All The Broken Toys At Christmas


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Your probably looking at this thinking what on earth is this doing here on my favorite gaming news site. Right?

Well let me tell you, This post is shout out to those people out there who do not have things as easy as the rest of us.

Sense is a national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind. Deafblindness refers to a combination of sight and hearing impairment which causes difficulties in a range of areas including communication, access to information and mobility.

Sense works with children, young people, adults and older people with a progressive sight and hearing loss, offering a range of housing, educational and leisure opportunities.

As a charity Sense is a company that relies on other people help and donations, without which many of the people that they work with would not have the same support as they do now.

All The Broken Toys At Christmas is a Christmas single and video for the deaf-blind charity Sense, This has now been released on iTunes and Amazon and is now available  The song is performed by Batteries Not Included, written and produced by Sean Macreavy. The video was devised and animated by Foundation Degree Media Production students at North East Worcestershire in Bromsgrove. The project was devised as a fund raiser for Sally Macreavy and Gary Field, who are running for Sense at next year’s London Marathon in April.

The Video

All The Broken Toys At Christmas

Sales from the song will be donated to the charity, I would like to ask you all to at least consider buying the song, and to think of the difference that Sense makes to the lives of those it supports.


Thats all I got for now,,


Please do what you can guys, even if your just spreading the word, it all helps.


Thanks for reading,,


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  1. IceColdNigga says:

    no one gives a fuck

  2. Vollnut-3 says:

    Don’t know why people arent saying anything, ‘sides this dick head, but that’s great our promoting this, good job, nice to see some people have a damn heart.