CTFtool GUI v3.0 – Now with PSP-3000 5.03 GEN-A support

CTF Tool GUI v3.0 by patpat.

CTF Tool GUI v3.0 by patpat.

PSP Developer patpat has released an important update to CTF Tool Gui. You now have the option to make CTF themes that are compatible with PSP-3000’s running Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A. Custom Firmware’s 3.71 M33 to 5.00 M33 are supported and 5.50 GEN A to B2 too.

There is also new support for the pspboot_plugin.prx, which will load the pspboot.pmf when your psp boots up, (Place your pspboot.pmf into /vsh/resource/  – This beta feature only supports 5.00,5.03,5.50GEN-B2)

CTFtool GUI v3.0 changelog:

CTFtool GUI v3.0 9.28 Update:

– Support pspboot_plugin.prx, it will play pspboot.pmf when psp boot, you just put pspboot.pmf into /vsh/resource/, press home can skin. only support 5.00,5.03,5.50GEN-B2
(beta, it will take more time to boot and some of the Memory Stick does not support, if the psp can’t boot after use it please go to recovery menu to delete it)

– mps to pmf,you can put gameboot.mps or pspboot.mps into /vsh/resource

– support 5.03 ctf for psp3000

– convert topmenu_plugin.rco

– the “Information Board” of topmenu_icon.rco will use the icon of “LocationFree Player” or “Online Instruction”

– the app will del these file when 5.00 to 5.50:

Source: endlessparadigm

*Thanks pspfreak08 for the email tip off!

Download: CTFtool GUI v3.0
(CTFtool GUI v3.0 - 5.9 MiB - 5,196 Hits)

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  1. Hani says:

    1st lol
    cool tool for my 3k thanks a lot patpat

  2. trentkdavis says:

    first for the first time.

    • PSPFan says:

      Hmmmm its no competition to be the first to comment you know. In fact its rather silly………

    • aeon44 says:

      he must thought its a race on who should comment first.
      but what do you get for being first?
      you’re pathetic, this should be spam.
      you only said kool without even knowing how this works.

  3. RaversFantasy says:

    You get 2 be The First one on da list :D

    • mDS64 says:

      How about we just ban people who go first unless they post something useful?

      First banned-YOU!

      Let’s see how you like them apples.

      • marcymarc says:

        mDS64 banned for not contributing, you hypocrite.

        Ok… so- is this for 3000 5.03 MHU (btw, what is mhu vs. m33 in terms of functionality?) with cfwenabler? Can you convert themes to 5.03 with it?

  4. roitery says:

    Will this help to install 5.50 CFW on PSP 3000?? I am running on 5.03 GEN-A and it is really not supporting any more games.. I need atleast 5.50 CFW on PSP 3000.. Please anyone has any information?? Anyone working on PSP 3000??

  5. psp3000 says:

    wont the gameboot and pspboot harm my psp 3000

  6. rayner000 says:

    Yes! I’m 7th!
    Kool program BTW

  7. mDS64 says:

    So how exactly does this work-does it make ctf theme’s or does it just allow compatibility for the theme’s to work?

    Sorry-I’ve been looking for a ctf maker-all I can do is basic ptf theme’s :(

  8. Hani says:

    it only work in the gen custom is it
    or can it work in 5.03 m33

  9. Angelo says:

    Isn’t that other thing CTF packager or something more useful to make CTF themes? Or can you only view and extract them with that?

  10. BooYah says:

    Will this work with CFWE? or its only for GEN type? and is this thing safe to use on PSP3K?

  11. Doritoes says:

    Capture the Flag..

  12. darktech says:

    I like this program, but i actually want to make the ctf themes. Is there another program for that,or should i use adobe or something?

  13. darktech says:

    nvm, guess i have to google.0_o

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