Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B for HEN Released

Custom Firmware 503 GEN-B released.

Custom Firmware 503 GEN-B released.

Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B has been released. This custom firmware update for PSP-3000 / PSP-2000 TA-088v3 owners now lets users play original firmware 5.55+ games with out the need of Game Decrypter. So no more eboot patching and rebuilding ISO’s with UMDGen. Your now level with 5.50 GEN-D2 users, same options more or less.

Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B Release notes:

Background of core functions:

* Compatible with PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 official firmware 5.03
* Play backups of games REQUIRE PSP firmware above 5.03, including 6.xx
* Reading UMD REQUIRE firmware above 5.03, including 6.xx
* Reading UMD / ISO games protected against the custom firmware.
* Play of PS1 games
* GEN available VSH MENU (SELECT)
* Recovery in VSH available
* Reading Homebrews
* Etc..

It is time to get down to that angry because we have failed to resolve.

Known Bugs:

* MGS demo refuses to run
We’ve tried everything and what works in 5.50GEN-D2 has not worked in the 5.03GEN-B. Pity …

* The Recovery mode menu is “mixed”
The RECOVERY MODE 5.02GEN-A has been patched to run on the PSP-3000. It can change the most usual options but we encounter some problems with this VSH Recovery in and we have not managed to fix it. In fact, the menu sees some of his lines not properly allocated and others who do not work. Note that on a PSP-3000, the recovery is useless, or nearly so, since all the useful features found in the VSH menu or in Ultimate VSH menu Total_Noob of Total_Noob we strongly recommend that you install.

Remember in order to update to 5.03 GEN-B you need to have 5.03 GEN-A already up and running. *Not needed you can go straight to 5.03 GEN-B. Here are some tips to get on the road to CFW 5.03 GEN-B :

  1. Ok first up you’ll need a PSP-3000 or PSP-2000 with a TA-088v3 *duh…
  2. Now make sure your running Firmware 5.03 or less (On FW 5.03+ Sorry this isn’t for ya. ChickHEN only works on 5.03!)
  3. Install chickHEN R2 and get it running. This will help: Guide to running ChickHEN R2
  4. Once in the Homebrew Enabled Environment aka HEN, run GEN-B. Simple!

Download: Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B
(Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-B - 255.7 KiB - 98,003 Hits)

Oh and while your at it, Team GEN recommends you install this: Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob, it will give you some useful VSH Menu functions since the Recovery Menu is practically useless….

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  • m33sam

    is there psn support with this yet or no?

  • Sgtplatypus

    Hey I’m not sure if this helps anyone but at first i couldn’t get madden 10 iso)to work(this game could not be started(80020148).
    but undead knights and ghost busters worked.
    so I decrypted madden But didn’t patch it and it worked.

    (PSP 3000)

  • chrishns

    i have installed 5.03 gen-b but can’t play soul calibur broken destiny.anyone know why?

    • dtrickster95

      try changing your UMD Mode to M33 Driver

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    • chrishns

      i tried gran turismo and fifa 10 and played just fine.maybe the file wasn’t good

  • paris7bboy

    Sorry, im new at this. I finished loading this, but my ISO is still corrupted… I loaded everything like it said, and the Gen is on there, but my ISO isn’t working… please let me know what i need to do. thanks!

    • desmo7

      Have you tried other iso games? or maybe cso games? How do u describe the file is corrupted? Games cannot load (80020148)?

      • paris7bboy

        thanks for replying desmo. In my XMB in games, you just see a corrupted sign ( square with crack going through). i had 5.03 Gen B on, but then i started over and now i only have 5.03 Gen A on. Im trying to reload Gen B, but it starts up and says, ” now reboot your psp in CFW 5.03 Gen B. This hacking stuff seems easy on youtube, but im running into different issues left and right. Atleast i didn’t brick it. the only thing i can do right now is run a GBA emulator. yEs, i have tried other isos and Csos. it just won’t read it. i had CWF enabler before, but it couldn’t read it either. when people load it on youtube, it starts right up. mine doesnt. i have a psp 3000. anyways, if you have any tips, i would sure love to hear. thanks again for replying.

    • assmunch

      did you put all of your isos and csos in the ISO folder at the root of the memory card?

      • paris7bboy

        awesome name! haha. o man. thanks a lot!! it worked. i had my iso folder in the “games” section and not the “root.” THANK YOOU SOOOO MUCCCCHHH!!!!

  • Handfull

    anyone have a clue how to run psone games on the 2000? I thought gen was able to run them with out having to monkey around with it.

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  • Handfull

    i’m starting to think this was not worth switching too.

  • SushiKaru

    Ermm, First of All Thanks Team GEN this CFW is awesome.

    Secondly, does anyone know why Ultimate PSPTube 2.0 works but the High Mem. Mod doesn’t? =\

    • Volt7x

      High Mem. Mod used to have problems working for me too, but then I fixed it. I can’t exactly remember what I did, but if you did it right, then the message in HMM should fade to PSPTube a few seconds later.

