freeplay”
    Yes, team Mac, it indeed says X Enter and O Back, which is not what the real 6.00 says. Nice comeback.

  39. ronelpriela says:

    just wait for cfw 6.00 gen

  40. devilfox_01 says:

    DARK-ALEX is stil d best hacker even he left us.,sumday he will comeback & help the psp 3000 5.50 users.,give him time to do wat he want 4 now.,and w8 4 him.,

  41. devilfox_01 says:

    DARK-alex will come back and help the psp3000 5.50 firmware.,

  42. Sp3c_T8R says:

    It’s ov3r.

    This is a FAK3!

    I will 3njoy hacking into thos3 r3tards youtub3 account, doing a R3v3rse I.P. look up, going to th3ir hous3 and hurting th3m. I’ll post a Vid3o of this soon. Th3n Artificially ins3minat3 th3ir Mom with B3ar S3am3n while sh3 sl33ps (Will not post that video).
    PS- Don’t ask wh3r3 I’m g3tting b3ar s3am3n.

  43. Kaloy says:

    freeplay pwned this shi+.

  44. voodooman says:

    Psp fan I am with you on what you said I am using a mac and a pc to log on to site I have never seen any pop up on this site…..

    • PSPFan says:

      Thanks, I even checked this out further and well nothing on other two computers. Impossible that this site has pop ups if there is no php / java code inserted into it for pop ups.

  45. voodooman says:

    Weather team mac is real or fake only time will tell I have a psp 2001 with 5.51 ofw when I bought it in florida a few months ago straight out of the box they updated it so this is just a heads up if anyone is buying a new psp dont let them update it I have been trying for months to mod my psp but no luck yet in getting it to work sent it to a shop to mod and still waiting…..there will be lots of new mods available as they launch the psp go watch and see timing is everything

  46. ronelpriela says:


  47. ronelpriela says:


  48. biglake413 says:

    i dont kno if this is real or not