Confirmed, Pandoras battery not working on new PSP-2000 Slim.


Its Confirmed, The Pandora battery hack isn’t working with the new PSP-2000 / PSP Slim and Lite.

This is the video on youtube (Embedded below) of a guy testing the Pandora battery and magic memory stick in a old PSP-1000 which works. Then trying the same in a new black PSP-2000 / PSP Slim. As you can see from the video clip the unit powers on but fails to do anything else. So it refuses to work with the new unit. I guess that the new unit is not hackable yet….Time will tell.

As you can see its powering the PSP-2000 but fails to boot.

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  1. MDog says:

    Yeah, well, would have been too easy anyhow..

  2. PSP-Fan says:

    True, nothings that easy. I guess in a months we might see something if Dark Alex gets involved again full time.

  3. Zaz says:

    hacked now lol…

  4. clown says:

    nice reflection.


  5. trrdhtg says:

    its a blind install it dont work with the new screen pandora menu uses 1.XX kernal the slim screen uses 3.XX kernal u cant see any thing just press X i will install

  6. Itsnameisgundam says:

    are they working on hacking the new 2000 and 3000?
    I hope they do soon!
    I got a psp ready to hack and now I can’t!!!
    I’m rooting for you guys to hack it as soon as possible!

  7. zero says:

    any newssss