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[TGS] Monster Hunter Portable 3 PSP has new hardware *Updated*

Update: Here’s some official Capcom press release shots of the new special edition PSP. I got to admit its one of the sexer looking PSP special edition models I’ve seen. Note the analog stick seems be larger and has a indent + rubber on top? [...]


PSP-3000 HEN / Homebrew Enabler coming soon!

Things are indeed heating up on the homebrew scene. Looks like homebrew is coming to that PSP-3000 of yours. Davee has reported he has a working Kernel exploit on the way for the PSP-3000 / Ta88v3 Motherboards that will enable homebrew. Rather than rephrase what [...]


5.03 TIFF Exploit Hello World V2 for PSP Slim’s & PSP-3000′s!

True to his word MaTiAz has released Version 2 of his Hello World TIFF Exploit. This version works on PSP Slim units and we have reports from users that it even works on the PSP-3000! That’s a added bonus. As for the “bit of awesomeness” [...]


PSP-3000 Homebrew: R-Type .02 Released

MaTiaZ and Freeplay released another homebrew game for the PSP-3000. This time bringing us a nice side scrolling shoot-em up R-Type clone. This homebrew game requires a USA copy of Gripshift and a PSP-3000 with firmware 5.02 or less! (Not to mention some patience!)


MaGiXieN on PSP-3000 HEN Hack.

Remember the video we posted about a working PSP-3000 hack using gripshift? The hack creator MaGiXien answered some questions on just why the Hen PSP-3000 Hack isn’t online yet. And when we are likely to see a PSP-3000 Hack. Here’s what MaGiXien from had [...]


Datel PSP-3000 Tool battery a scam?

The new blue service battery by Datel has been tried on the PSP-3000. So it puts the PSP-3000 into service mode. But results in just a flashing light and dead black screen. So its not REALLY a hack by Datel to allow users to flash [...]


TA-088v3 partially hacked

brokencodes, of the forums has gotten into part of the motherboard’s signing code. What does this mean? It means we’re one step closer to hacking these buggers once and for all. For now, its only a partial code but expect to see it cracked [...]


PSP-3000 hacked, sorta

But not by Dark~AleX. Guess who? Datel out of all people have “cracked” the PSP-3000 and booted it with a new TOOL battery. Compatible with the PSP-2000 and 3000, it goes for $19.99 in the UK and $29.99 in North America late this month. BUT! [...]


CXMB for 5.00 M33 Released

Homebrew developer Poison has released an update to CXMB his cfw plugin which allows users to load custom CTF  PSP themes. And all from the memory stick and not the flash memory so there’s no risk in bricking your PSP. This release add’s 5.00 M33 [...]


PSP-3000 screen problems here to stay

Sony has responded to the issue concerning scanlines on the new PSP’s (see below). SCEA: On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD [...]


PSP-3000 screen issues

One of the prominent features of the PSP-3000 is the updated screen giving more colours and less ghosting. Here’s one problem new PSP owners didn’t count on, scan-lines. This actually makes things look worse than the PSP-2000. According to a thread at the PlayStation Forums, [...]


PSP-3000 ships with TA-090 Motherboard

The good news with the bad. Good news is the PSP-3000 ships with a TA-090 motherboard, the bad news its using a newer CPU and is its not booting up when used with a Pandora battery. Thus its Pandora proof and service mode can’t be [...]


PSP-3000 is unhackable for now…

Dark-Alex has had a look at a pre-release PSP-3000 in Spain and has confirmed what most of us thought, that the PSP-3000 system is Pandora proof at this stage. Universal unbricker / Despertar del Cementerio v7 doesn’t work. Dax comments that this is no doubt [...]


PSP-3000 Hands On

Eurogamer had a hands on with the new PSP-3000. They have stated that the PSP-3000 will come with PSP Firmware 4.20 pre-loaded. This firmware will have a USB auto connect option that will automatically start charging the PSP in the XMB when a USB cable [...]