ChickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 Released

ChickHEN release 2 (bugfix) has been released!

Davee: ChickHEN R2 Released - Homebrew now works

True to his word, Davee has released ChickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03. This release Davee has fixed the homebrew bug and TIFF images have been blocked while in HEN.

ChickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 Changelog:

[ChickHEN Revision 2] – Team Typhoon

– Now supports homebrew
– Homebrew Support enhanced
– Tiff image blocking in HEN (displays unsupported)

[What it does?]
ChickHEN works as a homebrew enabler for all PSP models (1000, 2000 and 3000) and allows execution of homebrew games and apps on 5.03 Official firmware. It can allow you to play games such as Bugz!, Jellycar or run apps such as pspfiler and PSPTube. Homebrew enhances the experience of a normal PSP without any faulty side-effects.

[What it does not do?]
– Run ISO, CSO or any other form of UMD backup.
– Run PSX Games
– Touch The Flash of your beloved PSP
– Magically allow the use of Custom Firmware (on TA-088v3 or PSP 3000)
– Load plugins

[How do I use it?]
Depending on your PSP Model, you’re going to need a specific tiff image. If you have a Phat (1000) PSP, use the tiff image supplied in the “PHAT” folder and  copy it to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO. Else copy the tiff image in the “SLIM” folder to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO.
After you’ve copied the image to your PSP, you can copy the h.bin supplied to the root of the memorystick (ms0:/). This should be sufficient for PSP to reboot into ChickHEN.

[Can it break my PSP?]
ChickHEN works differently to all previous HEN’s. Instead of flashing to flash0, it resides entirely in RAM to prevent any damage to the system. Sure enough, you can run applications in HEN to flash stuff but I strongly recommend against it. ChickHEN comes with no warrenty, no guanantee and you run this software under your own responsibility.

As stated, HEN comes with no warrenty, and this software should not be used in conjunction with homebrew which can countervent any copyright laws.

Team Typhoon – ChickHEN
MaTiAz: TIFF Eggsploit ;)
Lawrence Jackson (LCJ14) – PSP 3000
Cloudy: Betatesting
MforMature staff: For everything
Everyone else who gave help during the development

So just like before depending on weather you have a PSP-1000 (fat) or PSP-2000 / PSP-3000 (slim) place the h.bin file in your MS root and the chickHEN folder with images in PSP/PHOTO on your memory stick pro duo. Now if you don’t have that folder PSP/PHOTO don’t panic just create it and place the folder in there.

For example if you have a PSP-3000 you would put the Slim ChickHEN folder in PSP/PHOTO so it looks like PSP/PHOTO/ChickHEN with the pretty egg gifs inside. (Sorry but we have to be crystal clear for some people it seems!)

Now making sure you have PSP Firmware 5.03 installed, don’t have PSP firmware 5.03? Get it here -> PSP Firmware 5.03

Ok now in the PSP XMB go to Photo’s / Memory stick and then the chickHEN folder and wait! If it works you’ll see a few colours flash and then your PSP is rebooting itself loading up the chickHEN homebrew environment. Now you can go to Game in the XMB and load some homebrew!!. This time it will work!

Now you’ll be looking for some Emulators like GBA emulators, Super Nintendo, plus some cool homebrew games. Visit our huge PSP Emulator section and PSP Downloads for homebrew games, homebrew applications for your homebrew enabled PSP-3000 or TA88v3 PSP-2000.

Source: Davee’s Site

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03
(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 739,347 Hits)

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  1. Revolver95 says:

    I tried it many times on a normal 4GB memory card but it doesn’t seem to work on my PSP 2004, so i tried followed the same steps but this time on my magic memory card and it seems to work perfectly

    • impissedof says:

      Same problem for me too! PLEASE HELP PEOPLE! (btw, as soon I go on the .tiff image my psp crashes! :(

  2. asd0 says:

    Will the 5.50 ChickHEN that will run .iso and .cso formatted games run on OFW 5.03? If not, are you going to make ChickHEN R3 for 5.03 that will run .iso and .cso formatted games?– Will the 5.50m33 custom firmware will work for 5.03? If not are you going to make 5.03m33 custom firmware? (if we are in 5.03 ofw do we need to update to ofw 5.50 to use the chickhen and custom firmware?)
    >>the best question WHEN will it be realesed?<<

  3. archie says:

    can i ask a question? will this work on PSP 3000? thanks a lot Davee!

  4. asd0 says:

    is there any emulator that we can use while waiting the ChickHEN for 5.50? emulator that can run .iso and .cso formatted games and also compatible with ChickHEN R2 for 5.03 (what emulator can you suggest us to use in order to play .iso and .cso games in our psp?)

    Can I install custom firmware on my PSP3002(TA-090v2) using TimeMachine?or I’ll just brick my PSP?

  5. neld says:

    what will I do next after I downloaded the ChickHenR2.rar?..thanks davee

  6. asd0 says:

    thats better. You and Dark Alex is so good at this thing, keep it up.

  7. asd0 says:

    lol, all the things u need is here, look above

  8. klootviool says:

    Download winrar and extract it

  9. Karl says:

    lol psphater good luck with hacking everyones account, lol.

  10. ZeNtRiNo says:

    Sorry to bother, I know you’re all pretty busy, and this is a rather dumb question: But I was just wondering whether or not a future release will allow the ability to view pictures while in chickHEN. Or maybe it’s possible now and I just don’t know? Or maybe this question was asked and answered already… anyway, I’d just like to know! Thanks!


  11. Just luck says:

    Dave your the man! worked like a charm, thanks for your help :).
    Other people who have the prob where your psp keeps on crashing when you open the picture keep on trying. I must of tried way over 30 times.

  12. pspfan2009 says:

    AFAIK cfw for psp3k (ta-090v2) is not a possibility as of this moment, as there are some issues
    with the ipl but cfw works in ta-090v1.

  13. Guest says:

    do not try to install custom firmware on psp 3000 or any psp with a motherboard TA-088V3 or higher, or it will brick your psp.

  14. Darknyte says:

    ChickHEN R2 will run unsigned code, a.k.a homebrew, but will not run iso or cso backups. It should run most 3.xx kernel homebrew, but not older 1.50 kernel homebrew. Alot of apps have now been moded to run specifically for 5.03 HEN so use this if they are available like gpsp mod HEN. Any questions post a reply.

  15. Anand says:

    There is none.

  16. Teh Emo says:

    No theres no such thing us that

  17. Anonymous says:

    Do it and see.

  18. Karl says:

    To Darknyte: Will HEN run Kurok(its a 3D shooter), coz when I tried to run Kurok, my PSP crashed…..

  19. Darknyte says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!! Kurok runs under hen. But instead of using Slim Eboot, use normal Eboot.

  20. tom says:

    in chikHen R2 the picture feature works, well it does for me. the .tiff files show up as unsoported, but every other pic should work.