Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C / XGen Installer for 5.50 GEN-C Released

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C Released.

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C Released.

GENyUS and PSPGEN have released Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C. While nothing is new in this custom firmware from Sony. 5.50 GEN-C update is a substantial move forward. As it now lets users play back up UMD’s that require firmware 5.55 or 6.00 without patching the eboot.

So you can save yourself a few steps in playing 5.55+ games. No more extracting the games eboot, using game decrypter to patch the eboot. Then finally re-building the ISO. None of that is needed anymore, thanks to GENyUS. So delete that Game Decrypter v4 from your hard-drive as you don’t need it anymore. At least for firmware 5.55, 6.00 and 6.10 games.

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C Release notes:


This tool let you installing the 5.50 GEN-C Full directly without any patch
and on any psp so PSP fat and psp slim TA-79 > TA-88V2 from any custom firmware or kernel exploit .
for the firmware 5.50 put your 5.50 updater on root of your memory stick renamed 550.PBP .
you can use it to restore any official firmware too on slim and fat upto 6.10!!!!
you can use it to install install any TT’s firmware on fat psp upto 6.10!! you’ll need to put your eboot.pbp
on roots of your memory stick like that X:/EBOOT.PBP .
you can also converter your old DC8 magic memorystick in shiny 5.50GEN B-2.
just select in the XGEN option Install XGEN pandora and restart your psp dont forget
to put the 5.50 eboot.pbp updater on root of your ms renamed in 550.pbp.

Now you have the flash install 5.50 GEN C.

Now you have the flash install 5.50 GEN C

to bypass the battery check please connect your AC cord.

use it at your own risk :).
For the latest GEN CFW release visit

..:: Yoshihiro from GEN Team::..

Source: PSPGEN

** Warning this is NOT for PSP-2000 TA-088v3 or PSP-3000’s. Try and use this and you will brick your PSP **

Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C issues, lock ups and games not running:

Ok so this isn’t PSPGen’s best release its full of bugs…. so expect an update soon. In the next few days I would think. Here are some tips to get around the ISO/ CSO lock ups and the game could not be started error (8002013C). Try using the M33 ISO driver, in the VSH menu or recovery menu set your UMD ISO mode to M33 driver. That should help. See the below video.


Download: Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C XGen Installer (Mirror 1)
(Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-C XGen Installer (Mirror 1) - 27.0 MiB - 85,852 Hits)

This is release is just loaded with bugs. I suggest you wait for 5.50 GEN-D, but if you like you can still download 5.50 GEN-C from the mirror above…But we warn you its buggy; No internet, CSO don’t work, games randomly crash and lock up your PSP, possible flash1 corruption and a semi bricks.

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  1. gmila84 says:

    Hey guys, any experience similar to mine?

  2. Kagemaru says:

    you know, im almost tempted to realease “CFW” that semi-bricks everyones PSP just because when it happens, it seems that everyone becomes a bumbling idiot, and cant even TRY to fix their own PSP… ok, not EVERYONE, but about 95% of people on this site have bitched about not being able to fix it, when there was a VERY simple option. and those of you who full bricked, im sorry, and im also assuming you dont have a pandora on hand, so im really sorry for you, but to the semi–brickers, you’re REALLY stupid if you didnt think to go to the recovery menu on your own. i mean, damn, hold down one button, and then go format your flash…. that was hard. i really think people who cant help themselves shouldnt get free things…

  3. gmila84 says:

    I solve my problem and now playing GTA CHINATOWN WARS!!! In main menu of psp, hold “r” button and HOLD a long power button until turn off, still holdind “r” buttton and turn on your psp, this method you get the recovery menu screen. In the recovery menu, go to “configuration”, go to the 5th option and press “x” until you got m33 no umd, back and then, exit. Now you can play your isos and csos again!

    • johnyd says:

      gmila84, you’re the best I know we all appreceiate the save you gave in you’re comment, i was able to resurrect my psp thanks yo you, mucho appreceiation, thanks gmila84:)

  4. johnyd says:

    use the reset flash option to get your screen functioning again, form the advanced menu

  5. LayA says:

    lol,i could do anything with gen-c No bugs except this bug i found
    u cannot play umd videos it just locks psp to fix this take out ur memory stick…
    and open the video then reinsert…
    i can do everything else tho
    m33 driver gets me an error
    so i set it too normal with a umd inside….
    or alternatively set it to the sony driver :) hope this helps!!

  6. PSPaddict93 says:

    guys pls help me downgrade my psp3004 from 5.50 to 4.21

  7. HEPH says:

    i got psp slim with offical fw 6.10
    Where can I find and whether someone made CTF for 6.10

  8. wndws says:

    hy, i have,a chicken 5.03 genc fcw on my psp 3000 and when i change the gen file to this gen file, and flash again ll work ( @5.5 ) thanks the answer.