Amazon : Call of Duty: Allied Mobile Force on the Vita


We already know that Call of Duty is in development for the Vita but that is almost everything we know for the game. It was announced back in January when Sony first showed the Vita (back then called NGP). For first time since then we might get some information. However it doesn’t come from Activision but from Amazon. As you see on the picture above announced the game for pre-order. According to the site the game will be called  “Call of Duty: Allied Mobile Force” and will cost 40 $. The cover you see in the picture above, however, seems to be fake as it’s taken from Socom so the information cannot be taken for 100% truth. Other doubtful information is the the release date which indicates that the game will be Japanese launch title. As usual, few hours after the information become public Amazon deleted the page from the site.




Source : [PSVitaGen]

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