Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 for PSP2000 & PSP3000


Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 released.

has released a Prometheus-2 for you PSP-2000 TA088v3 and PSP-3000 users on firmware 5.03. The custom firmware requires you have a 5.03 official firmware on your PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 in order to run ChickHEN or MHUSpeed. This new Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 will run all the latest 6.30 games. This is without any special patching. As puts it, think of this as a an unofficial CFW 5.03 GEN-D

Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 changelog:

Support more new games to support future encryption 6.30 Firmware Games

Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus Installation:

1. Install and run ChickHEN or MHUSpeed
2. Install Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C
3. Extract the files in the Prometheus 5:03 to PSP / GAME
4. Start the installer 5.3 Prometheus
5. Install the 5.3 Prometheus by pressing X

Oh course we also have our All-in-One installers that will get you to 5.03 GEN-C, they include chickHEN, 5.03 GEN-C

Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this yet, since I no longer own a PSP-3000 or a PSP-2000 with a TA088v3. We take no responsibility if you somehow manage to brick your PSP.

Source: A9VG (Chinese)

Download: Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 (OFW 6.30 support added)
(Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 (OFW 6.30 support added) - 455.8 KiB - 29,414 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 739,359 Hits)

  Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C Final (for PSP-3000's and PSP-2000 TA-88v3) (390.6 KiB, 1,415 hits)
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  1. viked says:

    great news, does prometheus run iso’s that are fixed also??

  2. Trozay says:

    Ive tested this on my psp 3000, OFW 5.03 ofc, and it works fine, tomorow khbbs USA version will come out, lets hope that it will work with this brandnew (unofficial) custom firmware.

  3. viked says:

    how come qj doesnt have this prometheus? they are always the first to get it??

    • Trozay says:

      this is an un-official custom firmware, this isnt a FW made by GEN, but by promotheus, maybe thats why :P

  4. thehype says:

    hope that they will also release an update for psp 2000 with cfw 5.0m33-6 too…

  5. viked says:

    dude wat are you sayin khbbs us version was out long ago. it had a patch for it even when there was no isotool 1.7????? are you talking about the psn store version??

    @hype why cant you uninstall 5.00m33-6(like gen-c has a menu with L trigger)

    • WayToDawn says:

      That was just the japanese version patched by fans.The REAL one comes out on Sept 7, voiced by the real voice actors.

    • thehype says:

      @viked, I will not gonna uninstall my favorite cfw 5.0m33-6 coz so far, I had no problems whatsoever when it comes to new games like persona 3 portable etc. Another reason is that, some hackers also consider to make an update for cfw 5.0m33-6 and so far, in my own opinion, m33 is the best cfw but sadly, DA is still no show until now. :(

  6. Mokke says:

    is this then permanetnt cfw or will it go back to normal fw after rebooting?

  7. cclown123 says:

    dosent work on hbl :|

  8. viked says:

    wats the key to get uninstall menu???………….any reviews?

  9. bryats says:

    will metal gear solid peace walker run on this cfw?

  10. viked says:

    @bryats mgspw works on gen-c ….. if not then use isotool1.7 very simple vids on youtube

    has any one tried uninstalling it??? does it play fixed iso’s??

  11. viked says:

    ps3 jailbreak is out……………..any news on cfw for pspgo??

  12. WeirdG says:

    It installed fine on my PSP-3000 but corrupted my NHL07 game save. Fortunately, I made a back up and was able to restore. I guess I’ll be using Prometheus with only newer games, and CFW Enabler 3.70 with old games.

  13. BlueBomberX says:

    OK I have successfully installed 5.03 Prometheus-2 onto my PSP 3001. Now I am gonna try to play some new games like KHBBS and see if it works.

  14. srpichu says:

    I only hope, when the game crash, i can still use de prometheus again
    the other relase, after the crash, never worked again…
    i was playing FATE/EXTRA and KH:BbS…

    • Vlado says:

      oh!! it happens to you too? i came here looking for answers for why my Prometheus dont want to install again after i got a u know why?do u have any link with info?anyways im going to try this new Prometheus

  15. BlueBomberX says:

    I believe KHBBS (jpn) version is patched and shouldn’t be a problem I’ve just played Valkaria 2 and it works great I’ve also noticed that loading times with prometheus 2 are faster. So far so good. Gonna try KHBBS later.

