Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 “Final build” Released

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final Build Released.

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final Build Released.

Team GEN have released Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 “Final” build aka 5.50GEN-D3 -2. Why? Well it seems there were a few bugs present in the first release published. This final build is a quick fix of the current 5.50 GEN-D3 found. Only one game remains unplayable on this CFW and thats God Eater. Still pretty damn good if you ask me. Your safe to overwrite the first release flashed with the one below. Just download this and place it in the update folder and run it again, Install 5.50 GEN-D3 once more and your done.


5.50GEN-D3 “Final” Changelog

Improvements in the final version:

* Fix for bug eliminate the VSH menu, everyone can now enjoy the contents of its Memory Stick
* Update on backups that were seen as corrupt.
* Improved speed of access to Memory Stick during a game session
* Added support for IRSHELL D3 which will release shortly.

Only God Eater worries arise again, but we can hope that this update should address everyone. During this long day, we noticed that a lot of problems stem from improper installation, and we invite you to read the next page …

Source: PSPGen

Download: Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final
(Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final - 27.1 MiB - 1,582,785 Hits)

Thanks to Kill099 for the tip off.

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  3. 0nerFusion says:

    I tried to use 5.50 gen c full on my PSP then I came to know that my mother board is TA-090 v2. I think that’s the reason all this cracks not workin on my psp.

    I have OFW 5.03. Now I had applied 5.03 gen-C (full) on my PSP but still the games made on the year 2006 is not workin on my psp.

    I can play monster hunter which is new
    I can play Silent hill which is new
    but can’t play any games made on year 2006 as well as new ones from year 2007

    put mercy on me team gen

  4. tukirkilow says:

    guys i have psp 2006 (felicia blue),,
    i’m noob on psp,,and I DONT WANT TO BRICK MY PRECIOUS PSP..
    i dont know my psp motherboard if it is v1,v2 or v3,, co’z i lost my psp box..

    i remember that i hav 3.90 ofw and i upgrade it to 5.00 M33-6 (current firmware)
    can i upgrade it to 5.50 GEN D3?without causing brick…
    PELASE i’m noob on psp….

    also can i upgrade 5.00 M33-6 jump to 5.50 GEN D3.???
    PLEASE HELP ME Apprec8 thanks in advance!!!!

    • sneax673 says:

      u say ur running 5.00 m33 right?
      then this update wont brick ur psp since ur psp is already hacked

  5. DarkGlyph says:

    Hey guys, I’m still stuck with confusion, is the Gen-d3-2 able to support the PSP-450 camera or not? Please tell me, Thanks

  6. Cortand says:

    My God Eater game won’t work on this firmware! Why?

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  8. RojasBello says:

    Tengo un PSP Slim 2001. Lo había chpeado y tennía el ChickHEN y la versíón era 5.03 GEN-B. Descargué el último CFW (custom firmware) 5.50 GEN-D. La instalé correctamente y luego me pidió reiniciar la cónsola y no encendió más sino que queda el LED de encendido en color verde así le de al switcher de encendido/apagado/suspendido. Quiero saber cómo puedo solucionar esto. Muchas gracias de antemano.

  9. RojasBello says:

    Instalé este custum firmware y me brickeó la cónsola, es decir YA NO SIRVE!!!

  10. RojasBello says:


  11. Cortand says:

    Are you going to make Cfw 6.20 soon or you already made it.

  12. ehergin says:

    I need Help i just got another psp (1000) It has a TA-79 And I installed GEN-D3 Correctly After running chickHEN then running the Updater and It worked ,but I have a problem using the CXMB plug-in problem is doesn’t work. I tried everything I downloaded ALL the versions of it that i could find, I Restored to default settings, I disabled then re-enabled the plug-in, I Downloaded 10 different .ctf Themes tried those None of them worked ,Converted them from 5.00 to 5.50, I went on you tube to get a tutorial Followed like 10 of them to the T, Got an auto installer. GOD DAMN IT I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT THE HELL’S WRONG WITH THIS THING!!!! I NEED HELP!!

    • aicezaryserzo says:

      check your RECOVERY if you enable the CXMB plugin…it works all the time….anyways thanks for the 5.50 gen d3…I can play avatar the game by james cameron =))

  13. jaker says:

    is thare d4 or e
    becouse the new games doesnot work?1

  14. REMIX says:




    • Mr No Name says:

      Good!! hahaha wat a noobs.. u had a precious bricked psp. now u can use it as a home decoration or simply throw it to where it should go.. Good Job!! take that

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  16. BassNinja says:

    I’m having problems with this CFW
    Whenever I sleep mode during a game, upon wake up, the game just freezes and the system turns off
    the most common game for this is Dissidia Final Fantasy
    if it helps

  17. playingames says:

    my psp is currently running on 5.50 GEN-D2 so i can just update to GEN-D3 no problem right?

  18. randymysons says:

    Please help, I have a PSP 3001 with 6.0 Official Firmware in it. is there a chance a Pandora Battery and Magic Stick can make my PSP operating system covert into Custom Firmware.

