Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2 Released

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2.

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2.

Team GEN and Yoshihiro have released Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2. This bug fix update mainly focuses on the issues users faced when playing certain games online. It also has a fix for certain anti custom firmware games like Evangelion one.

You need to have Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D already installed in order to run this update. You can grab 5.50 GEN-D here: Download Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2 changelog:

  • Evangelion Anti CFW patch Fix non working now
  • Fix Wlan TKIP in game loop : pes 2009 , fifa , motorstorm , GTA cw ect….
  • Fix Video Output With 5.5X and 6.X Games like GTA Chinatowns War
  • Fixed recovery menu with make Pandora and make battery normal
  • Removed splash screen


Download: Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2
(Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D2 - 85.2 KiB - 148,043 Hits)

And if you don’t already have it installed: Download Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-D

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  • robfiley

    worked for me fine i just updated from 5.50GEN A straght to 5.50GEN D and finally the 5.50GEN D2 update.So far problem free.

  • skylinekid17

    i updated my phat psp running on 5.00 M33-6 directly to 5.50Gen-D. Now XMBShell v1.00 doesnt support 5.50. Can i request an updated version to this amazingly cool homebrew? Currently im using IR Shell but the plugins dont extract “rz” files.

  • gemakboy

    hey guys please make something for psp3000 5.50. im waiting along time for it so plzzzzzzzzzz thanks

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    • Ivarveldscholte

      Erm, can someone help me please. I have just updated to GEN-D and MotorStorm isn’t even working for me. Does anyone know what that could be? I believe I don’t have to update to GEN-D2 to just play it, do I
      ? I just get an error “The game could not be started” when I open it. I am now trying Gran Turismo, another 5.55+ game. I’ll edit this post when I’ve found out if that works.

  • Ivarveldscholte

    Apparently I replied on someone else his post.. Sorry for that, I’m kinda new on this website. I haven’t figured out how to delete it, lol. Anyway, Gran Turismo can not be started either. What am I doing wrong?

    • skylinekid17

      well since it didnt work for me either i downgraded using pandora battery and magic memory stick. i installed 5.50gen-a because 5.50gen-d/d2 gave me a bit of trouble and gran turismo indeed didnt run. so i went back to using “gamesdecrypterz v4″ and “umdgen v4″ i used this to decrypt the eboot.bin. go on youtube and just type in “how to decrypt psp games” it only takes about 5mins for me to get the game up and running. if you have an external hardrive copy the decrypted game into it and delete it from your computer. i also decrypted assines creed bloodlines and it works great on 5.50gen-a. just for fun i will downgrade back to 5.00m33-6 and test if assines creed works. i know that gran turismo (decrypted) worked on 5.00m33-6. i “hear” that m33 is coming back but as of now that info isnt official.

  • Ivarveldscholte

    Okay now I just found out my other games don’t work anymore either. Yup, well done. I sure hope someone knows how to fix this? At my system settings it just tells me that I’m on 5.50 GEN-D (Full), but apparently I’m not. I can’t even run ISO’s from 3 years ago anymore, lol. Help?

    • psxcowiteboy

      You need to bring up VSH menu by pressing select and switch your driver to either the M33 driver no UMD or the Sony NP9660 driver… at least thats what it sounds like.

      • Ivarveldscholte

        Well Gran Turismo still doesn’t work, but I do get the screen with “6.00 enabled :)” or something like that. My older games work again. Thanks :)

      • skylinekid17

        no it still doesnt work. if you really want to play the game use “gamesdecrypterz v4″ and “umdgen v4″ if you go up i posted what i did to resolve this. im no longer on 5.50gen-d because along with my 5.50+ games not being able to work, added this my need for speed games cant go online. so i resorted to 5.50gen-a and i decrypted gran turismo. go on youtube everything is there. i myself might make some videos. but i need a better camera lol

      • tangishere2

        I got a psp 2000 model and my VSH menu won’t come up. Do you know what’s up with that?

  • magorem

    Hello!! guys, im happy that you work so hard and gives us all this for free. I have some questions that may help you further. Every worked fine on GEN D2 but the music plugin doesnt work on the game, just on VSH, i loved the music plugin because i played online and listened music at the same time. Also i can t play gran turismo when i have custom theme such as cxmb but just happens when i have the plugg in activated so if i want to play i need to un plug it xD. (the gran turismo game was parched already so i played it on gen b2 without unpluggin the cxmb ). Just another thing, changing the iso speed DID NOT on gen c or gen d, but on gen d2 i think is working but may be not at 100%. thx xD we need a lot of things right? xD thanks for everything. one question,,,, is there a way to get back to gen b2 if im on gen d2? just untill you guys make gen d3. i tried to re-install gen b2 and it worked but the music pluggin did not worked too!!!!! and the system told me that it is gen b full( really gen b2 i know) but i tried every thing, i changed the mmusic pluggin already 3 times and nothing!!!!!! thx that is all i promise……………………………..

  • pspgo8

    how to update my psp from m33 to gend2

    • skylinekid17

      yo cant updated directly to 5.50 gen-d2. you have to update to 5.50gen-d first but its up to you.

  • The_Fool

    I have a problem. I have 5.50 OFW installed. But when I try to install the 5.50 GEN-d (i copied the “update” file under the directry /PSP/GAME), it says “this game cannot be installed. The data is corrupted” . Do you have any solutions for this situation?

    • skylinekid17

      u need custom firmware!!

