America to get limited Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP pack

North American users get a Ltd Final Fantasy Dissidia pack

North American users get a Ltd Final Fantasy Dissidia pack.

Sony have just posted on their Playstation Blog that North American users will be getting a limited edition Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP entertainment pack. The pack will cost $199 and be available from Gamestop stores. The Dissidia Bundle will include a standard Mystic Silver PSP-3000, a 2GB memory stick pro duo, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children UMD and of course Dissidia Final Fantasy. Goes on sale 25th August. Its a bit strange how the PSP-3000 isn’t unique with a FF: Dissidia logo on the rear or something?? Hmm Sony cutting costs?

Source: Official Playstation Blog

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  1. Michael says:

    Is the dissidia UMD that comes with the psp in engkish already?I dont expect anyone to know but just in case.

  2. DSV says:

    America F*ck yeah, Comin’ again to save the motherf**king day, yeah!
    About time Sony….we finally get a decent pack not that lesbo skinny hanna montana crap…..

  3. bortz says:

    so what’s so special about the pack?? no rear logo’s or something like god of war series / mhf…????

  4. s says:

    pls help.sori if am not posting in correct section…am desp.
    can i hack my bro.’s psp 1000 using Chickhen method without making a pandora battery>
    pls help….ls..pls…pls….

  5. Jawn says:

    Psp 4000 ?

  6. PSPHacker says:

    Yes ive waited for sooooo long for this game to come out in english…

  7. evil says:

    Dissda is the game i was waiting for

  8. striker says:

    How much you wanna bet the psp comes with firmware 5.50

  9. aeon44 says:

    this is not worth buying. coz its simple, not even a dissidia logo on the psp.

    and a 2 gig memory stick? why couldnt they make it a 4 gig?!!

    btw, there is already a “Rock Band: Unplugged” iso/cso game out. i dont know if its a leak. but its a full game.

  10. belowme says:

    pfff i was bitchin about why the 1 gb mem stick i got in my ratchet and clank bundle wasn’t a 2 gb, lol.

    it pisses me off how STUPID sony is. sony is like a vicious bitch mother who’ll love you tenderly one second and then take you out behind the wood shedd the next.

  11. mr.littleguy says:

    This game is F***ing good.I’ve been waiting for my life.Now i can get it

  12. Rangerbob says:

    ill buy this just to support SE and Sony and have a limited edition psp … that will never see sunlight thank god for hacked psps