      • SushiKaru

        Ahh Crap. So your running your HMM on GEN-B?

        If So, do you remember or you still don’t ? =p

        Thanks =]

      • SushiKaru

        Nevermind, I found out how to fix it myself =p

        If anyone else has this problem, it’s because you put the HMM (HighMemoryMod) in a CAT_ folder
        Just put it in GAMES, and you’ll be fine, in other words don’t put it in a CAT_ folder, If your not using Games Categories You don’t even need to worry.

  • Agst

    at first the update worked, now it doenst anymore:

    i had 5.03 gen-B updated, it worked great.
    Then i rebooted my psp 3000, i upgraded it again to 5.03 gen-A, and now when i try to run the 5.03 gen-B updater it only gives me this message: “now reboot your psp in cfw 5.03gen-b”
    then its still on 5.03 gen-A.

    • paris7bboy

      hey, that happened to me too!!!!

      • babyjtrunks

        When u start 5.03 Gen-B hold the Left trigger and it will work

    • assmunch

      when you restart psp. load chickhen, then gen-b. dont load gen-a. gen-a has to only be used for the first install of gen-b.

  • Agst

    anyone help me?

  • Handfull

    could someone please clue me in on how to run psone games on a 2001 slim running Gen-b?

    • megamanx41

      Do you have the all the popsloader versions installed? check by holding the R1 button when launching a ps1 game. A list should appear with different versions like 3.40, 3.51,3.52 and so. If nothing happens then you need to install them since some ps1 games run better or only on a certain version of popsloader.

      • Handfull

        I had no idea about holding r when booting the game. Thank you very much for your help. I’m gonna give it a shot. It’s also funny to me cause the game’s i’ve been trying to play are the megaman x games. Thanks again megaman!!

      • Handfull

        ya, i got them it looks like. but every time i try to change version, or run a psone game the psp just hang’s then reboots. i’ll keep trying. wonder if there is a list of games and what pop’s version works best for each one… anyway thanks for your help.

      • megamanx41

        Try searching for “psx psp popsloader compatibility list” on Google.

  • ukelays

    umm this may sound dumb :S… i have a psp 2000 with ofw 6.10 i heard i shouldnt pandora it because it may have a tao88v3 mb and i can longer install chickHEN is there anything i can do?

    • Handfull

      take it to a game store like eb games or gamestop and trade it in. they let you look and test the psp. the 1000’s go for like 90 bucks. a slim is more like 120. that’s your best bet. unless you can find a busted one with the right mother board to swap.

  • longmark

    now i have 5.03 gen B but when i start to launch smackdown vs raw my psp freezes n shut down so i have to start install chichen r2 again. do u have any ideas what wrong with the game?

  • Arc1

    I updated and it works great but i was messing with settings(yea im stupid) and i changed the default button to O instead of X and now i wanted to change it back. SO I went to registry hacks and my PSP3001 turns off and I have to go back through chickHEN and back to GEN-B then i try again and it does it again! help?

    • Handfull

      try installing the vsh menu plug in. there are a few bugs with Gen’s vsh menu.

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  • ct123

    it works but is ther anyway to uninstall cuz i patched my v5.50+ games and i prefer custom firmware enabler

    • Handfull

      put cfwe 3.30 in the game folder. completly shut down psp. run chickhen then run 3.30 chose to uninstall and your clean.

  • binary

    GEN-B freezes quite often .. is there a way to get back to GEN-A ???? anyone having problems ????

  • shamil

    When I shut down my psp fully then run chickhen again after do I run the 5.03 gen-b full after? or the installer loader? Thanks,

    • Handfull

      run chickhen then run gen-a (wich shows up as installer/loader). at this point your psp either shut’s down trying to reboot into gen a, or it dosent. if it dont just run gen -b. if it dose shut down get chickhen going skip gen a and go right to gen b.

      • shamil

        Yes Running B works well.
        Also I have another problem.

        “When you installed the custom firmware in your flash you can remove the “files” folder in the MS ROOT.
        For your own safety, is better that you rename or erase the prx called “flasher.prx” in the MAIN APP folder to
        avoid wrong flash times.”

        When I remove all this and shutdown the psp fully and ran chickhen then the installer loader it says that the files folder wasn’t found then It aborts.

        So should I keep this files or remove it? Can someone help me?
        Any help will be appreciated it.

  • ronelpriela

    this website is broken i guess cuzzz theres no updates…T_T fix this website…please

  • megamanx41

    To Shamil: I don’t think it’s REALLY necessary to remove or rename those files. I left them the way they are and my PSP runs perfectly. I even accidentally flashed it, but nothing happened, then I just pressed O and it rebooted like usuall. Anyway, I say just leave the files as they are so that you can reboot whenever you need to.