  • The_Fool

    I have a problem. I have 5.50 OFW installed. But when I try to install the 5.50 GEN-d (i copied the “update” file under the directry /PSP/GAME), it says “this game cannot be installed. The data is corrupted” . Do you have any solutions for this situation?
    I made a research and there wasnt a certain solution beside a downgrade. ? I’m really in need of an idea

  • skylinekid17

    hey gran turismo dont work on 5.50 Gen D-2. I went back to 5.50 Gen-B and it works fine. Why is that a problem on D-2? I think its because I decrypted the Eboot that it triggers a failure in processing while I was on D-2. Does anyone have a solution? For now I’m going to copy the UMD of Gran Turismo using PSP Tweaker. I guess its worth a shot. I hope it works since the Eboot is patched and 5.50 Gen D-2 is capable of playing/running 5.xx to 6.xx games without decryption. wish me luck!

  • foxdie

    Running GEN D-2. So far so good… until… the new METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER DEMO. The original TGS demo works fine, but the recently released demo on the Peace Walker website and PSN doesn’t work. After attempting to load it up i get the “The game could not be started (80020148)” msg. Thoughts or solutions anyone?

  • jamarr_69

    Does this work for the psp-3001

    • foxdie

      nope. but there Gen B-2 for HEN should i think.

      • jamarr_69

        would you know where i could find that at?

      • foxdie

        its on the home page of this website

  • mons

    hello…i’m new to psp.i have a psp 2001.and it’s ofw 6.1.can i downgrade it so i can install cfw in it?please reply..anyone.

  • mons

    thanks.i thought my only way out was to wait for 6.xx cfw.thanks man

  • PSP3000rulez99

    I was happy because i thought this was for psp 3k

  • zyrtec_7

    are they going to make a flash installer straight to Gen D2 without having to go through D1?

  • farbodkain

    hey all again no one find solution for some guy like me when try to install this firmware on psp-1004 display gone to Black and nothing happen.someone tell me update to 5.50 Gen-b2 i do that too but my problem not solve if anyone had any idea i really appriciated to share with me

    • psxcowiteboy

      you need to update to 5.50 gen-d first then use this updater to go to gen d-2

  • coolabhi6320

    As we know, Skype can not be used on PSP 1000 but there is a trick to do so and call skype friends , for detailed instructions pls visit :

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  • jcjven19

    i’m new here……..
    can i update my psp 2000 5.0 m33-6 to gen d full?
    without the pandora……and i have also another psp 3.7 m33……..can i use this 5.50 gen d update?????

    pls help meeeeeeeee..not sure where to start….

    • psxcowiteboy

      Your slim with 5.00 m33 can easily be upgraded to GEN i would suggest upgrading to 5.50 GEN B first then upgrading to 5.50 GEN D then putting the D2 patch in. your other psp has to be upgraded to 5.00 m33 first 3.7 is too low to use the updater but once you get to 5.00 then simply follow the steps from your other psp. All the updates you need you can find here on pspslimhacks.

  • TheKeiron

    I gather from the comments this won’t work on psp 3000 right? or will it? Also is there anything we can do to try and help with making CFW work on later OFW’s of the psp 3000? Like look for exploits?

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  • atoz12345
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  • dodol38

    Hi, I got a questions. I am using cfw GEN B2 right now and have been playing decrypted ISO. If I update my cfw to GEN-D2, can I still play the decrypted games or I have to find the original, not yet fixed game?
    Thank you in advance.

    • psxcowiteboy

      Decrypted games will still play on D2

  • toreqp84

    i cant play rockband dude……… firmware is 5.50gend……i love that game…….pls help me….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    • psxcowiteboy

      upgrade to D2, rockband plays just fine on my phat running 5.50 gen d2. check your drivers maybe you switched it. It should be set to M33 driver.

  • lharvince

    can someone pls help me to downgrade my OFW 5.5 to either CFW 5.00 m33-6 or 5.5 GEN D2? Not using a pandora baterry would be much appreciated. (I accidentally flash update my psp to OFW 5.5 when trying to reflash my 5.5 Gen D using XGen updater)

    It all started when i was trying to troubleshoot my Wi-Fi problems when using0 5.5 Gen D2.

    what a mess i’ve done.

    • psxcowiteboy

      sorry dude no way to downgrade without pandora

  • lharvince

    back again to gen-d2. 6.0 game demos wont work…….

  • lharvince

    forget what i said above. i figured out how to play games even demos that requires 5.5 to 6.0 FW. i just disabled game plug-ins in recovery menu then poof it works!!!!!!!!! no more Error Code 80010013!

  • lharvince

    Thanks Team GEN. The new generation of CFW………..

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  • hazneliel

    Hello, I have 5.50 GEN-D2 and PSN ask me for a newer update when I try to access the store, I want to download some stuff for the Little Big Planet game.

    Seems I need a newest CFW.

    Any help with this??

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  • vin

    hi i have a question. I am on firmware 1.50 right now, but on Sony’s website it said “Do NOT update from 1.50 to 3.71+. Instead update to 2.00, then update to 6.20 firmware.” So should I update to 2.00, then 5.03, chickhen, then finally update to 5.50 gen d then d2?

  • Hitman@47

    yess it,s s working great .no need game decrypter .thanks for gen team

  • lanmam

    Does anyone can tell me how to upgrade my psp firmware???
    Now my psp firmware is 5.03 m33-6, hack by chikHEN and cfw 3.50 enabler…
    My question is, how to upgrade my current psp firmware to GEN D2??? What step should i take in order to get it???

  • Matiez

    I successfuly updated my psp 1000 to D with no mistakes.. But I have one problem… If I start any game I will start new game ect. When the game starts it freezes and I cant play?? any one??


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  • Needing person

    Hmmmmmmmm…….does this system open all 5.50 Gen D(full) games normally ??i got advised
     to download it because it may fix the Corrupted Saves of Persona 3 Portable …..

  • Needing person

    Please help me with my previously commented problem!!  

  • Needing person

    and btw….i use ISO games and not like UMD CDs…….my system is 5.50 gen D(full)

  • someone

    my system is 5.55