  16. Farhang says:

    What is the installation procedure for Prometheus-2?

    ChickHEN R2 –> Prometheus-2


    ChickHEN R2 –> GEN-C –> Prometheus-2


    ChickHEN R2 –> GEN-C –> Prometheus –> Prometheus-2

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

    • BlueBomberX says:

      All three are installation steps are ok to do, to be on the safe side you could do the third step you mentioned above, but if you are like me and can’t stand too many steps just to get to prometheus use the first step you mentioned above. I used the first step because once I did the third step the system already recognized that I already installed it once and I didn’t have to repeat the steps over and over again each time I turned off my psp.

  17. Jett says:

    Ok. first things first, this is AWESOME news for us TA088v3 users. this is what most of us have been waiting for. Great job for the team that developed this. *thumbs up*

    Second, just to make things clear, KHBBS and MGS:PW works well on CFW Gen-C (FULL), even WITHOUT Prometheus. (because these games require only 6.10 OFW or below.) I didn’t even have to use isotool on these games. All you need is the KHBBS plugin folder on your MS root, and you’re ready to go kick some butt.

    Lastly, on the “crashing” issues when installing PromeCFW after reboot, just check your system information after running the installer. If you’re still not on Prometheus, UNINSTALL your current CFW (Gen-C) then re-install Prometheus again. *note: don’t forget ChickHen.!* After that, you should have no problem installing it again. This is the reason why i skipped installing Gen-C when i decided to run on Prometheus.

    Hope this could help clear some minor confusions out there. ;)

    Kudos, Jett.

  18. […] used this prometheus? Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 for PSP2000 & PSP3000. Download Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheu… that is the latest one for your MoBo. if it doesn't work youll just have to wait. […]

  19. knb14 says:

    I have an existing PSP 3000 with 5.03 Gen-C CFW. Anyone here can provide step by step for me to shift in 5.03 Prometheus-2? If there is a video on it, much appreciated. I have been trying in youtube by failed.

    • BlueBomberX says:

      Ok first you load ChickHenR2 or MHUSpeedv3 it doesnt matter which one they both do the same thing. Then you load prometheus 2 and hold the left trigger then press x to install prometheus 2 then it willo ask you to reboot press the indicated button to reboot and voila you got prometheus 2 running

  20. kenren07 says:

    ok i already installed it… but it cant run my phantasy star 2 portable… any ideas?

  21. kenren07 says:

    games running smoothly now.. the file that i first downloaded seems to be corrupted.. thanks anyway…

  22. ash256 says:

    it is not loading iso and cso!!!!!!!!!!!!!what should i do?plz help me!!!!!!!!

  23. kenren07 says:

    your using 5.03 right?? try doing the installation again..
    step 1. flash your psp with henR2
    step 2. install 5.03 Gen-C (you can skip this part and go directly to step 3)
    step 3. install 5.03 Prometheus

    if this doesnt work, try checking the version of ur PSP. if its 5.00, use 5.00 Prometheus, if its 5.50, use the 5.50 Prometheus.

    im using 5.03 Prometheus and everything works fine for me.
    currently playing
    -Phantasy Star Portable 2,
    -MGS Peacewalker,
    -Valkyria Chron 2

  24. VoidHeart says:

    Cant seem to flash henr2, just freezes, and sometimes red screen. I think im half way dying in finding a way to hack this f***ing psp. it been a day after without a sleep, i cant find any answer to why i cant hack my psp. Just so many bullshit, like chickhen, why the hell would anyone want that shit, is faulty file, i research it, everyone is using it by just flash their psp with this shit over and over again to just get it working, i mean OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Morons. Why anyone even recommend it. All i want is to play kh bbs……

    • BlueBomberX says:

      Maybe you should do a little more research when it comes to something like this. If you can’t hack it, that means that YOU the gamer are doing something wrong. First, check what model you have? it is a PSP 1001, 2001, 3001? from there you will be able to know what files you will need to hack it properly. secondly, if you really did do the research that you said you did then you would have been able to find the answer a long time ago, by looking through YouTube and Google. EVER HEARD THE PHRASE “GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND”? it’s for real and I suggest you use it. Finally, just so you know chickHen is not a faulty file because I have used and it worked perfectly for me and it’s not the only file you can use to hack the PSP. Just so you know those geniuses that you called morons the one’s responsible for making all of this happen and without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we can do to with the psp. You are very rude and disrespectful and if i were you don’t ask for help here because I wouldnt want to help someone who is ignorant and as impatient as you. Good Luck and have a nice day :)

  25. Jett says:

    Man, you just shouted out to the world of hacking just how big of a NOOB you are.
    you said you researched, but how come you don’t know that the chickhen .tiff file is the MAIN REASON that TA088v3 motherboards can run homebrew/CFWenablers, which in turn makes you play iso’s & cso’s.?!

    If you can’t hack your PSP even with the help of some people here, then just SHUT THE F*CK UP. Don’t go blaming the files or the programmers. Its not their fault if you’re TOO SLOW to comprehend things.

    You said you just wanna play KHBBS.?! Then go to the nearest store and buy the UMD disc. I guess THAT will save you the hassle of hacking. dumb*ss.

  26. gmv_0404 says:

    Pls help me how do i install this on my psp? i just got my psp and i dont know how to install this… thanks!

  27. gmv_0404 says:

    i need a step by step procedure on how to put it inside my memory stick or on my psp, pls.

  28. Jett says:

    How To Install:

    Step 1:
    Connect your PSP to your PC via USB.

    Step 2:
    Download Prometheus-2 CFW.

    Step 3:
    Extract the files to the GAME folder on your PSP.

    Step 4:
    Run ChickHen R2 or MHUSpeed.

    Step 5:
    Install 5.03 Gen-C. (optional)

    Step 6:
    Run the Prometheus-2 Installer and follow the procedures given.

    Step 7:
    If you followed all the steps correctly, your PSP should reboot itself to
    version 5.03 Prome-2.


  29. gmv_0404 says:

    @jett, thanks a lot. i’ll try this. how do i download games for this for free?

  30. […] you use PSPident0.6 and post the screenshot of what MoBo you have? also try Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 for PSP2000 & PSP3000. Download Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheu… __________________ First PSP hacked: 10/23/'09|Details: LE Star Wars PSP 2001 via homemade PB […]

  31. Jett says:

    I’m glad to be of help. But, I suppose you didn’t realize.. this forum does NOT support piracy of any form. So, you just have to get your games LEGITIMATELY. In other terms, BUY YOUR GAMES.

  32. vankarlo says:

    hi, can someone help my problem? i have already followed all the step and the system has been upgraded to 5.03 prome-2, but i didn’t work well. when I tried to play monster hunter portable 3rd (demo), it got problem. my psp suddenly turned off and it’s back to 5.03 version.
    so, what I should to do?

  33. […] CFWEnabler/5.03 GEN on PSP 3000 (TA-90v2)/PSP 2000 TA-88v3 Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheus-2 for PSP2000 & PSP3000. Download Custom Firmware 5.03 Prometheu… __________________ First PSP hacked: 10/23/'09|Details: LE Star Wars PSP 2001 via homemade PB […]

  34. Metallick says:


  35. ncskillz1497 says:

    Will SVR 2011 work on psp 3000 if it is installed with this???


    -peace out

  36. DAN says:

    i cant run the iso games monster hunter 3..

    ill use 5.03 gen c(full) @ 5.03 prometheus..

    i nEED HELP…

  37. Twini says:

    I’ve successfully installed prometheus 5.03 but whenever I completely turn off my psp and turn it on again it all disappears and I have to reload it into my psp again, can anyone please help me??? please…

  38. Taebuldit says: