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ISO Tool 1.960. Can now create XMB launch icons for ISO’s *Updated*

*Update* Takka just released ISO Tool 1.960, this version fixes a few bugs and adds some new features. Download below. Takka has updated ISO Tool, this newest version has a cool new feature i know your going to like. You can now create an Eboot [...]


PSCRYPTER. A homebrew app to sign homebrew eboots in OFW!

Wow, the PSP scene has just been mad lately..A good mad. The greatness continues it seems with yet another breakthrough. This time its a signed homebrew application, that can sign’s other homebrew eboots (unsigned ones) all while in Original Firmware (OFW). So you can try [...]


Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher v1.65 Released.

Hellcat has released his Recovery Flasher v1.65. This update has a whole new bunch of features. The list of things this can do is just massive. This can recovery semi bricked PSP’s, flash any CFW to your PSP and lots more. Of course it depends [...]


PrxEncrypter by bbtgp. Sign any homebrew!

After yesterdays first signed PSP homebrew bbtgp has released PrxEncrypter. Its a tool that can sign any homebrew. Its has already been tested to sign a simple hello world that worked on the PSP fat, Slim and Bright. This is for user mode only homebrew [...]


WIP: Downgrade PSP FW 6.35 to 6.20 with Hellcat’s recovery flasher 1.65 Beta

Hellcat’s back on the scene and working on a new Recovery Flasher dubbed version 1.65 Beta. This beta will feature a Firmware 6.35 to Firmware 6.20 Downgrader. It’s run under 6.35 HEN via Minna no Sukkiri demo exploit. This is demonstrated in Hellcat’s video demo [...]


Ultimate Recovery Menu Rev.245 Released *Updated*

Update 13/Jan - Ultimate Recovery Menu Rev.245 has been released as features the following changes: # risk of buffer overflows (buffer overflow) has been fixed # A plugin editor was added. You can make new plug-in entries and edit existing entries or remove it entirely. [...]


Modo 2011 – Ultra simple mod player released

Mr Alligator has released Modo 2011. Its a simple mod player for your PSP. Mod trackers aka chiptunes on your PSP. Trackers SID, MOD, MTM, S3M, STM and XM module format SID. It also play C64, SPC (SNES sound files) and GBS (Gameboy sound files). [...]


PSPident 0.70. Find out what PSP Motherboard you have.

PSP dev Yoti has updated PSPident, the mother identifier for your PSP. Run this is HBL or HEN and see if you really have a 4G PSP-3000 motherboard or not? This update now supports the PSP-3000 4g motherboards and the PSP Go. PSPident 0.70 changelog: [...]


[Release] YamaIRC Beta 1 Released

PSP coder Yamagushi has released the first beta of his internet relay chat (or IRC) client for PSP apply named YamaIRC. Yamagushi states that all basic functions necessary for chatting on IRC are supported in this release. That being said this is the initial beta [...]


ISOTool 1.951 UMD to ISO / CSO with Patch and Decrypt (*Updated*)

*Update* New version 1.951 released which fixes a bug in the 5.00M33 autocfw script. New update for ISO Tool by Japanese coder Takka. Version 1.95 fixes several bugs and improves the management of ‘auto_cfw, a small but handy feature that allows you to perform the [...]


ISOTool 1.93 UMD to ISO / CSO with Patch and Decrypt

Takka has released ISO Tool 1.93. Looking at the change log translated for Takka ISOTool now supports Prometheus3-v4, Prometheus v4 decrypting. Some changes have also been made to the auto_cfw and ISOTool plug-in. So you need to remember to update the prx plug in too. [...]


Semi-Brick Recovery v1 released

If your on a PSP model that is some how semi bricked. Not completely bricked aka dead, then RainMan might just have a solution for you. Semi-Brick Recovery is an application that might help you recover your PSP to its former glory. With this homebrew [...]


VisualMenu v1.5 + Browse for Half Byte Loader

Neur0n has release VisualMenu v1.5 for HBL. This updated version has a new battery and clock icon. Why VisualMenu? VMenu displays thumbnail’s of each homebrew. And its faster than the XMB at doing this. VisualMenu v1.5 + Browse changelog: -v1.5 – Add clock and battery [...]


vMenu 1.4.1 A Visual menu for Half Byte Loader

PSP Developer neur0n has updated his visual menu for HBL to version 1.4.1. VMenu displays thumbnail’s of each homebrew. And its faster than the XMB at doing this. This version has a few bug fixes and almost all homebrews should now show up in the [...]