Chilly Willy’s Doom PSP v1.3


Chilly Willy’s Doom PSP v1.3 released today. Chilly Willys Doom port is a PSP Slim compatible port and supports TV out. This runs fine of Custom Firmware 3.71 M33, tested myself.

Doom PSP v1.3 by Chilly Willy’s

Runs fine as you can see from my screenshot above.

Version 1.3 Changelog

V1.3 released

Networking is finally working properly. The GUI has been altered to make it easier to set up network games.

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  • bruno

    this works is psp slim with 3.60?????Tell me plz

  • bruno response

    nope you need 3.71 m33

  • SnowmanDev

    I cant find this anywhere, im lookin to play doom2 more though …
    somebody IM me please regarding this.