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PSP Go 6.10 CFW HEN enabled, running Homebrew!!

Looks like Team Typhoon has found a way to run HEN (Homebrew enabler) on the PSP Go, Neon’s video above seems pretty leigit to me, how you could fake that I do not kow. He demonstrates  6.10 Typhoon CFW / HEN and running a homebrew [...]


PSP Go Rewards : Get four games free

You might have read that if you buy a PSP Go before the 10th you get Grand Turismo free. Well it works! Today 5 days after registering we received our Free GT redemption code via email. Also since I’m in Europe at the moment. Where [...]


PSP Go: Closer look at the save state function

While we take our PSP Go through its paces for our review, one of the best features of the new PSP Go system is the pause feature (aka a save state). Which are saved to the internal 16GB flash memory, when you pause a game [...]


PSP Go Hacked! Exploit found 2 days into release. *Updated*

Update: FreePlay has just posted a Hello World user mode exploit video of the PSP Go running, “Hello Go” FreePlay’s way of proving to everyone that its not a fake and legit. Check out the video below. The PSP Go is Hacked, while not completely [...]


PSP Go – Our Hands on Preview

Our new shiny PSP Go arrived today. So we’ll post our initial thoughts on Sony’s forth PSP (3rd revision). Were aware many other big gaming sites have posted preview/reviews, but here is our two cent on the PSP Go from an avid PSP gamers point [...]


PSP Go has save state feature.

Sony’s taken a left from Dark_AleX’s save state plug-in it seems. Not doubt looked at his code and copied it. So the PSP Go now has an extra little feature over the other PSP units with its Save State feature. Simply save the exact state [...]


PSP Go gets disassembled.

Didn’t take long, the PSP Go receives the same treatment it’s older brothers got. As the PSP Go is fully disassembled. Right down to the joystick and buttons. The photos from give us a look at the new internal non changeable PSP Go battery, [...]


PSP Firmware 5.70 spotted at GamesCom

PSPGen have spotted the PSP Go on display sporting Firmware 5.70. So this could be the firmware the PSP Go might ship with. This video also shows us some of firmware 5.70, however its in French… Source: PSPGen


PSP Go Hands on Preview

Eurogamer have been lucky enough to get their hands on a pre release PSP Go unit to have a quick hands on preview off. Some interesting things to note are the PSP Go model they previewed features Firmware 5.70. It may or may not be [...]


PSP Go CPU maxes out at 480Mhz, over 40% more power

Sony Officially announced that the PSP Go has the same CPU speed as the current PSP-1000 to PSP-3000 modesl right? Well a recent look at the documents submit to the FCC for the PSP Go application list it as having a CPU with the maxium [...]


Official PSP Go Press photos

Sony have been so kind as to release some official Press release photos of the new PSP Go, so we don’t have to look at it covered in fingerprints! Interesting to note the PSP Go Cradle. Sony have also mentioned that there will be some [...]


PSP Go hands on from E3 – Detailed look at the PSP Go

Here is a round up of some of the first hands on experiences with the new PSP Go at E3, also some of the first detailed macro photos of the unit up close and personal. It’s interesting to note the audio and screen buttons we [...]


PSP Go Price and Release Date set @ E3

Details that have emerged from Sony’s E3 slot, confirm the PSP Go will be released this Fall (1st October) and will have a hefty price tag of $249.99 USD / €249 (£214) in Europe. Other details also confirmed: The PSP Go has a 3.8-inch wide [...]