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Game Categories v8 Released

Bubbletune is back with his handy little Game Categories prx plug-in. If you unsure exactly what this plug is all about just check the above video. Its the custom firmware enabled PSP owners perfect plug in. Organize + Categorize your homebrew, ISO, PSX and Emulator [...]


Game Categories v7 Released

Bubbletune has released Game Categories v7, the handy PSP prx plug-in that lets you categorize your games menu. With two modes, a mode which displays a menu pop up each time you open your Game Menu in the XMB and lets you choose the category. [...]


LCS Cheat Device for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B

GTA PSP lovers are going to like this one, remember LCS Cheat Device? Think back a few years… The prx cheat enabler for GTA: LCS and GTA:VCS. Well thanks to the handy HEX editing skills of pickyeater we have LCS Cheat Device now running on [...]


Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob

Total_Noob is back again with his Ultimate VSH Menu Revision. This PRX Plug-in replaces the standard M33 or GEN VSH Menu with Ultimate VSH. Which ads a bunch of extra new features to the existing M33 or GEN VSH menu. It works with Custom Firmware [...]


MacroFire v3.0.9 – Tweak your PSP controls

MacroFire v3.0.9 has been released by Pen @ Class G. This prx plug-in gives you the ability to tweak your PSP control’s till your heart’s content. You can even record macros, re-map buttons and enable rapid / quick fire on any PSP button. Its a [...]


MacroFire v3.0.7 – Tweak your PSP controls

MacroFire v3.0.7 has been released. This awesome little prx plug-in gives you the ability to tweak your PSP control’s till your heart’s content. You can even record macros, re-map buttons and enable rapid / quick fire on any PSP button. Its a recommend plug-in for [...]


Popsloader for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A

GENyUS has released a popsloader module for his Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A, with this plug-in release uses if need be can select which pops version to use for further PSX game compatibility. How to install the Popsloader 5.50GEN: * Download Popsloader for 5.50GEN in the [...]


CXMB for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A Beta

PSPGen have released CXMB for Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-A, while its still in a beta stage it will allow 5.50 GEN-A users to use CXMB CTF themes. Its an unofficial version of Poison’s CXMB. It also loads the CTF themes without touching your PSP Flash [...]


FuSa SD v1.0.50b – Full screen & Full speed TV out

You remember FuSa? OldPrisoneR & Andy_maN’s full screen TV out project. Well its been a while since we have posted FuSa news. Well since FuSa v1.0.50b is out and promises full screen and full speed TV out (PSP-2000′s) its defiantly worth a look again. Changlelog: [...]


Custom Firmware Enabler v2.10 – Supports POPS

Custom Firmware Enabler v2.10 has been released, Xenogears and Becus25 have released an update to their Custom Firmware loader, version 2.1 now supports POPS (PSX Emulator). When used in conjunction with ChickHEN R2, 5.03 firmware TA-88v3 users can M33 load custom firmware without flashing. How [...]


Ultimate VSH Menu v2.00

Total_Noob has rolled out another update to his VSH Menu extender – Ultimate VSH Menu 2.0. Bugs are gone and dusted plus a few other changes. See the changelog below for a full list of changes. Oh for those that don’t know what this plug-in [...]


Ultimate VSH Menu v1.07

Total_Noob has released a much anticipated  update to Ultimate VSH Menu. The last release was plagued by a few rather large bugs… But Total_Noob has blasted out those bugs and gives us a much more stable 1.07 release. He also had time to add a [...]


Hold+ v3.7 Released

Torch has released an update to Hold+ his PSP Plug-in designed to prolong your PSP’s battery life. Just how does it prolong your battery life? While when hold is activated Hold+ will clock down the CPU speed to low 60 MHz, not to mention turn [...]


Ultimate VSH Menu v1.06

Total_noob has released an update to his Ultimate VSH Menu plug-in called which adds to the M33 VSH menu on custom firmware PSP’s. Many changes in this release. If your new to this plug-in it basically adds to the functionality of the M33 VSH menu [...]