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Game Categories Lite 1.2 (Multi MS for 6.XX)

  Codestation has released a nice plugin called, Game Categories Lite, now is v1.2. This plugin is based on the same source code from Game Categories Revised v12 and Game Categories Light 1.3 which made by Bubbletune, and now compatible with both 6.20 & 6.3X [...]


MP3Player Plugin v2.2

Japanese developer plum has released a new version of his MP3 Player plugin, an interesting alternative to the music.prx plugin that enables you to listen to your own music while playing. Changelog: - Improved stability - Fixed minor bugs - Now the plugin does not [...]


PSPStates2 Patch v3 (6.2X-6.3X)

  The coder neur0n now updates the plugin PSPStates2, which was created by the famous Dark_Alex , in this version he makes the plugin compatible with the PSP Model 05G and Custom Firmware 6.39y … I remember that with this plugin you can save your [...]


Game Categories Light for 6.38/6.39

Neur0n has updated Game Categories Light. It supports now Custom Firmware 6.38 ME and Custom Firmware 6.39 ME / 6.39 TN-A (HEN), so everyone with the latest CFW should be supported. Just remember to create a sub folders in PSP/GAME and place your homebrew inside [...]


Krap-psp v1.14

  FromĀ PSP GenesisĀ Competition comes a new version of Krap-PSP, a handy plug-in created by the developer kenma9123. With this plugin you can see detailed information about the battery, put in standby or turn off the PSP quickly establish a comfortable sleep mode to automatically turn [...]


PSP 3D Plugin v2.0 released!

The Developer PSPWizard has released an update to its popular Plugin PSP3D. This update is compatible with more psp games but not with all, only those that have been listened below. -Added support for: -Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. -Jack & Daxter: The Final Frontier. [...]


TempAR 1.62-3 released!

  PSP Dev raing3 has released a new Version of the Cheat Plugin “Tempar”. TempAR is an almost complete rewrite of the popular PSP cheat device NitePR/MKULTRA. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as improvements to the existing functionalities. Changelog: Changes in v1.62 (April [...]


PRXShot v0.2.4. Take screenshots on 6.xx HEN/CFW *Updated*

More updates over the weekend for PRXShot. Its had two more updates, the changelog is below. PRXShot v0.2.4 changelog 3rd April: v0.2.4: # [!]Fixed the bug introduced in 0.2.3 that didn’t detect the settings in the .ini file. # [!]Fixed bug with homebrew not properly [...]


PSP Genesis Comp: Sepulka 0.08v – A Selective Plugin Loader

One more entry in the PSP Genesis Competition and another plug-in related to plug-in’s. Its similar to Seplugins Manager, however it works per game. Sepulka is a selective plugin loader. What does it mean? It’s able to load plugin only for specified game, no more [...]


NewSlide. Change the PSP Go slide function

Updated: version two released which now check the memory card status. An entry in the PSP Genesis Comp, Afrothunder brings us a new plug-in that lets users replace the default PSP Go slide function with something else. So when you close the PSP Go slide, [...]


System Observer Ver.1.10

This plug-in by Mafu is interesting. It’s a application that shows real time monitoring of your PSP’s CPU utilization and the status of your battery, how many hours and the battery %. At first glace you would say we already have 1 or 2 plug-ins [...]


PSP Savestates for 6.20 TN HEN and CFW 6.xx

If you have been with us for a while you might remember PSP Save states from Dark_AleX ? Well neur0n has updated the plug-in for HEN / Custom firmwares 6.xx so it will now work on them. Its only working on PSP Slim’s and 3000′s [...]


aLoader 1.25 for 6.20 TN HEN released

More aLoader updates from ardi as he rolls out version 1.25 which now changes the ISO’s to be displayed under the memory stick in the XMB. Also a new autosort mode has been added. This is pretty much the application to have if your into [...]


aLoader 1.2 for 6.20 TN HEN released

ardi has updated his aLoader application with new features and bugfixes. New in 1.2 is the new menu, If your hold L trigger your now presented with a menu with ISO loader options (Pictured above). You can also delete ISO’s from this menu. There is [...]