    • shamil

      Thanks for the help really appreciated it. BTW how do you flash? What is the point of that?
      Thanks again,

  • naaneater

    The problem occuring with mine is the im tryig to reinstalling this gen-b and i removed whole files from the MS ROOT… AND WHEN I RUN 3.60 CFW ,…………….. AND WHEN I SEE SYSTEM INFORMATION GEN-B IS STILL THERE ……… PLZ HELP IS THERE ANY WAY TO REINSTALL THIS GEN-B

    • Handfull

      Hold down the L button then start the Gen b update

  • amitk23

    im kind of new to this stuff and im having troubles with the gen a/b stuff.
    i already have chickhen r2 and it works fine but i want to be able to play iso games. HELP PLEEEEAASSSE

  • krakkerman18

    can i use decrypter v4 on 5.03 gen b to play the nfl10 and smackdown 2010?

  • HeelTaker

    Hey this is probably a stupid question but does this version work with PiMPStreamer or with any other streaming methods? I ask because I have been absolutely unable to get it working with GEN-A…

  • assmunch

    little big planet works perfect. so far everything ive ran works. i read a comment that this freezes quite often, it does not ever freeze, at least it hasnt on me, great addition to the gen name. thanks team gen.

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  • mikhail13

    can this brick my psp… just for assurance hehhehee

    • krystoffer002

      no.. how many times do i need to tell you.. lol

  • mamaw

    can someone solve my problem, please(Y-Y)
    After installing 5.03 gen-b one of my game hanged and when I installed gen-a when i update it to gen-b it wont update anymore…
    When I try to update it says “Rebooting to cfw5.03gen-b” then when it goes back to the xmb nothing happened at all.
    Does this mean it only works for one time???

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  • im4fun

    toooooooo gud custom fimware i can run gran turismo and dirt 2 now

  • sleezarium

    Oh, and just a simple question..
    I’ve got a psp-2000 ta088v3 which thankfully to this I can finally give justice to it, and a 4GB memory card.
    Just wanna ask whats the max size of mem card i can use, cos i feel like upgrading it.

  • TheKeiron

    I cant get spiderman 3 to work with this! i’ve got a psp 3000 i’ve got loadsa games to work (even new ones like lego indiana jones 2) but this one refuses to work, and syphon filter dark mirror didnt work either, anyone got these to work? any ideas what i’m doing wrong?! i’ve made sure m33 driver is selected in vsh menu anything else i can try?

  • beforedark

    so i downloaded little big planet patched for m33-6 but it works with gen B full. BUT for some reason it wont load the save game file it created. every time i load the game it just restarts and creates a new save file. please if anyone knows why its happening i would appreciate a solution.

  • e1allen

    HELP! GEN-A and GEN-B are not working for me. Once I reboot in GEN-B or GEN-A when I had it, when I reboot it will get really sluggish after 4-5 seconds making it impossible to scroll to anywhere real fast, when I try to play a game it won’t work either. It is like in slow motion and nothing wants to work. The screen has these glitches and flickers as well. Update, games will load, and work however it does take a few minutes of letting the PSP sit after pressing x for the game to load. Once the game is loaded there is no more lag. Any suggestions as to what my problem might be. This only started happening when I let my friend borrow the PSP for a few hours, after this, it now fails to work correctly.

    • mamaw

      If it is PSP3000 turn of your psp completely (manualy) then install it again(I got the same prob in my first cfw installation but when Idid this it is in norm. speed)

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  • kymmi876

    Hey guys, i’m a bit new to this, but I tried the ChickHEN R2 on my PSP-2001 (TA-088v3) and i was able to run homebrews. I even tried 5.03GEN-B updater, and that worked fine as well. However, my curiousity got the best of me, and i manually rebooted the psp and tried the CFWEnabler 3.60 and now i cant get back 5.03GEN-B full. But I whenever i use CFWEnabler 3.60, i get 5.03 MHU… what can i do to get back 5.03GEN-B full or am i better off with 5.03 MHU?… please, your help is much appreciated.

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  • kuel komer

    Hey is anybody getting a 3632 code flashing on the lower right of the screen. I’m getting this when playing tekken 6, well trying to play. I have a psp 3000 running gen b

  • playingames

    My psp is 220-240v.Can I still update?

  • playingames

    220-240v is psp 2003. Then,what is TA-088v3 ?

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  • playingames

    Can I just upgrade to 5.03 OFW and use the chickHEN to mod it to 5.03GEN-B?

  • apongus

    can’t play tekken 6, it says it cannot be started (80020148).. damn! can anyone help me with this. thnx

  • PspLover3000

    at first the update worked, now it doenst anymore:

    i had 5.03 gen-B updated, it worked great.
    Then i rebooted my psp 3000, i upgraded it again to 5.03 gen-A, and now when i try to run the 5.03 gen-B updater it only gives me this message: “now reboot your psp in cfw 5.03gen-b”
    then its still on 5.03 gen-A.