Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 Released *Update: Fake CFW!*

Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 is a fake!!

Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 is a fake!!

Update: Due to our testing and the fact the original install file included an Mp3. We have labelled this Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 nothing but a cheap fake. PSP-1000 users result in the same thing. Nothing. Shame on …. If its not a fake, by all means prove us wrong .


None of these would insure 5.55 CFW would boot, not even a version fake could work.

Due to the recent interest Team MX have received in regards to their CFW 5.55 TMX-1, they have released 5.55CF TMX-1 Beta. This installer installs 5.55 firmware components at various points in the flash0 of your PSP. Since its touching flash0 there is a risk of bricking your PSP. And Team MX have noted that this has been only tested on a PSP-1000. Also not that this is a beta and not fully tested.

If you try this on a PSP-2000 TA-88v3 or more. Plus a PSP-3000 you could risk a permanent brick. Don’t come and cry to us as we have warn you!

In a few hours I’ll attempt to install this on my PSP-2000 TA-85 and post the results plus clear installation instructions if it works!!

Edit: I ran the installer and installed this to my Flash0 and reset my PSP-2000 TA85. No changes, nothing happened! I guess it could be PSP-1000 only? Also why the hell did they padded the rar file with an MP3 to make it look like a legitimate size. I smell something fishy!

Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 Release notes:

We note this is just a Beta, the final version is still in development.

This package installs 5.55 firmware components at various points in the flash0 of your PSP and has only been tested on a PSP 1000 with CF M33.

We recommend you do one dumpee of the nand of the PSP system or a direct copy of flash0 somewhere safe on your PC.

To conduct a proper installation place your PSP with the USB on flash0 and proceed to the installation of this package.

Due to lack depruebas PSP systems of other models we are not responsible for any total or partial damage to your PSP, install this package at your own risk.


Follow the steps in the setup and choose the destination folder being as follows:

X: \ vsh \ etc

where X is your PSP’s flash0 put in USB mode.

Not really much change except that your PSP is version 5.55 but now with all functions of the M33.

This Beta was sent to several PSP users who asked both Youtube and on our Blogspot and achieving positive results were achieved running the GI Joe, among others.

Questions and comments to:

[email protected]

Download: Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1
(Custom Firmware 5.55 TMX-1 - 472.1 KiB - 25,103 Hits)

Source: Removed. No credit for fakers!

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  • PSP-2010

    Street Fighter IV is better than cfw.

    • peppedaman

      i didnt know street fighter 4 was on psp…

      • sicsicsic

        its not, its on ps3 and 360

  • Yellowhound

    5.55 will be out of are reach for a long time until the fruits of DAX pick the stick back up again
    I will say this about DAX though he needs to keep up with the gen team next time
    Also personally when we reach next month the PSPCFW scene will be absolutely dry and there will be no 5.70 CFWs or 6.00s becasue we will all still be stuck on 5.55

  • liquorice

    I think DaX just waiting for a stable ofw before he will create a new cfw.

  • pspman

    shame on team mx they suc

  • Vince

    But the new PSP3000 just come with OFW5.51? Even DA publish the CFW 5.55 or CFW6.00. There is still no luck for them?? Which means only PSP3000 with 5.03OFW might be able to upgrade? not for those with OFW 5.55?

  • http://I'mfromnowhere. Bad1

    This isn’t exactly fake just a poor attempt. If you look at the version text and check out the cbtal or whatever it is you’ll notice a few slight changes. Upon booting this up on my PHAT5.00M33 I noticed no immediate changes however I went and clicked the “Update” button under the game thing and it’ll say you have 5.55 installed. I haven’t tried G.I. Joe personally ’cause I think it’s retarded, but I’d give that a shot with it installed it might work.

    However I’m pretty this is just a horrible attempt at a text file change, lol. It’s not a real firmware. They probably changed it and realized it made G.I. Joe work and was like “OMG”. Anyway good luck.

  • Altair

    hey guys theres a real new cfw 5.50 u3r2 heres the link:

  • aeon44

    aw. its a big dissapointment for me. i thought someone would already make a new CFW.
    But im still waiting for Dark_Alex to make a 6.00 m33.

  • Sobralense

    Of course its a Fake, this is SONY or some newbie guy of 13 years… =P

    • aeon44

      Sony doesnt promote piracy or CFW’s.

    • rayner000

      13 year old boy yes.
      Sony no. They have too much money, they don’t need to fool people to get free megaupload accounts.

  • KloWn

    doesn’t surprise me much after seeing the video…..

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    I have psp 3000 version 5.55 this is say im have brek in my psp