Custom Firmware 6.00 MAC-B Features *Update*



Still the debate rates on if CFW 6.00 MAC-B is a fake or legitimate. Even so Team MAC have released another Youtube video showing us more features of their apparent Custom Firmware. Here they explain about the new dual update options, 5.55 – 6.00 encryptions and their new Firmware Information tab in the XMB.

Remember still take this one with a pinch of salt ok? Fake or legit, lets see what pans out.

-Hey and Team MAC, if you need a beta tester? Give me a shout.

*Update – Freeplay, widely known in the PSP scene has posted this CFW 6.00 MAC-B Debunk video.


Lets now see if Team Mac will comeback from this. Better yet, just admit its fake or release the damn thing!

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  1. devilfox_01 says:

    psp3000 5.50 cfw coming this october.,

    • beejays says:

      yeah.. heard that too… so is the easter bunny and santa clause… Their all attending the launching ceremony that will be done by the pope LOL

  2. devilfox_01 says:

    wololo said.,.finally we got it..psp 3001 5.50 cfw in october…we hope you enjoy..

  3. biglake413 says:

    5.50 is already out devilfox_01…

  4. Angelo says:

    K so 2 things they’re gonna do now:

    1. Give it up
    2. Post another video claiming that they changed that too because “they liked it better” that way.

    100% it’s fake now.

  5. devilfox_01 says:

    its for psp 3000 cfw 5.50 theres no cfw5.50 for 3000 its coming soon.,

  6. devilfox_01 says:

    its wololo.,remember the 5.50 crash.,he made that a he finaly made a cfw for psp 3000 5.50

  7. biglake413 says:

    Crash is not exploit. And, Wololo’s LIBTIFF has no news for long time.
    Don’t spread the rumor before it is proven.

  8. Genocide says:

    just as a suggestion, work on an UNBRIKER FIRST!!!! don’t buy another friggin PSP!!!!!

  9. devilfox_01 says:

    it is done he said.,it will release this coming october.,

  10. Genocide says:

    thats the same time GEN is coming out…. do you think people who’ve been making homebrew since 5.00 OFW or high school students who admitted it recently crashed their PSP AGAIN with this same firmware who’s existence is STILL being debated? please get this answer right.

  11. Genocide says:

    oh and does GEN have a website like Dark Alex cause I can’t find anything

  12. chicolet says:

    where is those fake.mac

  13. krot_invisible says:

    shit people. i have 5.03 GEN A FULL on my psp 3000, is there any way i can upgrade it even more>> plz reply

  14. devilfox_01 says:

    good news to the owner of PSP3000 up to 5.55 OFW.,justinxtreme said Well if this 6.00 CFW thing is real well I’ll update my hack soon (I’ll still release the 5.03 GEN-A hack)
    Okay so I tested it on my friend’s PSP-3004 and it worked (his PSP is on 5.55 OFW)
    This hack I have downgrades the PSP-3004 basically to 5.03 GEN-A or the temporary ChickHEN R2 firmware
    It works on any firmware up to 5.55 (It works on all PSPs)
    I only changed something in the exploit to redirect it to launch another person’s installer (Davee’s and I forgot who created the CFW Enabler)
    I’m going to try launching 5.00 M33 with this hack but I’m not sure it will work
    I hope this 6.00 CFW thing i released meanwhile people with 5.55 OFW can now use CFW! Well if i get this released as soon as possible (I’ll release within a week or so and the beta within this week)
    Thanks for any help
    Just wondering why didn’t anyone take advantage of kgws’s hack (he posted how he did it)
    I mean am I like the only person who thought that the exploit could lead to launching the CFW installer (Please don’t tell me I am)
    LOL No offense just wondering why there was so many fakes during like the last 3 months (LOL I remember back then on with The Dev Team and all that crap LOL)
    Well I don’t have money to set up a website so I can’t really set one up yet
    I’m not going to ask for any donations (I wouldn’t donate to myself) mostly because I used someone else’s work and just changed something in it
    @ ukelays
    Yeah I know… GEN
    I wish Dark_Alex came back and created 6.00 M33 (What a great comeback that would be LOL)

  15. voodooman says:

    it will be released any day now!!!!

  16. voodooman says:

    Team LDX release was proven to be fake lets see what happens to Team Mac, Freeplay proved Team Mac as fake on youtube as he made his own fake 6.00 cfw to show that the team mac is just jerking our chains again I am not saying that they are real or fake only time will tell we all need to see a beta release……

  17. Genocide says:

    the only reason they SAY that they haven’t released this yet is because they think everyone is as retarded as them and don’t know how to fix a bricked PSP and that we’ll all brick our PSPs trying this. for those of you who prove their beleifs right and don’t know, GO ON YOUTUBE AND LOOK UP PSP TOOL!!!!!!!!!

  18. Genocide says:

    I’ve bricked my PSP several times and always fixed within minutes with the only side effect being that my settings were reset( which was fixed in about 5 seconds) so yea, if you guys are real, post the beta and I’ll test it. if not then shut up with all these new youtube videos and admit that they only way you could be popular on youtube is by faking 6.00 cfw!

  19. Genocide says:

    they do realize that the things that it says on their can easaly done with some of the most simple apps on the web right?