Battery Test: PSV Vita lasts 46% more than 3DS


We know the PS Vita has no user changeable battery. This could be an issue right? After all its meant to be a portable gaming unit. Not tied down to your mains power connection. The longer the battery life, the better for those long trips, flights, family meetings or whatever. And since we can’t just save our game and swap the battery for a fresh one, it really does count. And one Japanese gamer has run a battery test of sorts. Pitting the PS Vita. Model PCH-1100 AA01 with 3G/Wi-Fi against the Nintendo 3DS and PSP-3000.


All systems are run with everything on. Wifi, brightness to the max everything 100%. And the PS Vita did very well. Out lasting the 3DS which died after 2 hours 35 minutes. The PS Vita running Uncharted Golden abyss managed 3 hours and 47 minutes. Not bad at all considering it was rendering a tough 3d game like Golden Abyss. And the camera constantly spinning around like that means the GPU would have been working 100%. The PSP was rending more of a static image. And well it cheated somewhat too using an extended battery! The PSP-3000 with extended battery managed a cool9 hours plus…

3DS Fans will cry foul play as the unit is rendering 3D, which consumes more power. Fair enough comment but you also have to remember the battery sizes here. The 3DS sports only a 1300mAh battery and the PS Vita has a 2100mAh battery.

Personally I’m pleased with the result of this test. I think most would be buyers of the PS Vita can now rest somewhat knowing that with a mid level brightness. 3G and Wifi off we can expect over 5 hours at least! And we wont be rotating the camera like that non stop either in Uncharted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not exactly the best test for the PS Vita. I think the PSP-3000 should have had the camera rotating non stop too and be on the standard battery. Or have the PS Vita running drakes on more of a scene liek the PSP-3000.

    It would also have been better if the battery was cycled a few times to get the maximum life. As with cell phones till you discharge and recharge it a few times your not going to get the best battery life.

  2. Psiikki says:

    How can say that for the 3ds is renders 3d so of course the battery would drain faster also I’m not a Nintendo fanboy or anything but why do sites like this harp on something small like this

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  4. Thomas Pickens says:

    PSPFans comment is irrelevant. The PSP 3000 still lost, hands down. If you had replaced the battery with a standard, and rotated the viewpoint, it would have fared far worse. And the battery type has far more to do with life than cycling.

  5. Thomas Pickens says:

    By the way, Psiikki, the battery has EVERYTHING to do with a portable gaming system. I go on two and three week camping trips. I like my electronics to last longer between solar charging. Also, trickle chargers used for camping can be pretty draining on a battery. If it cannot be changed, it is practically useless for me to take it with. Plus, even for home use, it has to be plugged in continuously after the battery finally kicks it. Not so portable then, is it? I see it as a possible SEGA CD in the making. Having to buy an external clip on battery just to give life to your old system. Or maybe they have already come out with five or six models ahead of time? After all, they did the same thing with several other systems.

  6. PSPowner says:

    The most impressive IMO was how long the PSP-3000’s battery lasted. Can someone please tell me where can I find a super battery like this for my PSP?

  7. Commander Shepard says:

    The processing power needed to render a real time spinning 3D scene vs a real time static 3D scene is the SAME. Stop posting nonsense that a real time rendered static scene requires less power.

    • SethM says:

      Depends on the engine.  Some game engines don’t render what isn’t currently visible to the player and when you turn around it has to render it so by turning it is redawin a good recent example is Rage. Once it is rendered it is just sitting in the memory and doesn’t need the GPU to keep redrawing it.

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  9. Xxx says:

    The Phone wins XD

  10. WesFX says:

    No. Everything wasn’t at 100%.
    For starters, Uncharted: GA, among other Vita games, lowers the brightness to 80% and you can’t bump it back up while it’s playing. It also turns off Wi-Fi. These are facts.

    Another site reported that none of them had Wi-Fi activated, which I assume they got from translating info from the youtube video. I can’t verify it.

    Given the camera angle, no, the game wasn’t doing anything more than the other two games, as far as rendering geometry in the “field of view”. I assume they did it to avoid burn-in on the OLED.


    ps vita ftw
     ps vita merks 3ds big time

  12. Jack Graham says:

    Well yeah, the 3DS lost, because it’s displaying 3D. That’s like comparing the power usage of 2 TVs with that of 1 TV. And as Wes said, Uncharted turns off Wi-Fi so that test wasn’t fair at all.

    • SethM says:

      There is only one screen it just has a parallax barrier so that half the
      pixels on the screen go to one eye and the others go to the other eye it is not like running two displays at once…..

  13. Shadow Lion says:

    I’m curious what PSP 3000 did they use because that’s a shell or housing I’ve never seen before except for the new pal psp the E-1000 if anyone can tell me