aLoader v2 Beta1: ISO Loader for PSP



Ardi, a member of the wololo forums and developer, has updated his ISO Loader, aloader, similar to the OpenIdea ISO Loader, published in version 2.0 beta 1! The aLoader allows us to run ISOs and CSOs directly from the XMB, without using an extra loader. At the same time aLoader is also a mod for the 6.20 TN-E (HEN) of Total_Noob. So he integrated the ISO loader in the flash of the PSP.



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  1. readb4did says:

    thanks for the maker. . i have question . . why do we need it if we already have other cfw with loader embedded on itself? . thanks . . no offenses. .

    • PSPaddicted says:

      yeah man, I agree on you.. better to use PRO CFW..= b

      • that guy says:

        And there you go. Hope your fuckin PSP bricks. I’ll spit in your favorite food you idealistic worm.

      • Hiro says:

        Unlike you and many people, some like taking the safe way instead of installing a ton of flash components to there psp. in that case meaning there is no embedded iso loader, which i honestly don’t think it’s a big deal since i rarely play psp games.

        p.s – Good release ill have to test it out.

    • Nightless says:

      Because some people may not like the other CFWs, I dislike PRO because it crashes constantly in the XMB, where it does not in TN-E under the same conditions. Seems to only happen to me though…

      • nobody says:

        I’ve never had any crashes using any version of PRO CFWs (exept when fiddling around with plugins like dayviewer)

      • se7en says:

        The weird thing is… TN was the creator of DayViwer. I stopped using TN-E before when I was in 6.20 because of that. Gonna try this 6.39 TN-A when this aLoader got another update. Sticking to ME-5 for now. Im a big fan of Total_Noob coz he started all these new hacks. If it wasnt for his hard work PRO and ME would never have come out.

      • M6_BladE says:

        Maybe your PSP crashes because your PSP is Sh*t

  2. Izanagi says:

    this good for who wnt to be developer.

  3. Beldra says:

    I guess uhm… yea… uhm…. cool release.

    • Beldra says:

      I mean… you know we need this iso loader for a certain app exploit you know…… for some gay homos that ask for homebrews.

      • M6_BladE says:

        Why use ISO loaders when there are better CFW or LCFW like the ME And Pro??? I dont get it. better use the PRO or ME instead of the TN. No offence Total_Noob. ┌Π┐(▶_◀)┌Π┐

  4. PSP GO 6.20 says:

    This application shuts down my PSP. I can’t boot to CFW with this. No problem with the old TN-E (fixed). Any help?

  5. kran34 says:

    hey when i try to load a game like gta vcs iso it sends me back to the xmd

  6. suven says:

    I am a noob mabe this might sound dumb to sum, but I’ll appreciate the help from the helpful developers.I have a psp slim 3004 V6.37(original FW). Will I sumhow be able to upgrade it to V6.39 and then use this CFW. Or am I talkin kak :)…please help a brother

    • DTeKDeV says:

      I’m not Obama, but yes you can. It should work for ALL PSP’s that are on 6.39

      • suven says:

        So by any chance would u be able to tel me how to go abt updating to V6.39 and the how do I use this CFW if I dowmload this link? Jus briefly cos obviously I’ll have to search and use a step by step guide. Mabe you can piont me to a link

  7. rezodane says:

    cool story bro

  8. rezodane says:

    brother, u mad?

  9. gemWarrior says:

    is this compatible with 6.20 tn-e?

  10. CREEnana says:

    LOL, it says that “updated his ISO Loader”
    But ost of my games don’t work LOOOL.
    The SEPLUGIN had a better compatibility.

  11. D-bot says:

    just use CFW 6.39 ME its the most stable ive seen so far, well i really only play ISO’s and emulators and i dont really care about all the extra crap.

  12. x3 says:


  13. ivanxx says:

    the scene will die soon :(

  14. ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ says:

    the sprint ads are really pissing me off.

  15. x3 says:


  16. Ace says:

    is there gonna be a iso loader for 6.39 tn-a beacsue right now im using 6.39 pro b6
    and i like how 6.39 tn is so i cant wait

  17. Confused says:

    Tried this on a psp 3000 and it worked without any problems but i have one question does the PRO cfw need this as im on a psp 2000 with 5.50 gen-d3 but i cant get into PSN store and i was going to upgrade to PRO if it does NOT use any alternate iso loader at all but i cant find any conclusive answers also there is no app or .prx that will allow me to get on PSN since the april outage so there is NO way for older cfw to access the PSN store HELP PLEASE

  18. Paula says:

    The file name. Look.

    It should be obvious enough.

  19. […] from the XMB, without using an extra loader. At the same time aLoader is also a mod […] Source: PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks Tags: aLoader, Beta1, Loader Similar Posts Lamecraft op-30 […]

  20. gaga on psp says:

    are their any better cfw that are better then TN-E and do they have a stable and best ISO loader installed in them, Prometheus and Open Idea both does good job but only run a certain amount of games, lets say half of the games only, Please suggest me how to and where to get an all rounder Iso loader that can load at least 90% of PSP games.

  21. Theunforgiven66 says:

    ERROR your Firmware is not supported 

  22. Jmda91 says:

    megaupload’s been seized, download link is useless – .-