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  21. omair says:

    please help me
    i have psp 3004 with 5.70 version
    can get custom version

  22. noobhacker101 says:

    IF u had older Firmware and a hackable mobo u could but ur @ 5.70 and u cant downgrade u will end up with a brick… so do what we all do nowadays stick with official firmware and use HBL… Its the new best thing since cfw…

  23. madrush_08 says:

    i have psp 3004 5.5 ofw is it possible to modify it now..or is there a way for me to play iso games..need your advice pls…thanks in advance

  24. newbie_josan says:

    i have a psp 3000 that has 5.51 firmware. never been hacked before..
    can this 5.50 gen-d3 firmware work on my psp.?

    i hve iso/cso gmes and i cnt use it, its useless for now.

    pls reply asap. :)

  25. AnimalFromTheZoo says:

    Gen D4=5.50 Prometheus…
    now it seems that 5.50 Prome-2 came out :)

    PS:for those losers with psp 5.50+ there is a new exploit with HBL for firmware 6.20 from TotaL_NooB i wish him good luck ;P

  26. Cortand says:

    Uhhm with the new Prome-2 i don’t it plays many games now i can’t play God Eater (OFW 6.20) game on Prome-2 only works on Prometheus (the first one). And also i noticed i Prometheus works for me when i connect to the internet but with Prome-2 i cant find my internet. So Prome-2 is like nothing. Prometheus works fine with everything.

  27. aized says:

    i have upgraded my psp slim(2004) with 5.50 GEN-D3. everything is working perfect. the only problem is that when i connect an AV cable to my TV and start any game it does not allow to run the game. it asks to put the video mode in progressive mode. i have already set that in connected display settings to Progressive. but when i go to the options of GEN-D3 in ISO Video output i cannot find any option. there is none written infront of it an i am unable to get game output on TV :(. please help me in this regard

  28. […] this menu or just use the UMD/internet update? Cheers mate, M no….. download gen d 3 final Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final Released, PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks put that on same card as psp grader on the root it will over write wat it needs to […]

  29. eric says:

    Currently on 5.2v gen D2, can i upgrade to 5.5v D3 as such how am i suppose to do after downloading.. advice pls tks a million

  30. jason says:

    i have a psp 2006 version 5.50… can anyone help me to play games using my memory card… i am just a new user of PSP… thanks

  31. Firefist4374 says:

    HI, i have OFW 6.31 on my psp, because my son have play invizibles, he must update the psp. it whas a bundle.

    now i cant find a cfw .

    It only says that the files are brocken cant start…….

    What now?

  32. gorav says:

    my psp 20….. with mb ta88v2 or v1 is this permanent hackable if yes then tell me plz guide me plzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mr No Name says:

      Good!! hahaha wat a noobs.. u had a precious bricked psp. now u can use it as a home decoration or simply throw it to where it should go.. Good Job!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  33. MIR says:

    previously i was having 5.00 m33-6 after that i have done sumthin then it changes to 5.00 m33-6p that means it changes to prometheus, and when it changes to prometheus then no one of them was starting (it starts but freeze’s on the psp logo) before prometheus every game was working perfectly..

    and now plz suggest me that how this gen d3 is??

  34. Bogzy_21 says:

    y need help pls

  35. Den Arisato says:

    When I am installing it. It hangs forever at the “Loading Sony Updater” or the Table 3 thingy…. What is this problem? I am at 5.03 Gen C…

  36. Aibi_joshua says:

    thanks it worked saved alot of money :)

  37. justin says:

    is this one can solve my problem 
    “this game cannot be started the data is corrupted” no games…

  38. Joshua flores says:

    nba 2k12 does not appear in my psp slim version 5.50 gen d3 ,,what should i do?? please help.!!

    • Slatia122 says:

      Did you have your custom firmware? , to know if you have your custom firmware, go to system information about your psp version, and if this appears “VERSION 5.50 gen d3″ you probably do not have your firmware.

  39. DawFin says:

    Any advice dealing with the black screen?

  40. Ahmad Saufi says:

    when i install this shit!!my psp bricked totally!!!why this happened??

    • Tri-ballz says:

      cuz u doing something illegal about ur psp, here is the video link for unbrick your psp

  41. Princehussain_ca says:

    i have a psp 1004 and i have a 5.50 GEN-D firmware ,,,and i cant connect to the internet,,,it says that ,,,the connection error has occoured the connection to the access point has timed out… the firmware causing a problem,,,,plz help me plz anyone…..and by upgrading to firmware 5.50 Gen-D3 ,,,,the problem will fix ??????????

  42. Prasannababu2009 says:

    can i update to this from psp m33-3 and will games from mem stick work?

  43. Aosakuratsuki says:

    when will be a new version that work with the psp camera 450?

  44. Thunderyman says:

    what games work on this cfw???????

  45. william billy says:

    wow i got no name