CEF TN for Playstation Vita 2.02 UNO exploit


OK! I know i know we are late about this but we have had some difficulties In the staff please forgive us about this.

Important update: it seems for the EU version, you need your console to be set to English language in order for the exploit to work. I’m sure Frostegater will look into this, but in the meantime, if you use the EU version, please switch your console language to English!

Happy new year again! We eventually got convinced to not wait any longer and release the files for Frostegater’s port of Total_Noob’s CEF for Vita Firmware 2.02.

As a reminder, this tool relies on an exploit in the PSP Game UNO. You must own a legit copy of the UNO game on your PS Vita Firmware 2.02 in order for this exploit to run. CEF will let you play PSP Homebrews and PSP backups on your Vita. It does not allow you to play pirated Vita games, or PS Vita native content. To summarize, CEF does what a CFW or a HEN would do on a PSP.

Installation / How to use
Installation and how to run are explained in the readme, but for the sake of it:

1.Extract the zip, and copy the folder that matches your version of the game (EU, JP, or US) to your content Manager PSAVEDATA folder. For example: My Documents/CMA/PSAVEDATA/1234567890abcdef/NPEH00020DATA00
2.It is recommended to install OpenCMA, although until Sony releases a new firmware, the regular CMA client is ok too
3.Copy the UNO savedata to your PS Vita with the content Manager
4.run UNO on your PS Vita, and press X (or O) to continue, this should load the exploit

FYI the EU UNO game has been lifted off the PSN but as I’m typing this I’m downloading the UNO game off the USA PSN store so If you have an EU account than make a new account with the country USA.

Also Frostegater released a newer, bug fixed exploit (people were complaining that the exploit would crash upon start) and you can download that below.


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  1. Kyle Hassen says:

    If you need help with posts on here. im on Wololo and here on a daily basis and usually come to them about 10 times a day. just up in the air. if it requires other sites for info i can look into them as well.

  2. skylinekid17 says:

    Hi I need help installing the gpSP on the Vita using this exploit. I see the gpSP icon when I load up UNO but whenever I extract it, after it’s done the icon isn’t there. I was successful in running an ISO copy of  DBZ Tag Team that I took off my PSP memory card and it works fine. All I really want this exploit for is to load up and continue my gaming that I left on my PSP’s gpSP on my PS Vita because that’s where I can switch over to my PS Vita games easily whenever there is a need. Thanks in advance. I’m using the US save exploit.

    • Cloudxddd says:

      ok get gpsp make folder psp/game/gpsp put you rom folder and bios in the gpsp folder. zip the psp folder and make sure its all CAPS SO EXAMPLE GPSP.ZIP  PUT IN SAVE DATA FOLDER AND THERE YOU GO :)

      • cloudo says:

        i have uk account can i get it?

      • skylinekid17 says:

        Did that man and it didn’t work. I’m using the yMenu for this. I am having trouble figuring out what application that contains an “Eboot.pbp” that can allow me to launch in the exploit to change my ISO Mode from “Sony NP9660″ to “M33″. Not sure this exploit will support “Seplugins” lol. I’m using “PSPFiler” to move out the games from the save exploit folder into a named folder.

  3. Damn, my games aren’t appearing.

  4. Fadhli7 says:

    What about Asia version?

  5. Ginga409 says:

    How do I put the iso’s on my vita?

    • skylinekid17 says:

      If you have the UNO exploit just make sure you run the game with the save exploit. After use OpenCMA (Put your Vita in “AIRPLANE MODE” and turn off your INTERNET CONNECTION on your laptop or PC). Read my post concerning the Homebrew and ISO/CSO

  6. Matthew Hickey says:

    Does anyone know how to speed up the ISO transfers using the FTP thing? I’m using the UNO exploit and it says 6 hours for the transfer. Email me at matthewhickey (at) gmail.com

  7. Ginga409 says:

    Uh ignore my question. I figured it out.

  8. Yumeshume says:

    If you guys are having a problem with the iso convert them to CSO using UMDGen its free and very easy to use

  9. skylinekid17 says:

    To all having trouble that I posted yesterday on my gpSP not being seen after extracting from a “.ZIP” file via the TN-Menu I instead used the “yMenu”. Just replace the original TN-Menu files from your UNO game save folder with the “yMenu” files. Don’t forget to use “OpenCMA” and here are the files to the yMenu. Hope it helps.
    yMenu: http://wololo.net/2012/10/07/release-ymenu-for-cef-6-60-tn/

    NOTE: Read the description and the download is right below the image of the yMenu.

    You won’t have an more problems. And for ISO/CSO files you just have to name them in all CAPS and just do it within 8 letters if you are using the TN-Menu. There won’t be a need to name it all caps if you use yMenu. All you have to do is place the iso file as is in your game save folder for UNO. If you want to move the files to the “ISO” folder then create a .ZIP achieve and place “PSPfiler” (found here http://pspslimhacks.com/psp-filer-6-6/) and move or create whatever folder you want to place it in. It won’t matter since whatever folder you create will show in the yMenu.

    I hope I am some sort of help. Someone should create a thread on this lol

  10. Gorrrillajoe64 says:

    For all of you having trouble this video gives you a complete walk through on installing the CFW and putting games onto the vita http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjw8lBouyMo

  11. skylinekid17 says:

    US account holders can still get the game? It’s still on the PSN unless it was pulled and patched (but wouldn’t it ask to update if it was patched?) So far no “update” icon on my PS Vita.

  12. GM says:

    UNO on US Market still alive. Done from Europe, US account created, Playstation Network Card bought with PayPal on third-party site. PSVita is european so no region resctrictions at all! See you…

  13. JBiohazard says:

    Just tried it. Uno still on US Store. Working :)

  14. DjStiv3 says:

    goddamn is it really this annoyingly hard to understand everything hacking>vita oriented?
    where do you download the file after you buy UNO to begin hacking? make it clear i dont see it anywhere jeez hacking a psp with a pandora battery and making a special mem stick was easier than this

  15. cloudo says:

    i missed the uno will they announce any other games?

  16. Crimminal1337 says:

    Can i play iso psp games by using this on vita?

  17. IF anybody has problems making there game appear on the Menu heres something you might want to know or do FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH .ISO/.ZIP BEING LOWERCASE!
    the extension of your file name should also be CAPS!!!!!!!!!!
    TEKKEN.cso = NO!!!!!!

    had to play with it all night :~|

  18. Taranto says:

    Dammit! I missed the UNO…