ChickHEN Mod – Load ChickHEN smoother


ChickHEN Mod - Load ChickHEN R2 smoother.

PSP Developer m0skit0 has release a mod for ChickHEN R2 that will enable ChickHEN to load much smoother. This will help users that are having trouble to getting chickHEN to load up after many attempts. This should reduce the amount of attempts needed to get it to load up.

To install the program:

1. Power on the PSP
2. Connect to the PC via USB.
3. Open the folder of the PSP and copy the download (in the root of the MS)
4. Decompress ChickHEN Answer “Yes” to all replacements.
5. Now we do a safe extraction of the PSP and switch to PSP now
6. Press O to cancel USB connection
7. Go to Photos, down to Memory Stick and press X
8. Wait for the egg image to load in the ChickHEN Mod square.
9. When it’s loaded press X (no need for timing here)

If you are successful, you’ll see the green light flashing and it will reboot in the ChickHEN environment. After that, you can now enable the CFW Enabler v1.0. If it doesn’t work, just reset your PSP and go back to step 7.

Source: Dark_Alex forums

Download: ChickHEN Mod
(ChickHEN Mod - 138.8 KiB - 159,350 Hits)

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    • doomsday101

      Hi.i have a chickHen in my psp. When i activate that, the screen i will come out a green when i activate again the chickHen the screen will become black then it will restart…what will i do..srry i dnt speak english well..HELP ME PLS:((((

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  • Jifriz

    JIFRIZ Ultimate Guide To RUN ChickHEN R2


    I spent one whole night trying to make it works but with no hope .

    In the next day I made my own scenario and it worked from the first time.

    Here is my guide 100% working on any hopless model:

    1- extract the checkhen r2 package to ur memory card

    2-insert a umd (i used the demo)

    3- make a system restore

    4- the umd will auto start (click home and go back to main screen)

    5- goto pictures and click the checkhen folder

    6-quicky switch wireless on and scroll down to the bottom of the checkhen folder

    7-boom (Happy Checkhen)

    With Regards,

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  • MegaPSP

    Downloaded this mod on my PSP-2000 with 5.03 OFW yesterday, ChickHEN loaded successfully, but CFWEnabler alerted about many “Write disk” errors! DO NOT TRY THIS MOD!!! It seems to be R1, not R2!!! Then downloaded ChickHEN R2 and CFWEnabler 3.60 installed successfully))) Now playing ISO/CSA games))) Thx 4 your attention and this great site!!!

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  • stgambit

    HELP!!!! after i run the Hellcat Recovery my psp wont display anything.. the psp turn on but wont display anything…

    • se7en

      Dude.. You bricked your PSP! What series do you have? If it’s the PSP 3000 you can never fix it anymore. coz there is no available unbricker for the PSP 3000.

      Sorry dude.

  • ledbetterp3

    is slim_mod supposed to be corrupted??

  • Defender

    this smoother PoS doesnt work any better than the original! Sorry pal… I’ve tried for 30 minutes with no luck!

  • Monkey1992

    the chickHEN mod does not work on my psp what came i do about it?

  • Rlkant18

    when i run it my psp shuts off

  • Austin

    when i run it my psp shuts down, then when it turns back on its not in chickHen like its supposed to be

  • wyatt

    works fine! thanks!

    • dawid

      wow, it worked the first time. i almost lost my hope after trying different approaches.
      thx for this post :)

  • Thomas matol III

    you don’t want to turn off your psp..all you have to do is download chickhen latest version(be sure that the version is 5.03 for the psp 2000-3000)…then open your psp…go to photos.images,then click…all you have to do is to wait and you will notice a flash,it means your psp successfully installed the will automatically restart and go to psp memory stick.just click and go to 5.03 GEN-C(in the psp games) you are ready to choose any games you like to play…sorry for my english guys.. ^_^ nc 1 for the source of this one…god bless guys…

  • A_ramos06

    funciona com a psp 3003 date code 8D versão 5.55? cumprimentos

  • Arnabaxy

    it is showing unsuppoertes content

  • gest

    fuj u

  • Kylewilkinson53

    nothing happens

  • Tommytomthms5

    GRRRRRR!!!!!! I’M in 5.03 ChickHen and got “corrupted data” as the “CFW Enabler v1.0.” thing

  • Jeffrey

    where do i download free chicken application

  • vgms

    I’m unable to connect psp into my computer through USB. its not detecting! Please advise

  • Trojanhorseiv

    if dont work in 2 tries, then do restore default settings and try again !

  • Bernardo Sosa Gómez

    When I open the pictures folder it just turns of and that’s it…. WHAT CAN I DO!!? PLEASE!!

  • Ssslll

    nothing happen

  • Tadel Gamal

    i have done all the above

    or the egg image to load in the ChickHEN Mod square.

    unsupported data

  • Rholito Junsan Bibat

    nothing happens

  • Superman28

    i do all the instructions i have one thing problem that the CFW ENABLER iis not appearing after the reboot. I’ve done it how many times and yet not working.

  • TheNoobOne

    Wow this actually works. Was on the verge of giving up when I tried this. Worked on my second try, the others didn’t work even after more than 50 tries. This really made my day. When I bought my psp, it already had ChickHEN and it didn’t give me any trouble until one day it stopped working. In the end, only this managed to save my psp :)

  • S Jimrose

    it goes to black screen then shuts off…

  • S Jimrose

    when i execute the chickhen it goes to black screen…plss help me how fix it pls..

  • nathaniel

    i understand guys it turn to black screen and shut off. il telll you how.
    1. Go to system settings
    2.restore default settings.
    3.then go to that pictures chickHenD

    if you got any problem with this keep doing it .it happens to me sometimes

  • gibbbbaaaaayyyy

    go to the photos folder but do not go into it as yet, wait until u see options appear and then disappear, once u do that go into the chicken photos and it will work