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Half Byte Loader (HBL) R118 Released

What is HBL ? HBL is a signed homebrew that allows users to run other unsigned homebrews on Official Firmware  like some homebrew apps, some homebrew games and some emulators. It CAN NOT launch isos and csos or plugins. How to install ? Unzip the [...]


Krap version 1.20 released. The multi use plug-in

The Krap plug-in, remember this one? How could you forget it with such name? Well the developer of the plug-in has updated it to version 1.20. More new features have been added. This one just a plug-in to stop the battery for charging when connected. [...]


PSP Power Controller Ver.5.1.2 for CFW 6.39

Japanese developer SnyFbSx has recenty released PSP Power Controller Ver.5.1.2. This is a PRX plug-in that gives you complete control of your PSP power, quick button combos for reset and even sleep/auto shutdown modes etc. Comfirmed to work on PSP-1000 6.39ME-9.1 / 6.39PRO-B8, PSP-2000 6.39ME-9.1 [...]


Adventure Game Studio PSP port released

Now this is a significant release for the PSP Emulator scene. If your into classic point and click adventures you should know about the Adventure Game Studio platform. Its a free game stuido platform where many develpoers release both free and commercial point & click [...]


MagicSave v3.62 released!

PSP MagicSave v3.62 is released by maxem. PSP MagicSave is a PSP plug-in. PSP MagicSave will be able to save data encryption and decryption during the game. MagicSave Features: Save files directly to qualified service - Repairing a corrupted save file - Save file patching [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Rev 721

Yep its been a month or some since we looked at a new DaedalusX64 build and here it is. You do remember DaedalusX64 don’t you with all these cfws you might forget about this N64 emulator. This is the latest and greatest. Many fixes to [...]


Game Categories Light v1.3 r1 released!

Game Categories Light v1.3 r1 is released. Game Categories Light is the successor to Game Categories Revised. It aims to provide a simple and well integrated category feature for 6.20 TN users, by applying the most hackish amount of patches this plugin ever had. It [...]


PSP Homebrew: Revamped rev. 17

A new homebrew that I hadn’t seen seen till now is Revamped, its An FPS that has a style somewhat similar to Halo (Xbox/PC). Its using the Quake engine by ID software that runs well on our PSP’s. Also includes a multiplayer mode and various [...]


CustomHOME beta 0.6.3 released!

    Japanese developer ABCanG decided to present a new version of his homebrew, it is a plugin called CustomHOME, which changes the appearance of the HOME menu and also adds some options to its interface, often criticized for its sober, but its obvious lack [...]


Automute v2.0.1 Plugin

Automute is a plugin by PSP Developer ClassG that allows to eliminate the sound when the headphones are detached. It can also select any button that can enable or disable the plugin. Changelog: Quote: Allowed to run older versions of POPS via PopsLoader, able to [...]


PSP Power Controller v5.0.1

SnyFbSx, a famous PSP coder, has released an update to its plug-ins PSP Power Controller that comes to version 5.0.1. The plugin will allow us to see information about the PSP, battery status, brightness, and will allow us to turn off the PSP after a [...]


POPS Loader Patch for 6.39 ME-8

As I noticed already before in the 6.39 ME-8 release thread; Neur0n has released a POPS Loader Patch for 6.39 ME-8 which makes the PRO POPSLoader compatible with his new Custom Firmware! Note: You need the “New popsloader for PRO” which you can find here! [...]


Localizer ™ v1.1 r4 – Translate your XMB!

From the hands of the developer Draan comes a new version of Localizer ™, a plugin which aims to translate XMB into not included languages ​​for the PSP. Note: that there are about 6,800 different languages ​​and the PSP only supports 12, only 0.2% of [...]


Kingdom of War PSP PRE-R2

Homebrew coder UnlimitedX has released a new version of his Warcraft-esque homebrewed game, Kingdom of War PSP.  Developer’s note: KOW PSP incorporates many aspects of Warcraft PSP including the system for the selection of spells and control the character. However there isn’t, in KOW PSP, [...]